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Default Ursan Paragon Build

I am trying to figure out a solid build for some Ursan runs. I am pretty much end game now and want to try some DoA or something. I have a Paragon and heard that the Ursan Roar can upkeep echos and what not. Anyone have any advice on a solid Paragon Ursan Build? What does it typically consist of?
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Thats ursan blessing.

Some paras bring refrains as they can be renewed with Ursan Roar, so you'd be looking at:

[card]Aggressive Refrain[/card][card]Mending Refrain[/card][card]Burning Refrain[/card][card]Bladeturn Refrain[/card][card]Signet Of Return[/card]
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Mostly I would think all you'd need is Burning refrain and mending refrain. The bladeturn will be wasted. Aggressive refrain can be used, but usually I just stick drunken master on the bar for an ias with no cracked armor. Also in my opinion bring there's nothing to fear and cast it right as your about to go into a group and aggro before turning on ursan. Atleast it'll help a little bit.
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