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Default Tease Elite - Is it decent?

I've been experimenting various elites and combos and I noticed that both Psychic Instability and Tease interrupts all foes in the area, but the former causes knockdown while the later steals energy. They're only 3 seconds difference. I know PI is wonderful, but sometimes I let my heroes take it or use other elites instead due to some mobs being immune to knockdown (like jotuns).

Anyways, here's a few builds that I came up with using Tease as elite:


FC 10+1
Illusion 11+2+1
Inspiration 10+1

Arcane Condundrum
Wandering Eye
Signet of Clumsiness
Shrinking Armor
Cry of Pain (PvE)
Accumulated Pain
Power Drain/Leech Signet/PvE-skill


FC 10+1
Domination 11+2+1
Inspiration 10+1

Mind Wrack/Overload
Unnatural Signet
Cry of Frustration
Cry of Pain (PvE)
Shatter Delusions/Mistrust
Drain Delusions/Power Drain
Chaos Storm/PvE-skill

Illusion + Domination combo:

FC 9+1
Illusion 7+2+1 (or make 10 but lower Dom)
Domination 10 (or drop to 7+2+1 and raise Illu)
Inspiration 10+1

Arcane Condundrum
Unnatural Signet
Signet of Clumsiness
Wandering Eye
Cry of Pain (PvE)
Drain Enchantment/other Inspire skill/PvE-skill

My hero team is usually a SoS Rit healer, ST Defense Spirits Rit, Dom mesmer (Energy Surge), Illusion mesmer (Ineptitude), IV Necro healer, EA Fire Nuker, and a RoJ Monk (can use a 2nd ele nuker or another necro hero using curse/prot).

I've tried a various missions in all 3 campaigns and EotN in HM and it works well, including no problem with energy, but I like to know what you guys think of Tease?

(I know other elites have good or better usages, but I'm curious as to how Tease would fare as an elite and if it is decent to usage with synergy much like how some other elites are)

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