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Old Nov 09, 2006, 03:44 PM // 15:44   #1
Chewbacca Defense
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Default Signet of Suffering Spike

Just wanted to get some advice to improve this build. Was running it in RA with mild success, but I think there's potential. Low Survivability when foes > 50% health is a problem.

Domination 9
Soul Reaping 12 (11 + 1)
Curses 16 (12 + 4)

[skill]Soul Barbs[/skill][skill]Parasitic Bond[/skill][skill]Wastrel's Worry[/skill][skill]Faintheartedness[/skill][skill]Web of Disruption[/skill][skill]Signet of Suffering[/skill][skill]Signet of Lost Souls[/skill]

SB, PB, Faint, spam WW and PB, then Signet of Suffering for 140 damage, then spam WW, PB, and Lost Souls.

Use Web to interrupt any major heals and/or rez. Web is an awesome hex, highly recommend trying it out.

  • Spike not large enough to kill, but enough to bring target down to 5~10% health.
  • No energy Problems
  • Lots of Cover Hexes to cover core hexes.
  • Only 4 hexes required to do max damage with Signet of Sorrows.
  • Armor ignoring!
  • Poor self-preservation when attackers > 50% health
  • Slow Setup
  • Hexes need to have < 1s cast times and fast recharge times as Hex Removal kills the build.
  • Signet of Suffering is a 2s cast giving target chance to remove 1 or 2 hexes.
Untested Alternatives:
  • Swap Faint and Web for Phantom Pain + Shatter Delusions to add Deep Wounding. 2s cast time on PP kind of hurts.
  • Swap Web for Shatter Delusions and do the WW + SD combo.
  • Swap Faint for Backfire and Lost Souls for Power Spike. Switch build to fast casting Me/N.
  • Swap Web for Wastrel's Demise.
  • Any better low recharge, fast casting, low cost hexes to use instead of Faint?
  • Any comments on the Alternatives?
  • Any ideas for improvements?
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Old Nov 09, 2006, 05:14 PM // 17:14   #2
Chewbacca Defense
Lion's Arch Merchant
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: 667 Neighbour of the Beast
Guild: Ttgr

Any advice on these changes?

Deathly Arts 9
Soul Reaping 12 (11 + 1)
Curses 16 (12 + 4)

[skill]Soul Barbs[/skill][skill]Parasitic Bond[/skill][skill]Faintheartedness[/skill][skill]Siphon Speed[/skill][skill]Enduring Toxin[/skill][skill]Signet of Suffering[/skill][skill]Signet of Lost Souls[/skill][skill]Resurrection Signet[/skill]

This build relies on a psychologic game. With 8 degen on the target, the target or hex-remover will try to remove the hexes.

Ideally, PB should be on top, so each time PB is removed, you'll heal for 120+ HP, while the target continues to be snared + degened. It may help in keeping you alive better than the original build, but not too sure.

However, no interrupts maybe a bit of a pain as the target may try a self-heal.

For a sustainable build, which is better: Snared + Degen vs. Self-Heal Interrupts?

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