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Wintersday Workshop Progress

I thought instead of having a gallery somewhere else, I'll abuse my own thread for a bit, and will update this post with progress on the Wintersday workshop.

Idea finalised and first sketch

I want to make a digital illustration of a feisty, powerful and glamorous Dwayna, but I don't want to stick to "just" a painting. I've taken huge inspiration from a stained glass window style called Tiffany, which is a more modern take on traditional stained glass and is all about the colours. Here are two pieces I fell in love with:

So I want to try and present my painting in that style. It'll be a challenge to pull off but I kinda have a history of picking the hard way

Onwards and Upwards!


added some main lines for orientation. Sketch isn't finalised, I haven't quite decided what she's going to wear. I'll also probably make the lines more organic in a later version, but as I said, these are for orientation to see where the main shapes are



worked some more on the sketch and detailed the wings. I thought I'd go for lots of feathers, but I fear I might have overdone it... thoughts? Also not too happy about the far-left part of the hair AND I have to figure out what to have for a "background"



Finally had time for a little progress :]
fixed the hair and started the linework... I'm doing the lines with vectors, but I'm not yet sure whether I'll be saving myself any time with that, having to be so exact. But on the other hand, no cleaning up linearts afterwards which is a bonus. Ah well, committed now :P


hours later.... >.<

still a few mistakes with the lines that need fixing, but I'm quite happy with it so far


last update for today spent the best part of my day on my entry, need to make the most of a free day.

colours are probably a bit unexpected ok, at the moment it looks like a little girl has been let loose on a colouring book and a box of crayons XD I have a cunning plan to bring it all together though! I felt it was important to make the colours warm



I also have a tiny workshop update. Finished my background colouring; still unsure whether to put in all that blue, but it has to look like a Dwayna piece at some point...


Final Submission
put in highlights and colour variations, painted the face and added some more "lead"

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