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Default My big ideal

Shot at 2008-09-18

***** DISCLAIMER ******
Ya this is about ME. Me me me me...
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***** DISCLAIMER ******

1) Into
2) Purpose (rants)
3) Ideals (my 2 cents)
4) It can/can't be done
5) Closing
6) Misc/Edits

1) Intro

Hello Guru's. I've been playing GW for 2 years now. I’m an elite guru member going on a year and half. I will continue to do both as long as the game is around and people to enjoy it with. I don't post much but only when I need or feel it. so here it goes.

2) Purposes
Like most of you I want some change. Some call it balance. I could go on about AN AUCTION HOUSE! Adding Heroes/Henchmen to a lost or disconnect human player. ETC... Let’s just focus on this one ideal.

So here's a wiki page on how the login screen looked in the past.
  • 2A) I know Anet and NCsoft have to make money. Welcome to the real world. They have to promote there latest product. Most us love our 95 Honda civic (or other car) if you don't have one or care oh well keep reading. So I don't blame them for keeping the Login screen to the newest, freshest, and coolest screen. It's advertising space

  • 2B) I could be wrong. Maybe all the dev's and people are working on GW2 and will come back to GW1 when they have time. Maybe, like the auction house, all the codes there but just not turned ON. Maybe GW2 login screen will run GW1?

  • 2C) So far 78 have signed this thread where 4 disagree. 8 Have liked the ideal but not signed off. 11 have commenting on tech issue, GG statements or a just a comment in general.

  • 2D) My eyes are sick of Eye of the north. I love the Factions music and screen.

  • 2F) From the thread it self
    Originally Posted by Tiberis
    ....It is a non-essential kind of update to the login background but it'll b ea great reminder for those who have been playing the game for a long time... ...if not out of respect for those who have been playing Guild Wars since the beginning then simply for aesthetic value.....
    Originally Posted by MithranArkanere
    It's not about the GUI, but about the background.
    This thread wants the theming, not the way characters appeared or were made.
3) Ideals

Everything is applied after a restart. Unlike video that changes on the fly. The Default always be the newest game or campaign. ****YES I KNOW when I was making the Photoshop pics I could eliminate “Eye of the North” as a choice****
  • 3A) have a check box at the buttom of the log in screen.

    Shot at 2008-09-18

  • 3B) Have it in the Option menu.

    Shot at 2008-09-18

    hum... FYI... in case your not sure how to get to the option menu

4) It can/can't be done
Originally Posted by HawkofStorms
This has actually been suggested multiple times before. And yes Gaile has come out and posted on threads requesting that it is quote "impossible" to do.... I can't find the post exactly, but Gaile has bluntly said "no" to this.....
Originally Posted by bryann380
Anet has already addressed this issue before and their answer is "No".
Look Look Look i'm NOT calling any one out! I'm just quoting that GG has said stuff in the past or people have heard. So all I have to say is money talks. I may have to research this more. But i know this can be done.

@ HawkofStorms
Originally Posted by HawkofStorms
....No, no it can't....
LOOK i never said "Would they do it" or "how it can be done" I don't care if do or don't. So your telling me if Anet + NCsoft PAID the old or new programmers and developers to do it, they can't do it? weird. talk about a "challenging job position". I'm glad i didn't go into programming and stuck w/ hardware.

@MithranArkanere and Sniper22
yep i agree. I'm sure if money and resources weren't a problem they do it. But money talks So yes "i know they can do it"

5) Closing

So before this comment get's flamed or trolled and buried i want to say thanks for looking and reading. If you dislike or hate my ideal... oh well... But i'm sure in the Big picture this doesn't matter. I think most online games hardly change their login screens. But I wanted to put some time and effort and suggest some ideals for my favorite game. I pray somehow the dev teams or on the GW wiki they get linked to this ideal and reads and we get some feedback or comments.

So I like to say /signed

6) Misc/Edits
Links for the pictures in Order JIC
**Edit** Added a comment or two about "can/can't they

Shot at 2008-09-18
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