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Old Apr 07, 2012, 09:11 AM // 09:11   #1
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Default Uninscr dead bow set

All Q9 unless otherwise noted, and all uninscr

20 below 50

Q11 +5 energy too

Any value as a set?

Also Q9 Sephis 15^vHex and Q11 15^we (Uninscribable too)
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Old Apr 07, 2012, 11:28 AM // 11:28   #2
Coffee Man
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15^50 - 10-15k
15^we - 1-3k *
15^stance - 3-5k *
15^vHex - 1-3k *
20^wHexed - 1-3k *
15-10a - 5-10k
15-5e - 1-3k *
20 below 50 - 1-3k *

The bows marked with a * prices are only if you actually find someone who actually want these mods, I would just keep them if you like them yourself or merch, really common skin and bad mods, usually not worth the time it takes to sell.

Q11 +5 Energy - 3-5k

Just add up all the prices for them each and you have the value of the set, might hit a bit more if someone really want them, but ye pretty common bows.

Q9 Sephis axe 15^vHex - Merch fodder imo
Q11 15^we - Merch fodder imo

These are just my opinions, even tho I would like to think I know bow prices fairly well.
As always look for more opinions tho Hope it helped a little

Best regards // Coffee Man
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Old Apr 07, 2012, 11:50 AM // 11:50   #3
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really you should be able to get them all for 5k each and under as for req 11 dead bow +5e thats worth nothing.

doubt anyone would want a req9 dead bow set.
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