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Smile Returning after more than a year.

I really dislike the MMORPG scene right now and my computer is now considered old to upcoming games so I've decided it's best to return to my beloved Guild Wars. I've never came close to finishing any of the games at all (except for a large chunk of prophecies) So I plan on creating a character and taking it through all the expansions. Any tips?

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Ayuhmii Shanbwa
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try find a nice active guild to your liking, and dont expect too much teamups, as GW isnt as active anymore

dont believe that either GW or GW2 are dead either, as there's enough people playing those 2 games

the best way to teamup, is finding a nice and active guild

then when people cant teamup, make sure you got alot of skills unlocked for your heroes, so that you can do alot by yourself

and in case you dont know what to do, make your own goals

buy merc heroes if you're bored of normal ones (and if you got the money, and think its worth buying those)

try alot of stuff, like all storylines and after the campaigns themselves, try "war in kryta" and "winds of change", as they have lots of stuff to get

well, the rest you gotta find out yourself... just use GW wiki alot, in case you have to know something, and pvx if you like several builds, which may work for you, if you need to
(site is, not the other one, cuz the other is outdated)

good luck and have lots of fun in GW, as its still here
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are we there yet?
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we also have a thread for those who are wishing to play with others (though we are mostly doing hard mode), so you might want to check that out as well as the forum section for guilds and groupings.
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Nobody Silverblade
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I'm Watatsumi Kouu ingame, well most of the time. Add me and I'll help you whenever I can

Another piece of advice, don't know where you're from, but play in America district, is the one with the most people

Good luck and see you ingame!
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Old Feb 26, 2013, 12:51 AM // 00:51   #5
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Welcome back, Agustin.

*Use the wiki, like Ayuhmii said, if you want to know exactly what to do in each mission.

*If you want to use heroes right away (instead of the henchmen in towns), head to Nightfall sooner rather than later. Even if you weren't born in Elona, you get a couple of heroes right off the bat. Same in Eye of the North.

*If you don't have a lot of money, DON'T STRESS! When you pick up some doodads while adventuring, check the wiki to see what they are for. Sometimes they will be currency for a collector, who will exchange these items for better weapons or armor. I played through Prophecies with only collector armor on my toons at the beginning--it's just as good as the expensive stuff.

*Take your time, enjoy the story. And the music. Especially the music!
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Thanks for the tips guys! I've gotten all the Pre-Searing collectors armor and I'm really enjoying myself! It was a bit disheartening to see New Ascalon so empty though; I love Guild Wars.
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