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Default PvE Elementalist/Ranger Build

Level 20 Elementalist/Ranger Energy Storage 10+1, Beast Mastery 11, Wilderness Survival 10

Flame Trap (Wilderness Survival)
Dust Trap (Wilderness Survival)
Quickening Zephyr (Wilderness Survival)
Incendiary Arrows (Wilderness Survival)
Call of Vitality (Beast Mastery)
Troll Unguent (Wilderness Survival)
Comfort Animal (Beast Mastery)
Charm Animal (Beast Mastery)

This PvE character will try to keep the Nature Ritual ‘Quickening Zephyr’ active during battle to halve the recharge time of the Preparation skill type ‘Incendiary Arrows’. The Both ‘Quickening Zephyr’ and ‘Incendiary Arrows’ are in the Ranger Wilderness Survival repertoire. There will also be two Trap type skills on the skill bar as well. The first skill is ‘Flame Trap’ and the second is ‘Dust Trap’. Both of these are in the Ranger Wilderness Survival bag of tricks as well. Also, the healing juice for this Ranger Character should be kept on the Skill Bar for easy access as well. I’m referring to the Wilderness Survival skill ‘Troll Unguent.’

A charmed companion will be allied with this character and have two skills associated with it during battle. The first Beast Mastery skill, which is probably going to be the only one used during a pitched battle, is ‘Call of Vitality.’ The second Beast Mastery skill is ‘Revive Animal.’ The second skill is more of a ‘sneak back into the area where the mob just handed you your butt… get your charmed companion…then run like hell’ sort of skill.

Since I visualize this as a Solo-Farming sort of character, I see battles going something like this…

Locate the enemy mobs on the mini-map and ‘Ctrl’ key them to find out what type beasties they are. After establishing their pattern of movement, go to the closest spot that is reachable without generating enemy aggravation and drop a ‘Flame Trap.’ Go back until just outside of the AoE that ‘Flame Trap’ creates and leave a ‘Dust Trap’ sitting there. Step back again and throw down ‘Quickening Zephyr’ and wait to target the enemy using a ranged attack. Both of the traps have a 90 second delay, so wait before shooting the target with a normal arrow (use ‘Incendiary Arrow’s if you have no doubt about having enough Energy for the rest of the battle.) Position the Ranger just inside the AoE created by ‘Quickening Zephyr’ and between the enemy mob and the ‘Spirit’ created by the skill.

After the target is hit, the enemy mob should charge your position. The enemy using a ranged attack will advance until the Ranger is close enough to target. It will stop and begin to blast away at either the Ranger or the charmed companion. If the plan has been given enough thought and the traps are placed correctly, the entire mob will trip the ‘Flame Trap’ suffering a good deal of damage. The melee mob will continue to advance which will trip the “Dust Trap’ causing additional damage as well as adding the ‘Blind’ condition. Being blind, the melee beasts will have very little chance to land a successful attack.

The blindness lasts for eight seconds, enough time to drop another trap at your location. If ‘Dust Trap’ has had time to recharge, drop it again and keep the enemy mob blinded. Then, providing there is enough Energy available, immediately follow ‘Dust Trap’ with the ‘Flame Trap’ skill. The Ranger should still be standing inside the AoE that ‘Quickening Zephyr’ creates which tags on a thirty percent energy charge to all your skills…the situation will determine whether the Energy is available to drop both traps again.

Meanwhile, the companion beast will be biting, scratching and clawing at the initially targeted ranged attack enemy. If this mob member has enough Health to still be standing, launch additional ‘Incendiary Arrow’s to interrupt it as well as set it on fire…very bad to have clothing and nerve endings burn. In fact, keep shooting it with those ‘Incendiary Arrow’s until there is nothing but a smoking, charred husk. Then, if any of the enemy mob is left standing, target one with a ‘Incendiary Arrow’ and the charmed companion will help eliminate them. If another ‘Dust Trap’ can be dropped then do so. FYI, both of these traps are easily interrupted.

Keep in mind that ‘Quickening Zephyr’ halves the recharge time of all skills used inside the AoE. The two traps placed initially will have the normal recharge times. ‘Flame Trap’ has a twenty second recharge period and ‘Dust Trap’ requires thirty seconds before it can be used again. Both traps last for ninety seconds…so waiting a bit before shooting the initial shot at the enemy mob is not a problem…it is necessary. Energy used for healing either the Ranger or the charmed companion will leave a dent in the Energy store. A lack of available Energy means that the essential trap skills will not be available…which indicates that a hasty cut-n-run is called for…so…toss a quick ‘Revive Animal’ and boogey!

Afterward, devise a better plan, buff up a bit more or bring along some help before deciding to bother this particular type of mob again.
The chart above indicates the timing for initializing character skills from 0 to approximately 110 Seconds.
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