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Default Shadow Demons (PvP, PvE, WvW, RP)

"Become a Demon, become a legend!" - Shadow Demons motto

Shadow Demons is a group of people coming together to help one another be the best they can be, and to have the most enjoyable guild experience possible within Guild Wars 2. The three people behind the making of Shadow Demons are three local friends who have all managed guilds in the past that were very successful. We would like to continue in creating a community of people who are not only skilled, but are also willing to help other guild members as well when possible.

Shadow Demons is a group where you can escape the cruelness of the world and know you are now a part of the Shadow Demon family. Most guilds have tons of rules, we don't necessarily have rules but more like a request. That request would be that all members of the guild treat each other with respect and try to maintain a friendly environment within the guild. Now that doens't mean we can't use foul language or talk about mature content, but try to think about how people would react to certain content. We would like to keep the conflicts within the guild to a minimal amount.

That is about all we can say about Shadow Demons, all that is left is to apply today and join the family... Of Demons!

__________________________________________________ _________________________________

We are soon to have Ventrilo, we have in depth forums, we are mature, we accept people of all ages from all over the world!

Shadow Demons is a new guild, so right now, very few members. We do not wish to be HUGE but we want to be successful as well as be fun and create a friendship with each and every guild member (Demon).

I am currently working on a FAQ sheet and will update this thread shortly! Become a Demon, become a legend!
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