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devious doople
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Default Which wep inscrip is better for a healing monk?

So I have a simple question.. Should I put +5 energy, or 10% chance to halve recharge time of spells on my sword? I'm using a 20/20 heal ankh for the offhand. 51 energy w/o the 5e inscription on the sword. Its not like my spells have a long recharge time to begin with (only 1 over 5 secs). would 5 energy be more useful? i tried looking it up but in the end it just confused me more lol
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This is obviously highly subjective but my opinion is that, in PvE, Monks always need more energy rather than faster recharge. When I'm playing my Monk, I noticed that my allies generally die because I'm out of energy (or because I'm not paying attention XD ), not because my spells didn't recharge just a little faster (because you always have some spell that can keep an ally alive just a little longer).
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