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Default Fare Thee Well, My Beloved

The woman I have dearly loved for the last 12 years suddenly passed away on May 1, 2015. In her memory, I have posted this video tribute I assembled using 20 of the numerous greeting cards we created using screenshots from MMORPGs we played over the years, set to music I composed and performed myself. As you can see, more of the cards are based on Guild Wars than any other game. Heartfelt thanks to ArenaNet for creating a world literally made for two.

In all those years, talking and playing three hours together every night, we never once traveled the 2,000 miles separating us to meet in real life. Yet surely many couples living together never experience the kind of happiness we shared in our adventures and explorations of myriad beautiful imaginary worlds.

May this video stand as a testament to our profound love, and to Deborah's creativity, humor, and gentle soul.

—Garth Ironfist aka Blake Linton
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