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Old Feb 18, 2012, 02:01 AM // 02:01   #1
Lawliet Kira
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Default T1 fowsc help?

Its not that i need actual help with doing the run, but my run takes around 25-30min, i always finish it successfully. But i want to take my runs down to 15-20 minutes like i've seen some people do, and was hoping for some tips.
Im currently running:


with red rock
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Old Feb 18, 2012, 09:20 AM // 09:20   #2
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dont pull huge melee mobs it will severely slow you down around 3-4 is the most efficient, except for burning forest where there is an abundance of ranged foes.

when you head onto battle field, pull 1 group of beserkers and the other group of casters only, than pop the shadows+ impaler up at the camp and 1 cast of sliver should mow down the beserkers, after that sliver down the shadows, 2 casts should do the job.

for burning forest make sure the healers are outside your agro bubble and use the right wall to your advantage, after that the rest is easy.

for tos, kill 3-4 abyssals/shadow patrols at a time, pulling more will severely slow you down unless of course you are able to block them against the wall than you can bring rad field.

make sure your sliver targets 1-2 shadow rangers at a time.

the rest is up to t2 triggering the mage straight away. and make sure your ebsoh does max damage as well.

you can take finish him or rad field if you feel you are struggling with battlefield or tos respectively.
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Old Feb 18, 2012, 04:35 PM // 16:35   #3
Lawliet Kira
Wilds Pathfinder
Join Date: Dec 2006
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I do everything you said normally except the blocking of abyssal part, i can never successfully do it.
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Old Feb 27, 2012, 07:15 AM // 07:15   #4
Master Archer Nente
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I find that switching to a Earth Staff with Aptitude not Attitude inscription can give a chance of faster recharge and cast time of Sliver Armor.

Also the really experienced guys that are getting sub15 minute T1's are either rangers, using a different tactics, and/or use lots of Personal Consumables.


With the same build that you're running, if the run is smooth (team isn't dying and me going back to rez them and my quests are taken quickly), I can have Army of Darkness, Slaves of Menzies, and be ready for Mage at Tower of strength in about 16-18 minutes without personal consumables. This is just because I've done T1 for FoWSC hundreds and hundreds of times. You eventually find out how to pull things the most efficient ways. Make use of the right wall since enemies will not break if you have them against a wall to your right side.
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