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Loki Seiguro
Desert Nomad
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: IGN: Scarlet Test Ace
Guild: We play Isketch in [HoH]
Profession: E/

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Default Spike in Moo Cow Potatoe [Wut]

Laid back solo guild atm in one of the biggest HA allies there is.

Looking for GvG Guests (no experience needed)
  1. I teach you maps and general gvg tactics
  2. I teach you builds and how to execute builds
  3. Items and armor setups
  4. We farm GvG guest when its there
  5. Meet some high end gvgers..(in 2k12 :P) as we smurf and win ATs

Faction Farmers
  1. Feel free to just farm faction and make me look good :P
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