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Default Site feedback threads require moderator validation.

In an effort to promote the reading of stickied threads on this forum, threads created within Site Feedback must be validated by a moderator to appear in the list.

This means that, once you have created a thread, it will temporarily disappear, until one of the staff sets its visibility for everyone to see. This does not mean that your requests are going unheard or unanswered. This effort is aimed to clear the forum of threads asking about deleted posts, deleted threads, or moderator actions. All other threads will appear here after validation, as long as those threads do not explicitly violate these stickied rules.

If a thread of yours has been missing for an extended period of time, please PM an administrator after reading the forum guidelines and making sure your thread did not violate these guidelines. We are more than happy to help out with any questions or comments.

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Default Rule Infractions, Warnings & Mini-Bans

As you know, all forum users are expected to follow the same rules. Each section of the forum here has specific moderators. (You can see a list of all current moderators in a section in the lower right corner of that section's thread lists.) When your post violated the forum rules or the rules specific to a section, a moderator may issue you a warning or infraction with a message explaining the problem and reminding you of the rules.

Receiving a Warning or Infraction

When a moderator issues you a warning or infraction, you will receive a private message (PM) with further details from the system account, Infraction Warning, and a record is placed on your account's infraction history.

If you are temporarily banned (mini-ban) due to the number of infraction points on your account, you will not be able to view your PM folder or post on the forums until the ban has expired. By default, the forum software sends you email with the contents of new private messages.

Viewing Your Forum Account's Warning & Infraction History

There is a list of all the warnings and infractions you have received in your User CP. Click the link near the upper left corner of any page. Near the bottom center of your User Control Panel, there is a section for "Latest Infractions Received." Most warnings and infractions relate to a problem with a specific post you've made. Such cases will contain a link in your infractions list to the post with the violation. Note that if the post in question had to be deleted by a moderator, the link field will say "Private." The message you received contains more information about the problem.

It is in your best interest to read the PM from Infraction Warning carefully and keep it for reference! Those messages are sent to let you know that you have violated the rules and help you avoid repeating the mistake. If you continue to disregard the rules, you will serve longer and longer temporary bans from the forum for any new violations.

Reporting Violations

If you see a post that has rule violations or you reasonably suspect needs a moderator's attention, please use the report button. Every post has a icon to click near the lower left corner of the post, under the poster's sidebar. Clicking the icon will open a window where you can type a short note to describe the problem you see. Submitting the report will send an alert to the appropriate staff members with your description and a link to the post of concern.

You are never excused from following the forum rules because of someone else's violation! If there is a problem, report it and let the moderators take care of it. Do not post in response and break the rules yourself. You are still held responsible for the contents of your own posts, no matter how many other users broke the rules before you.

Protesting Warnings or Infractions

As mentioned, the message sent with a warning or infraction will contain detailed information about the specific problem. Please read and consider this message first!

If, after reading, you still feel there has been a mistake then you can contact a member of staff. You can contact the Moderator who dealt with the issue directly, or any SuperMod or Admin if you feel you need to escalate the issue. Do this via PM or email, never by making a scene on the forum.

Hint: explanations work better than accusations if you want to be listened to. Remain calm and explain your reasons clearly and carefully.

The Rules

The following apply to all areas of the Guild Wars Guru website.In addition to those, before posting in any section, you should always check that section's sticky threads for any section-specific rules and guidelines!
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