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Old May 09, 2012, 01:13 AM // 01:13   #1
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Default Redistributing the wealth (1000e)

** Please note - I will not be considering people who are using multiple accounts, considering the deep unfairness of this. A mod is flagging such users to me, and I thank her kindly for this. Similarly, those with an account which has been opened specifically for this thread (i.e. an exceptionally low post count), will also not be considered. This is all in the interests of fairness to those seeking my assistance. Thank ye **

Hello everybody,

Right, because I'm giving all my gold and ecto away I think I am justified in any verbosity that may seep through in this post. I do ramble, be warned, and I'm going to write this without too much editing or desire for terseness.

To give a background, I am a player of 6 years. I have repeatedly earned myself quite a bit of in-game gold, only to give it away and then re-earn this money. I found pleasure in both the redistribution of the wealth I accumulated, mostly through trade, but also the accumulation of this (going from nothing to a thousand ecto or so). Historically I used to redistribute this earned ecto in-game, by playing games with people, or simply chatting in random outposts and giving 10-100e to those most friendly and willing to chat. This is a social game, though it has over time and through the introduction of many utilities, lost that essence of sociability, even the potential for it in some cases. This current giveaway represents my last. I haven't played much the past 3 years, I will pop on sporadically, maybe intensely for a week - and earn money to be given away, but now that I've (almost) liquidated my collection of shields, I realise I won't be returning in any active sense. I simply don't have the time to play anymore, I have other priorities (mainly my writing, but ye know me not so why should you care!).

A few in game have expressed interest in my writing, from this thread, thus I'll ramble for a wee while on that. I'm happy to talk further in game too if anybody is interested, I can talk endlessly on literary theory and my own theory on poetics etc. I've been writing a novel (experimental, quite modernist in some senses) for the past three years and should be complete in first-draft form come January. Atop that I've recently started, and will soon finish, my first book of poetry inspired by theory on the subject. If anybody is uber-interested (I highly doubt this) then you can pm me for more information or discussion. I'm always happy to chat with people and theorise, get others and myself thinking. My book of poetry will be complete by June 16th as I have a public reading that day that I've agreed to in advance, already given a few, but promised myself I'd have it done by then, my poetry is spontaneous and stream-of-consciousness-esque and thus I produce it in flurries. Anyway, that was just a bit of extra information for the sake of giving some background.

Anyhoo, this thread is seeking to accomplish my wont to give. Do not read into this so much as generosity or charity, or if you do, see it as focused generosity. What I am asking of people is the following: to ask of what you want, how much and why. What claim do you have on the pot, how much and why - don't be greedy - but lay out the importance. This is not a place for the rich to claim on something to get richer, they will get richer by default due to trade conditions of what this incurs. It is rather for the poorer player, or one that simply doesn't have time to amass the wealth to buy something nice for themselves, to be endowed with that free of charge, no need to grind.

I will review cases based wholly on this thread - your post on why you should be given X ecto. I will not respond to any communication in game regarding the thread, only if I contact someone regarding what they wish to have in order to grant their request. Even if you do pm me in game, I'm likely not there - I play rarely, and even when I do I'm usually doing other things simultaneously, or reading.

So to break it down:

1) Specify what it is you want the money for
2) Specify how much money you want
3) Any additional information you want to relay

The reason I've emboldened this is because a lot of people are saying they need stuff without specifying a number, there are two many people wanting assistance, I can't be calculating and extrapolating from information given how much someone wants/needs - you have to specify this yourself. I don't have much time to go online regardless, you have to mention figures or else I'm afraid I can't really help you out. Also, I can't pick everyone - I have a system in my head for choosing who gets what, some claims are inherently more worthy than others.

I also have a Req 8 tac -2/-2 Tall Shield, which I'm willing to give away too, if you wish to claim this you'll have to be pretty exact about why.

So, thank you for your time if you read this. I will keep track and post of what I have distributed and given to people at the bottom of this post.


Luke Connolly (both IGN and real name)

Currently available (roughly): 160e
Re-distributed: 750e


Il Fez Il 30e Given
BK010 70k Given
lorazcyk 25e Given
Jakesaltz 10e Given
cosyfiep 35e Given
valakivi 25e Given
turtlepoppet 20e Given
Starlet 40e Given
InfernoX 15e Given
sparklybeast 20e Given
tw1tchdp 15e Given
Ikarii 50e Given
shenrei 24e Given
TheGizzy 49e Given
Net The Nabi 25e Given
Bassman 75k Given
Nekodesu 25e Given
l Apple of the earths l 25e Given
Blahblahsen 15e Given
Sir Uldawg 25e Given
misamoriko 20e Given
theCOREYCOLAK Knowledge Given
Astraeos 25e Given
Teracide Knowledge Given
hoeppy Knowledge
Remus Longblade 25e Given
TimOfDoom 25e Given
Loralai 30e Given
dontwaittoolong 20e Given
kallikukur 20e Given
ChibiCherry 10e Given
Fire Turok 25e
William Nicholas 25e Given
deelou_05 25e Given
Kiron The Brave 25e Given
Reiden Argrock 20e Given
Sephiroth Istari 25e Given
kidax 20e Given
Sh1ntu 18e Given
Renowned Spartan 14e

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Old May 09, 2012, 01:34 AM // 01:34   #2
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EDIT, Luke please read.

Actually.....there are a lot of other people who need this money way more than I do...Luke, thank you so much for your generous offer of 20e, but I think that TheGizzy or someone else in need could use this way more than I ^^ Thanks again,

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Old May 09, 2012, 01:46 AM // 01:46   #3
Il Fez Il
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Hi Luke, my name is Daniel, I've been playing for the better part of 6 years now and I've decided I need to kick it into gear and work on my HoM, but alas i dont have much time between the Airforce and 2 kids at home, but when I am at home and the kids are out/napping I try to get a little "me" time, even though sometimes my wife doesn't like it too much lol. Well I'm sitting at 20 out of my 30 point goal, all I really need is the weapon statues, a green pet and 190 z-points to hit my goal. I guess I'm asking for ~50e or so, although I do love that shield you described =D, thanks!

Thanks a lot had a pleaant conversation in game and got the ectos, and they will be put to good use

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Old May 09, 2012, 02:06 AM // 02:06   #4
Ascalonian Squire
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Hello,ive been playin for a bit now and have been wanting obsidium armor for my hom but for the life of me i cant gather ectos, only managed to gather 7 ectos and 6 shards any help would be awesome......i also love shields as I am a warrior.

in game name furious kane
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Old May 09, 2012, 02:11 AM // 02:11   #5
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Hello, my name is Charles. I am a young philosopher that enjoys the game. I would love to add that little -2/-2 to my collection which I have just started. It is a beauty.
Your philosophical friend
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Old May 09, 2012, 02:31 AM // 02:31   #6
Frost Gate Guardian
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Profession: Mo/Rt

Hello there, my name is Nick. I am a young guy just entering college and been playing guild wars on my free time with dad for 5 years now. I have almost everything I need so I started a collection of Bo staffs. I have a total of 5 right now all 20/20 and would love to keep my collection going. I would love around 75e to at least buy one more. If so thank you for your time

Ign Healer of goals
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Old May 09, 2012, 03:03 AM // 03:03   #7
Ascalonian Squire
Join Date: May 2012

Dang! This is awesome. Congrats on almost hitting 1000e too! That's crazy. For last few years, I've been working on getting obby armor (overdone now, but oh well, I still love it) on my female ele, and I'm at about 85e. So I'm asking for about 45-50, to cover expenses of shards. Whatever happens, great job on trying to redistribute it, hope that shield goes to someone who needs!
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Old May 09, 2012, 03:12 AM // 03:12   #8
Pre-Searing Cadet
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Guild: The Sword Swingers
Profession: P/W

Hey, if your giving away money etc i would like to apply for some of it,

im not sure how much I'll need, maybe 60-100k?, i haven't played in quite some time and im working on my HOM so any assistance or stuff i can get would be greatly appreciated

my IGN is Agustus Wolfbane

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Old May 09, 2012, 03:30 AM // 03:30   #9
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Hi Luke,

I've been playing for nearly 7 years, so why should I benefit from your generosity? Well, here's the thing. I'm a terrible player. Slow, and scatterbrained. Neither brawny nor brainy. I learn things really slowly, so even when trying to farm, I can try every day for weeks and only actually do it right twice.
I did manage to make 2 ecto like this, but I got sad that I'd never be able to make enough to get my scuba diver Elementalist armor. So instead, I gave the two ecto to a guildie. Eh.

You mentioned you wanted to be kind to someone who doesn't have much time to make money on their own. Well, I do have plenty of free time. But I'm really sensitive to lights, and when I play GuildWars I need to stop after 30min/1hr because I get migraines. Which means... I'm out of action until the migraine runs its course, which often takes the rest of the day.

I used to get really sad that I was such a bad player, so to make myself feel better, I bought myself pretty armors. Generally a mishmash, like Canthan top and Luxon skirt. Then I felt better temporarily. Getting armor has been my motivation to keep playing, as silly as that may sound. Because I get sad a lot about not being a good player despite trying so hard to learn, this is the way I keep myself playing GuildWars. I really like this game a lot, even if I'm not so good at it!
If you go to the wiki page listed below my avatar, you can see my characters.

So anyway, my last and biggest wish in GuildWars is to get Obsidian armor for my Elementalist. I'm already working on it, slowly but surely, to make sure I can get it before GuildWars 2 comes along. Receiving 58 ectos from you would would bring a smile to my face! Why? Because with 58 ectos that someone generously gave to me, it would make me really excited that "I can really do this!", and I'll be really motivated to get the armor as I don't want to be embarrassed in front of the whole GWGuru community after sharing all this silliness about me. WHAT? I got to prove I can do, don't I?


P.S.: Why 58? Because it's my favorite number. Actually it's 85, but I'm not shameless enough to ask for that much. Even 58 platinum worth of ecto would be more than enough.
P.S.S: Another reason why I'd like the ectos is because since I'm such a slow player, I would spend all my time farming and never get to play with my friends. Well, time in GW1 is running out, I want to play with my friends as long as I can. My fault, poor planning, I know.

(Just noticed I haven't written my IGN.
Yuki Uematsu.

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Old May 09, 2012, 04:25 AM // 04:25   #10
How Can She Slap
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Hey, I'd just like 20 or so ectos for a tormentor weapon to finish up my 30/50 HoM. I haven't found anything valuable throughout the time I've been playing, so receiving this gift would be awesome.
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Old May 09, 2012, 04:26 AM // 04:26   #11
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Hey Luke,

I've been a player for almost 7 years now, and I've gotten quite a lot out of Guild Wars in that time.

I've never been particularly good/fond of farming. I was always more keen on playing through missions with my friends (i.e. more fun, less profit.)

Recently, I've finally made it to 29/30 points for my HoM. Initially, I had set on getting 35 or 40, but that's not looking possible anymore, and I'd be satisfied with getting to 30 before GW2 comes out.

That said, I'm a destroyer weapon away from my goal, and a few ecto should be enough to purchase one, somewhere around 8-10e would round out my HoM nicely. With some minipets to spare.

If I can pull it off with your assistance, I'd like to share what's left of my wealth and give away these last minipets I thought I had to sell, and help a few more people get their last point.

IGN: Jake Saltzman (also real life name, if that makes a difference to you :P)


Finally did it with that last little push! Thanks again Luke!

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Old May 09, 2012, 04:30 AM // 04:30   #12
are we there yet?
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I have been playing for almost 7 years (this august)...I have yet to finish my HoM either--that last set of FoW armor ...I have been SLOWLY accumulating ectos (yes BUYING from the material trader since I dont do uw very well )...and am still a few ecto (and shards) short a generous donation of 35 ecto would give me enough for that armor (still waay short on shards and no cash on hand either).
Though any donation would be greatly appreciated as helping towards my goal
edit: thanks for these...I will use them well. Sorry we couldnt have talked longer (RL ya'know)...
where is the 'all you can eat' cookie bar?

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Hey Luke, first of all I would just like to say this is so generous of you.
I must admit that I do have 50/50 HoM and I don't want to seem greedy, but I would love that -2/-2 shield (I honestly have no idea what that is, because I'm not too great with OS mods and what not).
Why? After I hit 50/50 I have somewhat lost interest in Guild Wars, but because I love it so much I decided to make an assassin and start learning speed clears. This shield seems like it would be a good speed clear shield, although I have no idea if it is. This is my main reasoning behind this. However, if you feel that the shield belongs in a better/more needed home, I do not mind, since there may be people with more uses for it then me.
Thanks for your time

IGN: Task Force Alpha
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Old May 09, 2012, 06:12 AM // 06:12   #14
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Hi Luke,

I know exactly what you mean when it comes to socializing within GW. Its a reason why I recently joined the presearing community after hitting 45/50 in my HoM from the past 7 years of playing. I have been talking to a few friends about socializing and the role of guilds that come into this, and its more about your guild and what its players represent rather than the content of the guild. For instance, PvP guilds can socialize with other PvP players, even though they aren't within the same guild. But because of the lack of people playing at the same time, guilds are constantly looking for other people to play, even when players regularly play for an opposing side. Thus, the inter-socialization of guilds are becoming more obsolete, as there is less inter-subjective experiences within guilds, instead the inter-subjectivity has grown into the playerbase of pvp players vs pve players.

Anyway. To answer your questions, I have been looking at buying FoW armour, but because I can't afford the time (working full time) to be grinding away for more ectos, as well as to buy more torment/destoyer/oppressor weapons. So I am after 120e for the FoW armour, but it will also kickstart my conviction again for me getting to 50/50 again.

IGN Alex Dreamfire
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Old May 09, 2012, 07:55 AM // 07:55   #15
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This kind of generosity is rarely seen, ive come back to the game to get my HoM points wich im at 17/30 spend most my gold in minipets and im currently working on getting armor and weapons, i need to get Kurzick armor and those chunks aint cheap hehe.

If you could spare 20~30 ectos, that would be great and it will make getting my points easier, but im more interested in how to make the gold myself, im actually good at making gold or at least i was when i used to play years ago, since i just came back im feeling outdated, i have a Monk wich i use to run 55 in UW but alas i think that doesnt work anymore, also got a Warrior, Ritualist and Assasin.

Im sitting in 25 platinum and looking for ways to farm for some more.

IGN: Inquisitor Valakivi
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Old May 09, 2012, 08:03 AM // 08:03   #16
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Thank you kindly for the 20e And for the nice wee chat Hope to see you in game again.

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Old May 09, 2012, 10:29 AM // 10:29   #17
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Well hello there you kind person. I would very much like to jump on this kindness bandwagon!

My husband and I have been working on our HoM and while mine is looking quite nice (37) after 6ish years of play, his is looking quite shabby (14). I've never been a great player, don't have the money to max out my own HoM let alone help him with his. He's currently on Night shifts at the hospital and I'm back at uni, hasn't been a lot of play time for us. So if your still feeling generous by the time you get to my post I would love to surprise him with a few bits for his HoM.

I'm thinking like 100e would be awesome, but of course thats an awful lot. How about 50e? Weapons are likely to be the hardest thing for us to get. Anyway, I'll stop boring you.

IGN: Lady Lunabelle

EDIT: Thanks so much! It was fun chatting to you this morning, have a great rest of the year.

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Old May 09, 2012, 11:27 AM // 11:27   #18
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It's great to see that there are still kind hearted people out there.

I am trying to get at least 30 points for my HoM to keep up with my friends (who all have 30+). I haven't played GW for a while and recently picked it up again, and i'm loving it.
The main concern for me is getting money to buy mini's or armor to accumulate more points.

Really like 5 or maybe even 10 ecto's would be great, since i've never had anymore then 50k (free zaishen key's cause of balthazar factions points anyone?)
Great thing you're doing!

IGN: Lord Phantas
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Old May 09, 2012, 12:37 PM // 12:37   #19
Pre-Searing Cadet
Join Date: May 2012
Profession: W/

Hello, Luke, its not normal for me to request something for nothing but as you seem so happy giving the items away for free, how can I resist?

A little background, I played GW a long long time ago directly after beta, over time I was unable to play due to other obligations and my account faded into oblivion. Recently after the GW2 beta I decided I wanted to pick GW up again to get the HoM finished and pass some time until GW2 is launched. Basically, I would love to have some extra cash to work on the more tedious HoM achievements. If I could get maybe 10e-20e I would appreciate it, however, if this is not a worthy cause I do fully understand

Thank you for your generosity even if I am not given anything. It is people like you who are willing to help out 'just because' that really make games like this worth playing.

IGN: Vince Ori

EDIT: Thank you Luke, you are too generous. Should you start playing GW2, look me up, I will do what I can to repay you

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Old May 09, 2012, 12:42 PM // 12:42   #20
Guantlets of Flame
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Hi Luke, thank you for being so generous. I have been working on my HoM for a while, and my last goal is getting my obsidian armour. I was hoping that I would have enough after this past week from farming some of the birthday celebration, but I am still short by quit a bit. I have 103 ecto and 14 obsidian shards after liquidating just about everything in my storage. Unfortunately, I'm getting tired of farming and have less time to put into playing. I gues I'm asking for about 50 ectos, but I will take whatever you feel like giving. Thank you again.
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