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Default Understanding Elementalist Hero AI

Is there an easy way to get the skill images like in other build posts?


[Glyph of Energy][Glyph of Lesser Energy][Aura of Restoration][Liquid Flame][Rodgort's Invocation][Phoenix][Fireball][Signet of Return]

Can someone help me figure out why my hero is retarded?

Glyph of Energy is fine. Glyph of Lesser Energy is fine.

Aura of Restoration rarely gets used.

90% of the time only Rodgort's Invocation gets casted. Sometimes we're in the thick of it and then I see the rest of the skills being rotated through.

Maybe there's some kind of internal timer? This is all in normal mode so stuff dies pretty fast, but not fast enough that Vekk has nothing to do waiting for Rodgort's to be available. His energy is always maxed out because he just isn't doing anything.


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Old Apr 12, 2012, 09:17 AM // 09:17   #2
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If Glyph of Energy is casted, AI will prioritize skills costing 25 energy. (Or more, not that there is any of those)

If Glyph of Lesser Energy is casted, and it reduces energy cost by 10 points. It will prioritize skills costing 10 energy or more. If it reduces by 11 points, it will prioritize skills costing 11 (15 in practice) or more. So when using both Glyphs at 13 Energy Storage, heroes will prioritize 25 energy cost spells. ANd given that Rodgort's is the only one on your bar with that property, you can catch my drift? ;P

Simple solution, use Elemental Attunement instead of Glyph of Energy. It adds damage through higher attributes, spams skills of all energy costs and the hero doesn't need to waste time casting glyphs in the first place.

Example bar:
Fireball, Rodgort's, Liquid Flame, Glowing Gaze, Glyph of Immolation, Fire Attunement, Elemental Attunement, Aura of Restoration.

Of course, there is a hundred variants to this build including those who bring "Fall Back" and "Stand Your Ground".
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Old Apr 12, 2012, 03:27 PM // 15:27   #3
Desert Nomad
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Yeah, I was thinking about it after I had already turned the computer off for bed.. and it really made a lot of sense the combination between GoE and Rodgort's.

Thank you for chiming in on it
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Of course Vekk's energy is always maxed out; you've given him GoLE and GoE.
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