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Skoda Zek
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Default Seeking a modern MM build for PVE


Altho I have owned guild wars and all it's expansions for many years, it was a game I just could not get into.

I have gotten very heavily into guild wars 2 though and because I desire to experience the entire story in the world of Tyria, I am compelled to play guild wars.

I have installed the client and I intend to start with a full play through of prophecies, then factions, followed by nightfall (and eye of the north).

I am going with N/Mo and I was wondering if someone could point me to a modern MM build that will work for my progress through the prophecies campaign. I appreciate it.
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Old Jan 09, 2013, 01:43 AM // 01:43   #2
Desert Nomad
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I'm not in-game so forgive me since I'm doing this by memory.

If you're only going to use Proph skills at first, Aura of the Lich should be your elite. Pack your bar with a couple of core minion skills (Animate Bone Horror, Bone Fiend), Blood of the Master, and Circle of Healing. Take any other attack skills you like, preferably Death attribute: Deathly Chill, Deathly Swarm. Any resurrection skill is useful.

Max Death 16 pts, 9 or so points in Soul Reaping and the rest in Healing.

It should be noted that there are some areas where MM is not the ideal build: anywhere you're fighting lots of Undead, ghosts, or elementals/golems, since they aren't fleshy and cannot be reanimated. In Proph, that's mostly in Kryta and the desert missions including Glint's Lair.

Sorry if you already know this, but you will still want to capture as many elite skills that you can, to ensure maximum flexibility for your heroes starting in Nightfall. (Heroes can use ANY skill your account has unlocked, either through capping, purchase, or pvp faction.) So pretty much anytime you do any missions from the desert onward, check the wiki to see what skills the bosses have to offer.

Have fun!
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Old Jan 09, 2013, 03:24 AM // 03:24   #3
Krytan Explorer
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The best Necromancer elites are only available towards the end of the campaign so you may not be using one most of the time. However, that really won't be a problem if, as soon as you get to Lion's Arch, you go to the Nightfall campaign and get the PvE-only skill Necrosis which is a more convenient but less powerful, non-elite version of Discord. It's really good.

I'm curious if you want to be using minions because you actually like them or because MM builds are extremely useful in most PvE situations. I mean, you could just get Olias to play MM and then you can use Curses, Blood, or Soul Reaping with some Elementalist skills. Also, I'm assuming that you know that, by pressing Y, you can see the health bar of any minions or spirits that you control.

Anyway, for the actual build, I guess I would recommend Necrosis, Deathly Swarm, Animate Bone Horror, Animate Shambling Horror (from Kamadan), Enfeebling Blood and Weaken Armor (with about 8 Curses attribute), Death Nova, and some Resurrection skill.
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Old Jan 16, 2013, 03:04 AM // 03:04   #4
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Player minion master builds are extremely tedious and will grow annoying or dull after a while.

Don't run the following skills that were previously mentioned:
Animate Bone Horror
Bone Fiend
Deathly Chill
Deathly Swarm
Any (lol any) resurrection
Any elementalist skills
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Old Jan 16, 2013, 01:01 PM // 13:01   #5
Desert Nomad
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I had the same idea, starting with a necro MM and working through in order starting with Prophs (and no runs, and no elites I can't cap myself). I actually didn't get farther than Fort Ranik as it already started to get dull.
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Old Mar 12, 2014, 05:04 PM // 17:04   #6
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If you want to play through the campaigns in order, as well unlock the skills in order, here is an MM build I put together for my new necro (acquirable around Lion's Arch):

Deathly Swarm (pre-Searing skill quest)
Death Nova (capture in Gates of Kryta, else skill quest Dropping Eaves in Maguuma)
Animate Bone Minions (run yourself to ToA/Fisherman's Haven for skill quest. While you are there get AL51 armor crafted in Stingray Strand.)
Animate Bone Horror (pre-Searing skill quest)
Animate Bone Fiend (capture during Reversing the Skales, else skill quest The Forgotten Ones in Crystal Desert)
Blood of the Master (skill quest The Hot Springs Murders in Nebo Terrace)
Blood Renewal (pre-Searing skill quest)
Resurrect (pre-Searing skill quest), capture Rebirth in Bloodstone Fen.

This build intentionally has no monk skills that require attribute points. Your self healing will come from Blood, and you can use necro runes to optimize your Death, Soul Reaping, and Blood attributes. Once you approach Level 20 you can start branching out into Healing or Protection.

If you can get your Death up to 14, the Level 16 Horrors and Fiends will do respectable damage, and won't be too taxing to heal with BotM. The Level 12 Minions will be for bombing with Death Nova and for energy management. In Maguuma you may want to substitute Putrid Explosion for Fiends for corpse heavy mobs like Moss Scarabs.

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