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Default Quote's like a boss.

As for the 10th year anniversary being around the corner, i'd thought too make a thread of the things people have said over the years here on guru!
So as for this offtopic thread, i'd be interested if any of you guys know quote's from the past of other people or even yourself that you think is funny or bosslike enough to be shared amongst the people.

This thread is not ment to mock, grief, or roasts people down, especially those who maintain this website and give us infractions for bump's, non-bids, or being little brats.

Let me start off with a quote which i found quite cool.

Originally Posted by MaxBorken View Post


EDITED by Darcy for the following Guidelines Violation: Non Bid - Leaving feedback without first requesting the service.
  • Feedback - You may only post service feedback in a thread if:
    • You have obtained the service AND
    • You already left a post in the thread requesting service (you may not leave feedback if you did not previously post requesting the service)
    • the post where you requested the service and add your feedback there, leaving your original request intact. DO NOT write a new post, it will be considered a NON BID.

Originally Posted by Infraction Warning
Dear Zephyr of Light,

You have received a warning at Guild Wars Forums - GW Guru.

You woke me up, and ate all my cookies and cheese.

Warnings serve as a reminder to you of the forum's rules, which you are expected to understand and follow.

All the best,
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Originally Posted by Stop The Storm View Post
absolute weapon, his mum should have swallowed.

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ill delete if this offends u malice i posted this just found it funny looking old pm's

Originally Posted by Malice Black
Mods aren't allowed to joke, it's a primary rule. We must rule with an iron fist like mini Hitlers
Also Quote that still makes me wonder..

Originally Posted by Gaile Gray
Confirmed: Yes, items with a Requirement Level of 7 do still drop in Guild Wars. They are super rare, but they do still drop.

I spoke with our designer who specializes in items, John. John told me that yes, Req 7 items do drop, but "they are super rare." John knows his stuff, and if he tells me a definite and immediate "yes," as he did, then I believe that he is certain that his answer is accurate.

He's a busy guy, and I got the answer that was requested. I hope you'll understand that I'd rather not go bug him for "is that max this or that skin or those specs or which campaign or what chest or...?" I think it's cool that they drop, and I guess over time, the odds improve that one will be offered for sale or trade. Well, it may be unless the person who gets the drop values having it over selling it, of course. If I got one, I don't think I'd ever part with it!

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