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Post WoC: When Kappa Attack HM - Guide

When Kappa Attack (note the link is to NM as the HM info is short)

This is my guide to When Kappa Attack - HM.

Before I start, to some this quest might have been very easy or you cant understand how some can have problems with it (it's just to pack x3 fire eles, ST, MM and monks and you'll make it), some do want to play somewhat balanced and have a solid build that will work/let you be lazy when you play (in a relaxed way). So this thread isn't to point out how easy it was etc, its for a specific build that anyone can run to finish the quest in HM.
*Note: This build doesn't work just as well on ministry where I use another build.

This is by me the hardest quest in the game (when you include fow/uw, titan, sf, eotn, wik & woc), the only quests that can be debated as harder is duncan hm, fow/uw hm & doa hm (some which are easy to pug and as so are silly to hnh/7h, which makes the only contender duncan HM basically).

Anyway after 175-250k in consumables searching for a good build to sort this last quest I've had in my log for some time I've finally found a good build that you should make it with 7-9/10 times.

This is what you need;
You (character x, note this should probably be easy using any characters, SY, Save Yourselves, might help some with the speed and ease though). I recommend using a conset at the beginning of spot 1 aswell as a single summoning stone (tengu flares will die easily and put more pressure on your party as they require upkeep), DP removal (if needed) and morale boost. Should be doable without but it goes smooth and fast with those active if you play this build correctly.

These are the builds i used.
Backup link.

*Note that heroes are slow at reapplying Mantra of Frost at times, so sometimes its needed manually (as AotL on MM, Armor of Unfeeling & Winter on ST, Rodgort's on Eles).
Panic will bleed itself dry by using BR - note that its not neccessarily a bad thing though it can be avoided by locking the skill and micro'ing it.

Attributes and Runes
(Sup/Maj Vigor on all)

IAL - W/P: 100b (exchangeable!)
Str 10 (9+1)
Sword 15 (12+1+2)
Com 9
Radiant +5 +misc insignias
*Zealous Sword mod, with e-swap on the side (+5E) for PI.


Dunkoro - MoMe: UA
Insp 8
Heal 11 (10+1)
Div 15 (12+1+2)
Insignia: +10 enchanted (all)
*Dwayna's Sorrow is not used due to AI overuses it, aswell as it bugged in this quest for some reason (didnt trigger on ball when targetted on ball).

Livia - NMe: AotL
Insp 8
Death 16 (12+1+3)
SR 11 (10+1)
x2 +10hp
Insiginias: +25hp, reduced ct 25% +misc

Zei Ri - RtR: ST
Beast 7
WS 4
Com 15 (12+1+2)
SP 11 (10+1)
Insiginias: +10 enchanted (all)

Acolyte Sousuke - EMe: SF
Insp 8
Fire 16 (12+1+3)
EStor 11 (10+1)
x1 +10hp
Insiginias: Pyromancer, +25hp
*Maxing fire does impact DPS alot!

Vekk - EMe: SF
Insp 8
Fire 16 (12+1+3)
EStor 11 (10+1)
x1 +10hp
Insiginias: Pyromancer, +25hp
*Maxing fire does impact DPS alot!

Norgu - MeNe: Panic
Insp 9 (8+1)
FC 9 (8+1)
Dom 15 (12+1+2)
Insiginias: +5E, +15 While activating

Xandra - RtMe: SoS
Insp 8
Resto 7 (6+1)
Chan 15 (12+1+2)
SP 11 (10+1)
Insiginias: Take misc (armor > hp as you then will retain aggro easier as phys) I had +10 holding an item which obv. wasnt needed (ran Energetic Was Lee Sa SP earlier, which with frost isn't needed).

*Recall to buff heroes armor over hp for aggro management if you are phys (also skip mantra of frost on yourself if you are phys to retain aggro).

The quest!
(Starting Vizunah's Square - local)

Start with pre clearing the route down to the second spot, then head to spot 1 and past to pick up Oro.

Spot 1
Backup link.
Flag 2 heroes, ST & MM, recall to keep track of ST so Kappa doesnt aggro on him. Let MM clear the one closest to the shrine (Scourge (monk) Kappa will burn through minions there which suits bombing, finish them off if the MM doesnt). Keep the rest of the heroes with you and use PI when you can (keep aos, air of superiorty, up).

Spot 2
Backup link.
Flag heroes as the picture shows (note you can flag them down at Oro for greater DPS if you want but if you need to flag back UA to res at some point that option is then gone), note place UA outside area effect from the walls so it can avoid maelstorm and so that both ST and UA doesnt end up in it at the same time. Place MM low and rest above stairs.

Spot 3
Backup link.
Note where the MM (AotL) and ST is flagged, let Kappas ball under the bridge with minions if you want and see to that ST doesnt get aggro at any point.

A good way to deal with the aggro here is to wait for the mob to get close to aggro'ing on Oro then rush to them (if you use cons obv.) this will make them aggro on first player - which means aoe usually ends up doing less to you (aoe ladning between you if you are phys and the casters) - then just keep moving between the mobs if you kill slow (which you shouldn't) or prepare for the next mob.
*With all except ST (or ST and MM), always make sure the ST is safe.

Spot 4
Backup link.
It should be really hard to fail on the bosses as you will have loads of minions from spot 3 and as they are a less threat than the Kappa.

Backup link.
The run I finished I used x1 cons, x2 tengu flares (spot 2: double rit and ranger, died easily, spot 3 double monk and mes which wiped with 3rd mob) and some DP removal/morale boost (idc enough to play carefully, long live the wammo!). I recommend anyone who doesn't want to make it hard on themselves to bring atleast one conset that you pop just before spot 1 (you can do it earlier but then you might get tight timewise).

Inspiration to this build came from Frostway, Jeydra (I ran earth eles, Jeydra made me turn it into SF eles and inspired the monk a little) and I also looked on some 7h builds specifically for WoC.

Good luck and i hope this helped!

[Edit] For spelling etc, x3.

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No real challenge if you used DP removal and a full conset =/
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Originally Posted by HigherMinion View Post
No real challenge if you used DP removal and a full conset =/
"So this thread isnt to point out how easy it was etc, its for a specific build that anyone can run to finish the quest in HM."

[EDIT] Try this build without cons if you want (it should measure up to most cookie out there), the thread isnt about me managing to complete one quest (which you'd realised if you read the thing, or looked at the name of it) it's about the build which is made for those who like me did find it to be a pain, if you want to up your posts or complain feel free to use another thread.

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oh man i actually started woc recently and flew thru hm until i hit this quest il definitely give this a try tomorrow mourning thanks for posting
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pretty much half my team build i beens ending in game to people is on there, so i know this will work without even having to test it, why?, cus i know mine worked with no consets easy as and not 1 hero died, i spammed SY hard on my war though
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