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Thanks, Brandylynn <3

Gemini, Nice idea about advertising! Are you still a contributor on the guru dA page? Would you mind putting a blog entry or announcement on there linking here? Otherwise, I can go poke Sierra and see if she wouldn't mind

Arghore, continuing with Gemini's advertising idea, can you please do something in GuildMag or coordinate with Dutch to see if he would be up to making a blog post about it?

I have no idea on how to even start editing a wiki page, but if anyone wants to make one for the workshop and link it here, that would be great

Also, I don't really visit other GW fan sites, but if anyone has a favorite site and wants to take lead on making posts on other sites to link here (GW2 guru comes to mind for example), that would be great, too

Thanks in advance for your help, everyone I can't wait to see what we can come up with this Wintersday!
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