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Default Rare weapons, reqs and prices


When buying/selling rare skin weapons, and one knows the price range for a given weapon at req 9, how would one determine the value of the same skin weapon that comes with a higher req?

For example:
a rare skin sword, "Frog Blade"* at req 9, costs 100 ecto,
how much would the price drop for req 10,
and then 11, 12, 13?

Is there a general price drop that holds for most weapons or is it depended on demand for a particular skin?


*The awesome Frog Blade is not currently in the game and is used here merely as example

(Mods, if this is posted in the wrong forum section, please move it as appropriate)
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The drop in price varies immensely from weapon to weapon. Best thing to do is check guru prices or stand in AD1 of Kamadan and just read what people are BUYING for. Something is only worth what people are willing to pay for it. The difference between the Voltaic Spear at q9 and q10 at the moment seems to be 15e. The q9 has been steady at about 60e and the q10 at 45e. These prices fluctuate within about 5e of that price either way. One of the larger discrepancies seems to be with the Silverwing Recurve bow. The drop in price can be well over 70e from q9 to q10.
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Only for certain really rare and highly desirable skins, such as the Frog Sceptre, Voltaic Spear, Bone Dragon Staff, etc., are the higher reqs really worth anything. How much the price drops for higher reqs depends a lot upon market conditions at the time - how rare the higher reqs are, how fashionable the skin is, etc. There is really no sort of semi-fixed percentage you can rely on.
One indicator would be to search the price check, buy, & sell forums and Guru Auctions to get an idea of current prices.

I'd say, though, that "fashion" is the biggest determining factor. The price spread between req9 to req13 is much higher if the skin is not in vogue.
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The price spread also depends on the use of the weapon. If it is a martial weapon/offhand that is popular with casters then the r9 requirement is not as important. This will keep the price higher. If the item is only popular for melee characters then the price spread will widen.

This explains the examples in jazilla's posting. The Voltaic spear is widely used by a variety of professions, but the Silverwing is only used by rangers. It is much more important for the ranger to have r9 so he can do max damage.
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