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Old Jan 17, 2009, 08:28 PM // 20:28   #21
Eddie Frenzy Spam
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No not many use it because as stated before WoR and Xinraes Weapon are superior and Spirit Light Weapon is only just mediocre. However the OP refuses to accept this.
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Old Jan 19, 2009, 04:55 AM // 04:55   #22
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[build prof=Rt/D res=12+1+1 spa=12+1 earthprayers=3][Spirit Light Weapon][Soothing Memories][Wielder's Boon][Life][Rejuvenation][Protective Was Kaolai][Pious Concentration][Pious Haste][/build]

This is based on a build Torsen apparantly ran once when rawr was fooling around with some RA sync hexway. Mediocre in arenas but, this is actually pretty good for Aspenwood. You have a lot of allies to heal as you push into the green gate, and alot of it is random uncoordinated damage that can be simply outhealed, especially when physicals are lacking. (Luxon anyway, probably good for kurzicks if tweaked slightly.)

Some adjustment might work fine in AB, but the whole need to run around makes spirits not as impressive there.

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I don't run Rit in PvP, but I have a lot of fun with a healing Rit in PvE. May be able to make use of a similar build in PvP with it though, adjusting some for the changes.

12+1+1 Restoration
12+1 Spawning Power (yep, only use Resto skills, so may as well make the spirits heartier and weapon spells last longer)

[life][resilient weapon][mend body and soul][spirit light][protective was kaolai][death pact signet][spirit light weapon][ghostmirror light]

Now, I don't actually use SLW myself very often, but that was the one you wanted to use. I usually use Weapon of Remedy or Xinrae's Weapon, and occassionally even Preservation.
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Old Jan 28, 2009, 10:37 PM // 22:37   #24
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[build prof=Rt/Mo res=12+3+1 spa=12+1][Spirit Light Weapon][Life][Wielder's Boon][Mend Body and Soul][Weapon of Warding][Wielder's Remedy][Remove Hex][Resurrection Signet][/build]

This is the build I always use in RA. I know it's not great, but I don't have much unlocked and I don't have Eye of the North. I'd be using Weapon of Renewal/Xinrae's in a heartbeat if I could access them easily.

EDIT: This was in response to the guy that wanted a SLW build, FYI.

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Old Jan 28, 2009, 11:18 PM // 23:18   #25
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Originally Posted by FaiLeD View Post
I am an amature kind of at making builds but yea if there is a build like this good for them because I feel proud of this

Restoration: 12, 1, 2
Channeling: 9, 3
Spawning: 9, 1

Spirit light weapon
Mend body and soul
Spirit light
Generous was tsungrai
Essence strike
Signet of creation

Bloodsong is used for a backup spirit for if rejuvination dies. With rejuvination, used sig of creation, and comboes good with spirit light weapon.
Blood song
Why did you post this build here at GW guru? You don't want to change your build, insisting that you want to keep SLW, but the bottom line is that it is not optimal. It may be viable, but this isn't a great bar. If you don't mind losing some RA matches that you could have won, then go for it. These are my suggestions. None of them will try to dismount SLW from your bar.

Drop your Superior and Major runes for Minor runes. HP is important in RA and arguably AB.

Signet of Creation doesn't warrant a spot in this build. It blows.

Not only does Life have a faster recharge than Rejuvenation, Rejuv dies a bit every time it heals on its own. This might leave you spiritless even if it isn't targeted by the opposing team. Normally not too much a big deal since you also run bloodsong, but since you don't want SLW and essence strike to lose their potency, I suggest you use Life.

Weapon of Warding is really good. You will want it. If you also have such high Channeling, also consider Splinter or Warmonger. Two Weapon spells on a bar is fine.

Also consider Soothing memories for emanagement. It is a big deal when holding an item and when you are low on energy which occurs in RA.

10 or 8 spawning total will both give you a 12 second SLW. Therefore there really isn't a reason to have 10 spawning because it sucks. Use those points for channeling.

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Old Feb 07, 2009, 12:03 AM // 00:03   #26
Darth The Xx
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Dunno if this has been mentioned but SPLW only gives 8 pips of regen, 15 when in range of a spirit, now in 3 seconds this will heal in an optimum situation 90 hp BUT in the worst case 45hp (no spirit which does happen, very often).

At that same level Xinrae's will heal 80 and prot the target, 1/4 second cast too. However if an ally is outside spirit range for even 1 second Xinrae's becomes immediately more effective. Now along with this you can also change target with it very rapidly and it is not held down by a spirit. Lastly lets not forget that Xinrae's actually does some pretty nice damage too, 80 armour ignoring goes thru prot damage, every 3 seconds. Same with remedy except it removes a condition which is also very helpful with bar compression.

Now for AB imo it is better to go offense with heal spells instead of defense with offensive spells. Item spell wise, Generous was Tsungrai in AB no question, godly self heal. What i personally do is take an offensive bar (caretakers, channeld, renewing, glaive, or whatever you want) and take Spirit Light. With a decent investment in resto this heal is massive, and it only costs 5 energy, the health sac if ur not in spirit range is fine since u got GwT to keep ur life up. Now inbetween your channeled or caretaker's or whatever you are running throw out some spirit lights just to prevent allies from dying (as in don't keep them on 100% life, just keep them alive.)

I find this approach very effective as it is essentially a group of 4 damage dealers with a weak healer (If you have a decent group in AB Spirit light is all you will need to keep them up) Other variants that are quite awesome too are channeling bars with Xinrae's in them, damage wise this spell with out do any channeling spell. Try it out do something different.

Don't use Spirit Light Weapon, it gets interupted
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