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Originally Posted by Konig Des Todes View Post
Dragonrise—An epic fantasy novel. Pocket Books 2010.

Dragonrise looks kind of promising for a GW novel title - assuming it refers to the Ancient Dragons. But that's only a hypothesis.
I think I'm seeing enough circumstantial evidence to support that J. Robert King is writing a Guild Wars novel as well.


Originally Posted by Matt Forbeck's Blog
I’ve been officially cleared to announce that the novel I’m currently working on is Guild Wars: Fall of Ascalon, to be published by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster.
Pocket Books highlighted for later reference.

Originally Posted by Robert King responding on Matt Forbeck's blog
Guild Wars is a great world to write in. Plenty of action and wahoo!
I’m on the last chapter of my novel, but then will be spending another two weeks revising (and cutting) before I can collapse. I’m looking forward to that.
Strongly implying he's also writing a book in the Guild Wars setting.

Originally Posted by J.Robert King's Upcoming Novels section
Dragonrise—An epic fantasy novel. Pocket Books 2010.
And there you have it: a book called 'Dragonrise' at the same publisher as 'Fall of Ascalon' by a writer telling us how great it is to write in the Guild Wars world.

Seems pretty much cut and dried to me.

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