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Default Returning player Looking for High End Pve (Uw/Fow/DoA/DungeonSc) Guild.

I am a beta player returning from about a year hiatus. My main challenge at this point is relearning the part of these speed clears that have changed since I lasted played, as well as equipping this new account to the same level as my previous account including grinding pve titles, pushing through campaigns etc. I am a part time online college student with free day time schedule which is where im going to be putting my time to pushing through the different campaigns.

The classes I have equipped currently are:
Monk (FowSc ready, Haven't used in UwSc, DoA in progress)
Assassin (FowSc, UwSc, DoA in progress. Pve grinding. Have done almost all dungeons Sinway)
Ritualist (FowSc ready, Highly interested in UwSc, DoA in progress though i do have experience running the original glaiveway)

My main is my Ritualist, who is going to be my title hunter as well. I was 29/30 on my previous account and will achieve my full Gwamm as well as fill my HoM in preparation for Gw2.

edit: If you are interested in my previous account's achievements type "Ixl Patient Spirit" into the HoM calculator. (

I am a mature adult with a sense of humor, a Mic + Vent and a very versatile mindset. In my Guildwars past I was a Guild Leader for the majority of the years I have played, and hold a high respect for those who can maintain a guild in this current state. That means as a guild member if i feel i can contribute to a guild i will do my best to do that. If i feel i am a burden or that the guild isn't giving me what i personally need i will discuss it with my guild leader before making an ultimate decision.

I have experience, knowledge and integrity that i feel makes me a great asset to any guild and/or alliance. Thank you for reading.

Please contact me in game or on here if you have any further questions/comments/concerns. Thank you.

IGN: Guild Battle

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