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Default Prophecies: Complete Mission Walkthrough including Bonus Missions

After about 2 weeks in the making, I finally finished it. Here is a guide to all of the missions in the game along with bonuses and how to complete them. If you find any errors or corrections, please let me know. Eventually I would like to get maps for some of the more confusing levels such as The Wilds. Hopefully I will have them up soon. Anyways enjoy

Prophecies Campaign Missions Covered in This Guide:

1. The Great Northern Wall
2. Fort Ranik
3. Ruins of Sumria
4. Nolani Academy
5. Borlis Pass
6. Frost Gate
7. Gates of Kryta
8. D'Alessio Seaeboard
9. Divinity Coast
10. The Wilds
11. Bloodstone Fen
12. Aurora Glade
13. Riverside Providence
14. Sanctum Cay
15. Elona Reach
16. Dunes of Despair
17. Thirsty River
18. The Dragons Lair
19. Ice Caves of Sorrow
20. Iron Mines of Moladune
21. Thunderhead Keep
22. Ring of Fire
23. Abaddon's Mouth
24. Hell's Precipace

Mission 1: The Great Northern Wall
  • The first thing you should do is speak with Captain Callahan who is located north of where you spawn. He wants you to go investigate what the Charr are contemplating north of the wall.
  • Your journey throughout this map will take take you directly northwest. Along the path you will find "wreckages" which drop not only loot but in this particular mission pieces of Kilnn Testibrie's armor which you will need to return in order to complete the bonus mission. Keep an eye out for these wreckages and keep in mind that you will have to go out of your way to find them. After you have collected all four pieces of Kilnn's armor,(Cuisse, Greaves, Pauldron, and Crest) go pay him a visit for an easy 1000 experience.
  • Make your way West after you talk to Kilnn. Eventually you will come to a square shaped loop. Continue around the loop until you trigger a cinematic. When the cinematic is over run directly south and outrun the Charr army. Don't panic, this is not as hard as it seems. Simply keep moving south until you reach the great wall where you will meet up with Captain Callahan. Enjoy the cinematic.

Mission 2: Fort Ranik
  • Start by heading north and helping out the Ascalon warriors defeat the Charr in the area. After numerous encounters with small groups of Charr you will enconter an NPC by the name of Master Armin Saberlin. Speak to him and he will ask you to rescue his son (Trooper Deeter Saberlin) from his Charr imprisonment which you will need to do in order to complete to bonus mission.
  • There is a little side quest in this mission. After helping the Ascalon warriors defeat the Charr in the beginning of the mission, be on the lookout for an NPC named Gurn Blanston. He can be found almost directly west of a where you will descend a small flight of stairs. He will give you a very easy quest which you can complete after you are done here. To complete it you must deliver Gurn's message to his wife, Melka Blanston who can be found south, southwest of Ascalon City.
  • Continue heading north until you spot two Charr Overseers guarding a prisoner. Defeating the two Overseers will open the prison and free the men inside, one of which is Trooper Deeter Saberlin. Another easy 1000 experience.
  • Head back the way you came and continue heading north. You will eventually spot a sizeable group of Charr in the middle of what looks like a catapult blast radius. In the surrounding area you will find small groups of Charr which you should dispose of before continuing. Kill the bosses surrrounding Seigemaster Lornar and talk to him after doing so. He will tell you that the trebuchet is missing some parts and cannot function without them. Backtrack to where you killed the small groups of Charr earlier and you should come across a few "wrecked catapults." You will need to find three of these and each one will drop the missing trebuchet part. After you find all of the three pieces (Release Lever, Arming Crank, and a Restraining Bolt) and return them to Seigemaster Lornar you will be able to operate the trebuchet. Load it by clicking on the firing lever and click it again to fire. This will take out the large group of Charr standing in the trebuchet's blast radius.
  • Head northwest from this point until you come to what looks like a burning statue. As soon as you approach it a number of Charr will run up and crowd around the statue. DO NOT engage them as there is an easier way to dispose of them. Head back northeast until you find another trebuchet. This one is fully operational so all you need to do is load and fire. The trebuchet is aimed directly at the burning statue around which the Charr forces have gathered. After you smoke them all proceed and clear out any survivors. North of the burning statue you will find the last group of Charr. Defeat them and the mission is complete.

Mission 3: Ruins of Surmia
  • In this mission you are helping Prince Rurik rescue Ascalon prisoners taken captive by the Charr forces. Follow him throughout the map and help him defeat any enemies in the area. You will generally be facing devourers and Charr.
  • Prince Rurik will stop at a series of makeshift prisons in which the Charr are holding ascalon captives. Eventually you will come to a prison in which you will find Erol, subsequently a cinematic will be triggered.
  • Follow Rurik and Erol clearing any Charr along the way. When you come to a raised drawbridge Rurik will order you to go around and lower it for him and Erol.
  • Make your way through the tar pit but instead of heading north, follow the path east until you find Breena Stavinson. Talk to her to obtain the bonus quest and immediatedly turn your attention to the south where you will now see a group of Charr ember bearers making their rounds to the flame temple. Instead of killing them, follow them until they come to a closed gate which leads to the temple. The gate will eventually open allowing them inside. Once the gate is open you can go in and dispose of the ember bearers. Follow the path until you reach a group of flame keepers. Defeat them for yet another easy 1000 experience.
  • Head back to the drawbridge and into the tar pit. This time head north and follow the tar pit until you get to the other side. Kill the sparsely placed Charr along the way and make your way to the drawbridge release lever. Lower the drawbridge and follow Prince Rurik until you come to three obelisks. At this point Rurik will begin to try to open the door while you will need to defend him. There are several groups of Charr which attack from three different sides. (East, South, and West) Defeat all the groups of Charr and eventually Rurik will open the door. Mission complete.

Mission 4: Nolani Academy
  • From where you spawn you should head directly northeast where you will find a Charr stalker(unconfirmed) running away from you. Follow that path, clearning any enemies in your path until you meet up with Warmaster Casana.
  • At this point you should veer off the beaten path and and head east where after some exploring you should find Watchman Pramas. He will explain what you have to do to complete the bonus mission and drop "Tome of the Fallen." Pick up the tome and head west and then south where; after a few pesky devourers meet their demise at your hands, you reach the wall. Head west across the wall until you come to the graveyard filled with many level 15 restless spirits. You must defeat them as you make your way west in your search for the tome pedestal. After you find the pedestal, place the Tome of the Fallen on it and talk to the Old Ascalon Spirit for your 1000 experience reward.
  • Backtrack east towards the wall and bank north towards Nolani Academy. You will encounter many groups of Charr along the way here. After you dispose of them all the gate will open and you will be joined by Prince Rurik. Follow the prince back towards the wall and all the way until he reaches the Stormcaller, helping him clear any enemies along the way. After the cinematic at the Stormcaller you must help Prince Rurik defeat the Charr forces that have invaded the capital city of Rin. Eventually you will encounter a boss by the name of Bonfazz Burntfur whom you must defeat in order to complete the mission. After you do so, enjoy the cinematic. Mission complete.

Mission 5: Borlis Pass
  • The first thing you should do when you spawn is talk to Ascalon Guard Hayden who will hand you a torch which you will need to light the storm beacons. Follow the path northwest lighting all 7 storm beacons along the way. After you light the last beacon head west toward Ascalon Guard Tolis who will take the torch from you and open the gate.
  • Follow the path northwest being cautious of the many Stone Summit in the area. After you take out the Stone Summit find the Drwarven Powder Keg Station and grab a keg. Bring the keg to the giant door in the west and drop it at the base. After blowing up the door continue along the path where you will encounter more Stone Summit along with two catapults. Slay the engineers to disable the catapults and recieve a useful morale boost. Continue along the path until you come to a door.
  • Instead of pulling the lever and going through the door, head left down the hill. You will encounter a fairly strategicaly placed group of enemies here so be sure to use extra caution. After you defeat the Stone Summit look around for another Dwarven Powder Keg Station. Pick up a keg and head to the southernmost gate and blow it up. Behind the gate is a dwarf named Rornak Stonesledge who will give you your bonus mission.
  • Backtrack to where you picked up that powder keg and grab another one. Head back south to Rornak Stonesledge and upon going through the gate look left. You should see a large snowdrift which you must blow up using the keg. Blowing up the snowdrift reveals a secret cave. You should proceed with caution through this cave as the Frostfire Dryders can dish out some decent degen damage to low level groups. When you reach the end of the cave you will face off with Whiskar Featherstorm - the dragon Rornak was telling you about. Defeating this beast yields you 1000 experience points and a completed bonus mission.
  • Backtrack out of the cave and go through the gate which you passed earlier. Follow the path and clear any enemies you encounter. You will eventually come to a large group of ice golems, Stone Summit, and two catapults. Clear the area cautiously, avoiding aggrovating more than one group at a time. After you dispose of all the foes the the gate will open allowing you to proceed and speak with Rurik. After the cinematic follow the road west, and then south clearing any Stone Summit along the way. Eventually you will come to a set of torches which you must light in order to gain access to the next area. Your mission here is complete after you light the last torch.

Mission 6: The Frost Gate
  • Start by heading west and then south clearing any minotaur patrols you may encounter. When you come to the first locked gate you must kill the Stone Summit engineer operating the catapult. Subsequently the gate will open. Proceed through the gate. When you approach the second locked gate you will need to head right across the bridge where you will find another engineer operating a catapult. Slay him and the gate will open. You will now have a small group of Stone Summit to deal with including a boss. Take care of them like all the rest and proceed through the gate and into the cave.
  • While inside the cave be on the lookout for Rornak Stonesledge. Generally he can be found southeast of the west cave exit. Upon coming out of the caves west exit be on the lookout for a somewhat hidden passage on the right. Take Rornak to the ballista and follow his instructions. He will tell you to destroy the gate. After doing so, backtrack through the hidden passage and head east until you reach the broken gate. There will be some foes in the area so be ready for a battle. Proceed through the gate and be on the lookout for a chest containing the secret plans which Rornak wants. The bonus is completed once the plans have been returned to him.
  • From there head back to the caves west exit and continue on the road south. You will come across two ballistae bombarding the path ahead, but it is possible to time the run across and take minimal damage. Eliminate the foes on the other side including the Engineers and you will be treated to a short cinematic. Continue south along the path and use the gear lever to activate all three of the frost gate mechanisms. After doing so you will be treated to another cinematic, ending the mission.

Mission 7: The Gates of Kryta
  • As the mission begins head south until you see a group of villagers running towards you. Eliminate all of the undead behind them and direct your attention to the east where you should see a small hog named "Oink." Click on Oink and he will follow you. Proceed along the path eliminating any undead you encounter.
  • Staying out of the poison water; which you will find is not in short supply on this map, can make your monks job much easier, thus allowing him/her to use his energy more efficiently. Eventually you will come to a gate which is under attack. After eliminating the undead in the area the gate will open. Proceed through the gate and talk to Justicar Torimo, who will tell you to talk to Justicar Hablion. Have the person that Oink is following talk to Cheswick, the hogs owner. After returning Oink, Cheswicks father, Orrian Historian McClain will agree to translate an Orrian Text which you will retrieve a little later on. Head south across the beach eliminating any Metrogoyles you encounter until you reach a large bridge.
  • After disposing of the undead on and around the bridge head down below and under the bridge. From here you should head north eliminating any Lightning Drakes along the way. These guys can be a real pain in the butt for low level groups so I would suggest you don't take on more than one group at a time. Keep heading north and eventually you will find a chest which contains the Orrian Text. When you pick up the Orrian Text a group of level 17 Smoke Phantoms will spawn to ruin your day. These guys can mean big trouble for unsuspecting groups so consider yourselves warned. Backtrack south desroying any Smoke Phantoms that may spawn and head back to Orrian Historian McClain and give him the Orrian Text. Congrats on the 1000 experience.
  • Head back across the beach and across the bridge where you will find a group of White Mantle along with Justicar Hablion. You must help Hablion and his men defeat the undead that have infested the swamp in order to proceed any further. Silence the first wave of undead after the cinematic is over and continue north along the path until you reach the swamp. Clear out the swamp, being cautious to stay out of the poison water. Upon killing the last boss in the northernmost part of the swamp you are granted enterance to Lion's Arch. Congratulations!

Mission 8: D'Alessio Seaboard
  • Upon entering this mission you should head directly southwest and speak with Justicar Isaiah who will then lead you to a bridge. Proceed across the bridge killing any undead that are unfortunate enough to be in your way. Follow the path southwest until you come to a small village. The village is being assaulted by several groups of undead which you should dispose of as quick as possible.
  • In the village you will find an NPC named Benji Makala who is usually fighting a boss. You must save him if you want to have a shot at the bonus quest. After you save Benji speak to his brother Gate Guard Makala who is guarding the northern gate. Proceed through the northernmost gate and follow the path until you reach an altar. Have a caster in your party grab the pot and make sure that he/she does not drop it. Continue south and help Confessor Dorian repel the undead assault. After succesfully defeating all the undead in the area make your way northwest defeating all the Oakhearts and Glypse Ettins that try to spoil your fun. Follow the path until you reach the second altar and have your pot-carrier place the pot on it. This completes the bonus mission. If the pot carrier drops the pot you can always go back to the first altar and grab another one, but consequently this consumes valuable time.
  • From the second altar proceed south until you find Dinas, the man Confessor Dorian wanted you to check on. Eliminate the enemies along the way and after doing so speak with Dinas. You will be treated with an interesting cinematic and granted access to the next mission.

Mission 9: Divinity Coast
  • When you spawn in this mission simply follow the path north to the village of Shaemoor where you will find Justicar Hablion. After the cinematic you want to head through the gate directly east towards the Fountain of Truth. After defeating the enemies around the fountain and cleansing yourself head back to Shaemoor.
  • To complete the bonus for this mission you must find, rescue, and escort the five chosen villagers to Loamhurst. The first chosen villager is in Shaemoor. Walk around the village and the Eye of Janthir will automatically choose the chosen villager. Once you have the first villager following you continue west and head out through the gate. After eliminating some infermo imps you should look for sign posts which will direct you where you need to be going. Follow the sign posts until you reach a large bridge. Dispose of the Ettins upon making your way to the bridge as well as the Tengu attacking the second chosen villager on the other side. To find the third villager head directly south from where you found the second one. After you get him to follow you, head back north to the bridge and turn left (west). Continue heading west, and you will eventually come to a fork in the road. Take the south, southeastern route where you will eventually spot the fourth villager. Follow the path until the two roads converge once again, and head west where you will see many Tengu attacking several villagers, merchants, and peasants. Rescue as many of them as you can and keep heading west until you spot the final villager. By the time you reach him, he will more than likely be under attack from several Tengu, so act quickly and make sure your monk heals him if the need arises.
  • After you have all four chosen villagers following you, continue traveling west until you reach a swamp filled with undead. Bear in mind that the chosen are susceptible to the poison water in the swamp. Make sure your monk keeps an eye out on the villagers' health. Follow the path through the swamp clearing the undead as you go and finally you will reach your destination: Loamhurst. Speak with the Coastal Keep Guard to recieve a small amount of money as well as the 1000 experience reward for your trouble. Finally escort the eye to the pedestal in Loamhurst to complete the mission.

Mission 10: The Wilds
  • Disposing of the Trolls and Wind Riders directly north of where you spawn should be your first priority in this mission. Continue north until you come to a left turn (west). You will now approach a three-way fork in the road forcing you to choose which way to go.
  • Take the path south and eliminate the enemies along the way. Proceed along the path which will eventually turn west. Keep going west until you spot two centaurs conversing about some sort of meeting. Do not attack them until they are done talking and you recieve your bonus objective. Once they are done talking and you have recieved your bonus objective, eliminate them both and one will drop a vine seed. Grab the vine seed and follow the path north, eliminating the Trolls, Moss Scarabs and Centaurs along the way. After a lengthy trek north you will come to a vine bridge which you should activate by dropping the vine seed on the glowing circle. Once the bridge extends, proceed across until you reach a large body of water. From this point continue directly south killing any centaurs you may encounter. Continue heading south until you find the two Centaur Chieftains. Dispose of them however you please and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. This completes the bonus.
  • Backtrack across the bridge and hang a a right (west). Continue on the path west following the Shining Blade Scout. After making a large loop around the map you finally end up heading south and ultimately reach what looks like a spider tending to some cocoons. After viewing the cinematic you must kill all the spiders in the area in order to save the Chosen. After doing so, you are treated to antoher cinematic and the mission is complete.

Note: Please be aware that there is a small error on the map of the bonus mission path. I will fix it as soon as I can and upload the updated map.

Mission 11: Bloodstone Fen
  • Proceed west from where you spawn until you reach Saidra. Speak with her and she will provide you with a vine seed which you will need to activate the vine bridge. After doing so, proceed across and continue heading west clearing the area of foes as you go.
  • To complete the bonus for this mission you have to awaken the four Druids. Finding the path that leads to this can be tricky so follow along with me carefully. You will eventually come to a swamp filled with Wind Riders and a few Root Behemoths. Proceed northeast across the giant root until you come to three vine seed flowers. Pick up one of the seeds and backtrack across the giant root you traversed earlier. If you look southwest from the giant root you will see a passage leading off deeper into the jungle. Head down that path until you come to what looks like a pedestal on the ground. Drop your seed on the pedestal to activate the bonus quest and awaken the first Druid. Before you continue, inform everyone in your party not to attack the Jungle Guardians. If any of these guys die, a group of ravagers will spawn which are much harder to deal with. Traverse the vine bridge that the Druid spawned and continue searching for the three other pedestals. They all require you to place a vine seed on them. There are vine seed flowers scattered throughout the area so you may have to go hunt them down. After awakening the remaining three druids they will all migrate over to a large pedestal and summon the Elder Druid who you must speak with in order to complete the bonus mission.
  • Proceed northeast from this point, you may need to go out of your way to find a few vine seeds. They are usually not far from where they are needed. Eventually you will come to the Bloodstone and be treated to another cinematic. Time to kill Justicar Hablion. He is actually quite easy to kill, provided that your team knows that you should take out his healer(s) first. After succesfully slaying Hablion and his White Mantle goons the mission is complete.

Mission 12: Aurora Glade
  • Begin by heading southwest through the jungle. You will come to several forks in the next part of this mission so as a rule of thumb keep in mind to continue heading southwest. Eventually you will come to a druid standing next to a thorn pedestal. Speak with the Druid, pick up the rune crystal and bring it to the other thorn pedestal to the west. Follow the path northeast until you reach the second Druid.
  • After clearing out all of the white mantle head directly west until you see an NPC by the name of Less Longbow. He will more than likely be under attack so you will need to save him. After saving Less Longbow speak to him and he will give you your bonus objective. Head back west and pick up the crystal from the pedestal and attune the other pedestals. After doing so quickly run east until you reach another Druid standing next to a thorn pedestal. Pick up the crystal from the pedestal and attune 2 of the 3 pedestals in the area by placing a crystal on each. At this point one of your party members should hang back and keep 2 of 3 pedestals attuned while the rest head directly southeast in search of the Demagogue - the boss you need to kill in order to complete the bonus.
  • After killing the Demagogue, you should have your runner continue and attune the last of the three pedestals. After all three are attuned you will be teleported to another area of the map. Follow the path downhill until you reach a giant creature named the Henge Guardian. After defeating him and the smaller foes around, the mission is complete.

Mission 13: Riverside Providence
  • Start by heading south and clearing any White Mantle patrols near the first watchtower, and after doing so go ahead and eliminate the watchtower guards. Proceed west through the gate where you will meet Saidra, who will give you your bonus objective. Clear out the second watchtower nearby, backtrack west, and follow the path southeast. You will find another tower here so eliminate it as well as its guards. From this point head northeast until you spot the fourth tower. With me so far? From this point head east where you will find yet another tower. After eliminating its guards, backtrack west to the previous watchtower and head north, northwest. After eliminating the watchtower in this area, proceed east until you come to the temple where you will meet Dinas who will hand you the Scepter of Orr. You should have a caster (perferrably a healer) carry the Scepter since it gives +1 energy regeneration to the wielder. Proceed south through the gate and follow the path which will eventually direct you north, northeast. Following a few battles with White Mantle patrols you will come to and area with the 2 final watchtowers. Eliminate their guards and proceed north where you will find a boss guarding a bridge. Kill him and cross the bridge to complete the mission.
  • The watchtowers can be a pain in the rear for low level groups that don't know what they are doing. Keep in mind to always pull and eliminate patrols away from the towers. The towers can dish out a lot of damage which your monks will probably not be able to outheal. Have a ranger pull the patrols where you can eliminate them safely out of the towers' range.

Mission 14: Sanctum Cay
  • Talk to Evennia upon starting this mission and she will hand you the Scepter of Orr. Continue southeast until you come to the beach. Follow the beach east until you find the restless spirit. Talk to it and it will give you your bonus objective. The spirit will now follow you. Backtrack west and proceed north. Clear out any undead you may encounter and follow the path until; after a lengthy walk, you will find Vizier Khilbron. Hand him the Scepter of Orr and after the cinematic proceed north, northeast. Follow the path until you come to the beach.
  • When you come to the beach you must protect the Vizier from the White Mantle until he summons the boat. To complete the bonus for this mission you must lead the restless spirit south, south west of the beach where he will thank you for your trouble and reward you with 1000 experience. Sounds easy right? First off you will have to split your group up so that a few people stay behind and protect the Vizier while the rest take the restless spirit to where he needs to go. I would recommend leaving the monk along with a warrior and perhaps a caster to protect the Vizier. Everyone else should proceed to complete the bonus. After completing the bonus you should all meet up back at the beach and eliminate any remaining White Mantle threat.
  • Proceed onto the boat when it finally spawns. Enjoy the cinematic and welcome to the desert.

================================================== ===========================
The following three missions can be completed in any order, it all depends on which one you get to first.
================================================== ===========================

Mission 15: Elona Reach
  • Speak with the Ghostly Hero upon starting this mission and he will hand you a Vision Crystal. Proceed northeast and awaken the first ritual priest - Kahdat. Head directly west from this point, eliminating any minotaurs you may encounter. Eventually you will spot the Ghostly Hero who you must return the Vision Crystal to. After returning the crystal and viewing the cinematic, proceed west through the gate, and turn south southwest when you reach the top of the stairs. Use extra caution when crossing the bridge here and remeber to use the splinter mines to your advantage. After disarming them you can drop them next to a group of foes, causing them to start bleeding and become crippled. Keep heading southwest until you find the second Vision Crystal. After picking it up, backtrack to the bridge but instead of crossing it head directly west where you will eventually spot the bones of the second ritual priest - Hehmnut. Awaken him using the Vision Crystal you just got and have one of your party members return the crystal back to the Ghostly Hero. After everyone is back together, proceed northwest from where you found ritual priest Hehmnut. Head directly west when you come to th splinter mine where you will soon spot the last Vision Crystal. Pick up the crystal and proceed north, northeast. A few groups of forgotten later you will spot the bones of the third and final ritual priest - Nahtem. After awakening him proceed east and return the final Vision Crystal to the Ghostly Hero, which will complete the mission.
  • Be aware that you have a 30 minute time limit for this mission. Depending on how well organized your group is, this may or may not be enough time to complete both the mission and bonus. As I mentioned above, remember to use the splinter mines to your advantage. You can cripple and bleed your opponents with them.

Mission 16: Dunes of Despair
  • Start by speaking with the Ghostly Hero, and he will open the drawbridge for you to get across. Follow the path west killing any foes on the way. You will eventually come to another drawbridge guarded by a few groups of Losaru along with a Seige Wurm on the other side. Don't worry about the wurm for now, you can defeat it once you cross the drawbridge. Defeat the Losaru and have the Ghostly Hero lower the bridge. Head south from this point and you will come upon the final drawbridge. Defeat the forgotten boss along with his goons and have the Ghostly Hero lower the bridge. There are several groups of Forgotten that will charge you once you cross the drawbridge. Eliminate them with extreme prejudice and continue south where you will spot the enemy Ghostly Hero. Defeat him and lead your Ghostly Hero to the altar. He will start performing a ritual which will last 10 minutes, during which you must protect him.
  • To complete the bonus for this mission you must defeat three forgotten generals which can be found south of where the Ghostly Hero is performing his ritual. Since the mission ends when the 10 minutes are up, you must complete the bonus as you are protecting the Ghostly Hero. To do this you obviously need to split up your group. Three people should stay behind and protect the Ghostly Hero while the remaining three head out in search of the three Forgotten Generals. Defeating the generals is no easy task, especially now that your group is split up and you only have three people to work with - one of which is probably a monk. Proceed with caution, pull smaller groups of enemies first, and finish of the rest afterwards and you should be fine. After defeating the three generals head back to the Ghostly Hero and help the rest of your team, as they probably have their hands full. After the Ghostly Hero completes his ritual you will have completed the mission.

Mission 17: Thirsty River
  • Proceed south and kill any Sand Giants you find for the extra morale boost - you will need all the morale you can get. Follow the path south and you will eventually spot the Ghostly Hero. Speak with him and he will open the gate. Your mission here is to defeat six groups of Forgotten along with each of their priests. The first group you encounter is led by Goss Aleesh. This is by far the easiest group to defeat, kill all of them along with their Priest to proceed to the next challenge. Follow the path south where you will come to the second challenge. This time you are going up against 2 groups of forgotten led by Issah Sshay and Hessper Sasso. The trick to keep in mind when tackling groups of 2 or more in this mission is to kill one group and wait for the timer to reach the next 2 minute mark before attacking the next. Defeat the two groups using this tactic and you will be allowed to proceed to the last and most difficult challenge. You will be facing three groups here which are led by Josso Essher, Lyssha Suss and Kesskah Shissh. Defeat all three using the same tactic described above, starting on the right. The third group is possibly the most difficult since the Priest and the boss (Josso Esher) heal everyone near them. A few well placed interrupts should be enough to take them both down.
  • The bonus for this mission is to complete each of the three challenges in under 9:45. The timer resets as you complete each challenge so completing this task should not be too much of a problem.

================================================== ===============================================
Speak with Ritual Priest Zahmut in Augury Rock and he will teleport you to the mesa. Stand in the rune circle, then step on each of the three stones nearby. After the mesa opens, proceed inside where you will be faced by your mirror image. Defeat it under 50 seconds to comeplete the bonus objctive.
================================================== ===============================================

Mission 18: Dragon's Lair
  • Speak to the Forgotten Gate Keeper to begin your journey through the Dragon's Lair. You will need to defeat six Facets in order to reach the Great Dragon Glint's lair. The facets are basically bosses of for each of the different six proffesions in Guild Wars. Facet of Light - Monk, Facet of Nature, Ranger, Facet of Chaos - Mesmer, Facet of Darkness - Necromancer, Facet of Elements - Elementalist, and finally the Facet of Strength - Warrior. Whenever you defeat a Facet, you will be teleported to the another area where the next Facet can be found. After defeating all six Facets you will be granted an audience with Glint.
  • To start the bonus for this mission, pick up one of Glint's eggs once the cinematic is over. Doing so will make her hostile. Defeat her to complete the bonus mission. Even if you fail to kill Glint (which you probably will) you still complete the mission.

Mission 19: Ice Caves of Sorrow

As with all the other missions I have covered in this guide, I will explain this one along with how to complete the bonus objective. However, I would not recommend attempting the bonus for this mission unless your entire party is infused. You can complete only the mission for now, and come back for the bonus once you are infused. You will learn more about infusion in mission 20. If you choose to only do the mission, keep in mind to stay away from any Mursaat you spot.
  • Follow the path north, and try to avoid the catapults by timing their rate of fire. You will eventually come to a bridge. You don't want to cross it until you destroy the catapults shelling the other side. Proceed west down the hill and eliminate the catapults. After killing the northernmost engineer, fire the catapult to trigger a cinematic. After the cinematic backtrack and head across the bridge. Proceed northeast, eliminate any White Mantle and find the Powder Keg Station in the northernmost part of the map. Blow up the door to the east using the keg and have 2 more people (perferrably casters) grab 2 more kegs. After you have the kegs head inside the cave. Head southeast inside the cave and keep your eyes peeled for a group of Mursaat in a passage to the right. There are 2 passages, you want to take the second one. Eliminate the Mursaat carefully, even more so if your group is not infused. Head deeper into the cave, blow up the closed door and proceed south where you will find Rornak Stonesledge. He is in a prison so you will need to use that last powder keg to free him. Talk to him to get your bonus objective.
  • Backtrack through the cave and continue southeast until you exit the cave and find a group of Mursaat patrolling the area where you need to cross. Luckily there is an alternative route; look east where you will find another cave, which leads safely around the patrolling Mursaat. Continue southwest until you pass Evennia and Saidra until you find a Dwarven powder keg. Have 2 people in your party grab 2 of these and head back to blow Evennia and Saidra out of their prison. After the cinematic blow up up the door to the east and proceed through the cave. You don't want to exit the cave. Instead, let the large group of Mursaat Elementalists pass by and clear the way for you. While they are doing that, head right (south) after you come out of the cave and follow the path until you find Hamdor Grandaxe. Speak with him to complete the bonus objective.
  • Now all you need to do is follow the large group of Mursaat Elementalists and watch them clear the way for you. They absolutely desacrate anything in their path that isn't one of their own. They don't attack the White Mantle since they are allies, so you will need to eliminate these yourself. Eventually the Mursaat will split up and further down the road they will get killed by catapults. Follow the path and eventually you will reach the Ice Ship. Board it to complete the mission.

Mission 20: Iron Mines of Moladune
  • Start by heading east across the bridge. You can either stop to join the fight between the Mantle and Stone Summit, or just run past them since they will be too busy fighting eachother to pay attention to you. When you make it to the bottom of the hill, follow the river northwest. After a lengthy trek north, you will eventually come to a cave in which you will find the Ancient Seer. Speak with her and she will tell you to kill the Eidolon and bring back the Spectral Essence. After doing so, the Seer will infuse your armor, making you much less susceptible to the Mursaat magics. Head east from where you found the Seer and you will spot a small passage leading north. Head through the passage and you will eventually come to a cave. Defeat any Mantle and Mursaat that get in your way. When you come out of the cave proceed south, southeast but do not engage any of the Mursaat or White Mantle in the fort where Markis is hiding. Instead continue south, eliminating the Mursaat on the way. You will find that dealing with these guys is a lot easier now that you are infused.
  • After a while you will spot Shining Blade Sout Ryder. Speak with him and he will give you your bonus objective. You will now need to backtrack north and kill the Inquisitor before he reaches the Mursaat portal. This should not be much of a challenge since you thought ahead and cleaned out all the other Mursaat before taking up the bonus mission, right? After silencing the Inquisitor the bonus mission is complete.
  • Continue heading north until you find Markis hiding in his little fort. Eliminate the enemies on the elevated sides of the fort before engaging Markis or any of the four statues around him. After you clear both sides of the fort, confront Markis which will spawn (most of the time) 2 Jade Armors from the statues around him. Defeat them, and then finish off Markis. After doing so 2 more Jade Armors will spawn. Defeat them to complete the mission.

Mission 21: Thunderhead Keep

Generally speaking, keep in mind that it is very difficult to complete this mission with just any pick-up group. You will need to have a pretty balanced team, along with a basic understanding of how the mission works. Also keep in mind that one of the monks should initially speak with King Jalis, so he will follow him accordingly. If the King dies at any time in the mission - it is game over.
  • Head east and follow the path until you come to a large bridge; naturally, neutralizing any foes along the way. Head north, northwest across the bridge until you come to a sizeable city. You must save the city by defeating the seven groups of enemies within. Take them on one by one and you should have no problems. Head to the northeast part of the city and have King Jalis open the door. Keep in mind that he will "reattach" to the person that is nearest to him after opeining the door, so make sure your monk is that person. Clear out the Frost Giants and Stone Summit while making your way up the hill to the northwest. Follow the path around the fort, clearing out the Stone Summit along the way while at the same time avoiding the boss in the middle (Dagnar Stonepate). After you clear the groups around the fort, go ahead and kill Dagnar Stonepate which will trigger a cinematic.
  • If you do not wish to attempt the bonus, skip to the next part. You will need 2 players to light the 2 beacons on both sides of the fort. You will have roughly 30 seconds to do this or the Mursaat forces will destroy the dwarven villages. This will attract more Mursatt to the fort, making the mission that much more difficult. It is totally doable however, so don't panic just yet.
  • The most effective way I have found to complete this mission is to split up your team, having a warrior and monk on each side. Have 2 offensive casters operate the catapults on both sides, since they can cast spells if the foes wander out of their catapult range. The remaining 2 people should split up and join the monk and warrior on each side. Your catapult operators should inform everyone if there is a threat approaching from his/her side. You should always communicate with your group and have one or two people come from one side to the other if any side is under a heavier assault. This tactic has held up every time I have tried it, but remember that it does require a certain dergee of group coordination, especially when you are attempting the bonus. As a last resort, huddle up by King Jalis and continue to defend from there. I have found that Protective Spirit is an invaluable skill in this mission, especially when cast on the more "squishy" targets such as your monks, elementalists, and mesmers.
  • After defending the fort and defeating Confessor Dorian the mission is complete, along with the bonus. Enjoy the cinematic.

Mission 22: Ring of Fire
  • Before following your instinct and running ahead to help Brechnar Ironhammer defeat his pursuing foes, stay still for a moment. He is helping you by drawing the massive group of Mursaat away from you - he is supposed to die. After the Mursaat clear out head north, hugging the right wall. Stop just before the path turns northwest and notice the group of Jade Armors sneaking up behind you. Defeat them, along with the Jade Bows that may also wander into your agro bubble. Head north and eventually you will spot a Mursaat Tower along with a few Jade Bows around it. The Mursaat towers are bad news for casters, so have your warriors unleash their fully charged adrenal skills on the Ether Seal to disable them. Proceed north, northwest and kill all of the Ettins along the way. You will come to a fork in the road at which you should head right, in other words continue heading north. A few dead Ettins later you will spot the Ancient Seer. Speak with her and she will give you the bonus objective. Backtrack until you come to the fork in the road and head west through the lava pit. While walking through the lava you are set on fire and crippled so cross it as quickly as possible and don't engage any enemies until you are safely across. Defeat the Mursaat, and the Mursaat tower they are guarding once you cross the lava pit, then continue along the path. A cinematic will be triggered once you make your way down the hill to the west. Proceed downhill clearing any foes along the way until you come to the Mursaat Fortress.
  • Instead of taking the way around the back of the Mursaat fortress, I am going to take the direct approach through the main gate. As you probably already noticed the enterance is guarded by two Mursaat Towers along with a few groups of Mursaat patrolling the area. You should have a ranger or warrior pull out the groups of Mursaat from out of the Mursaat Tower's range. You should have no problems eliminating them once you do so. After killing the Mursaat, disable the towers by breaking the Ether Seals on each one. Destroy the 2 Ether Seals holding closed the door to the fortress and as before, have a ranger or warrior pull the enemies inside. Defeat them once they are outside of the towers' range and head inside. Immediatedly direct your attention at one of the Ether Seals and destroy it to disable one of the towers, which will give you that side as a safe haven. When you are all healed up disable the other tower. After doing so, the Eidolon will spawn - you must kill it in order to complete the bonus.
  • Proceed west and kill the Mursaat patrols on top of the stairs. Now head back and destroy the ether seal to the south, which will open the door. Eliminate the boss inside and activate the switch on the ground. Head back out, go up the stairs and proceed south. You will encounter a few more groups of Mursaat along the way here before you reach the Mursaat Guardhouse. Proceed inside and eliminate the rest of the Mursaat to trigger a cinematic and complete the mission.

Mission 23: Abaddon's Mouth
  • Proceed southwest along the path and before destroying the ether seal which holds the door to the Mursaat Stronghold closed, have your nukers eliminate any Mursaat along the elevated walls of the fortress. This will make things much easier once you are inside. Once you do that, destroy the ether seal and enter the stronghold, clearing it from left to right. Proceed west and eliminate the Mursaat guarding the Onyx gate. Destroy both seals on each side and proceed through the gate. You will find a Mursaat Monk on the other side, who will run when you attack him. If you manage to kill him before he escapes to his Mursaat buddies, a glich will be triggered and all the Mursaat up to the next gate will not attack you. This is a neat little trick that makes things that much easier. Instead of going south through the next gate, keep heading west. Be sure to clear any foes along the way as this will make the bonus mission much easier. Proceed west and you will eventually come to a small bridge. Upon crossing it you will encounter some Volcanic Wurms. After defeating them, backtrack east to the Mursaat Stronghold. Head down to the docks.
  • You must destroy the Ether Seal here in order to free Leah Stone's spirit. After doing so, she will follow you back west, and across the small bridge. Lead her to the top of the nearby hill (the one with the big tree) to complete the bonus.
  • Head back east, and instead of heading back to the Mursaat stronghold make your way south through the next gate. There are several tough bosses along the way, so make sure that you dispose of them carefully. Proceed east across what looks like a fiery bridge until you finally come to the Door of Komale. You have to destroy each of the six seals here in order to open the door. Be advised that each seal you destroy spawns about four seal guardians, which are easy to dispose of but can be a nuisance to monks, and casters in general. Also keep in mind that Mursaat Guardians will attack you from the rear from time to time. Take it slow, one seal at a time. Clear one side of seals to give yourselves some room to move around, and it will be a piece of cake from then on out. When you destroy the final seal a cinematic will be triggered. When it is over, defeat the Titan to complete the mission.

Mission 24: Hell's Precipace

Many people find this mission to be extremely difficult. It is actually quite simple if you keep in mind four simple things. 1) Always, and I mean ALWAYS kill Sparks of the Titans first, and interrupt their Rodgorts Invocation spell whenever you can. 2) When fighting the Titans, keep in mind that you have to kill all three of their forms to completely destroy them. After you defeat a Burning Titan, a Risen Ashen Hulk appears. After you kill the Risen Ashen Hulk, a Hand of the Titan and Fist of the Titan emerge. Make sure your team concentrates their attacks on only one Titan at a time until it is completely dead. 3) When you come to the Titan Portals, be sure to have someone pull each group of enemies out, otherwise you will be up against groups of 10 or more and will surely die. 4) Winter is a very handy spirit to bring along for this mission, as it will increase your team's damage by changing it to cold damage.
  • Start by heading across the bridge and eliminating the Titans. Follow the path south where eventually you will spot the Lich. Don't bother trying to kill him, he will dissapear as soon as you attack. After eliminating the Titans in the area proceed southeast across the bridge where you will spot a few Spark of the Titans. Defeat them quickly and proceed across the second bridge in the southeast. Before heading further, wait until the Titan patrols to the south pass by. Once they do, head further southeast and follow the path until you spot the Ancient Seer. She will most likely be under attack so you will need to save her. After doing so, speak with her and she will give you your bonus objective. Head northwest from where you found the Seer and follow the path west. Eventually you will come to a hill leading down to the Titan Portals. Instead of heading down this hill hang back and wait for all of the Titans to spawn from the lava to the right. All of the Titans will make their way to the Titan Portals once they spawn except for the Armageddon Lords, which you should not bother with for now.
  • At this point you should designate a member in your team to pull out the Titans from around the Titan Portals one group at a time. Remember to keep Winter up, and you should eliminate them all in no time. Next, instead of eliminating the Portal Wraiths go back to the lava pit and take care of the Armageddon Lords. After doing so you will have completed the bonus objective.
  • Go ahead and eliminate each group of Portal Wraiths to disable the Titan Portals. After doing so, you will be treated to a cinematic. After the cinematic you will be charged by a large group of Hands and Fists of the Titans. You should temporarily retreat because a group that size can and more than likely will annihilate your team if you take it on all at once. Instead you should pull them one group at a time, and eliminate them as they come at you. After defeating them, you must kill Undead Prince Rurik. A cinematic is triggered after you do so. Follow the path north, then northeast where you will eventually meet the Lich. He can be quite annoying to defeat mainly because of his Soul Vortex spell which teleports the unlucky one to get sucked into it straight into the lava. Also be aware of his regular melee attack as it can easily do over 200 damage. You must defeat him while he stands on top of the Bloodstone. After you do so, a cinematic will be triggered and you will have completed the mission along with the game.

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nice guide
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There's a quest available in the Fort Ranik mission. As you hits the sets of stairs just before you meet Armen, on the left side is an NPC. He asks you to deliver a message to his wife. She can be found just outside the gates in Ascalon City. Easy 500XP
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Nice guide, I disagree with a few of your strategies (3/3 split for dunes and Splitting group in THK) and pathing (crossing bridge in Elona) on some of them, but that is all debated in other threads already.
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Wow, what an amazing effort! Bravo and thank you very much!
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Yeah. Kick-ass job, dude. Get's my vote to be added to "Threads of Interest".

People like you are why I left my other forum to come here
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I demand a sticky!
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this should be stickied....awesome guide, congrats
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One thing to note about the Fort Ranik mission is that often times when firing the second catapult you kill the boss group nessecary to end the mission.
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Originally Posted by TheArrow
One thing to note about the Fort Ranik mission is that often times when firing the second catapult you kill the boss group nessecary to end the mission.
True. When you recharge the trebuchet (precisly when the head touch the ground), you can shoot it after that and kill the boss before retreating to the Wall.

For THK. It workd when you have a Decent team. But I prefer for split the team in 2 at the first waves (Summit and Giants). Then after that, retreat to the king during the Mursaats assault until the boss comes (Some people hope to do not to get Demetrio the Enduring during the mursaat assaults). After the Mursaat boss and his team dead, split the team in 2.
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Cheers my friend, this is earning a certifiable place in my favorites list and my heart...I can never remember what mission's what. >.<

Well done, here's my vote for a sticky.
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Great job Torric!

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n1 =)

you may want to add some maps with the (bonus)locations though...some spots can be really confusing!
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I'm glad you guys like the guide. There are several things I need to update and verify in it, so please keep the suggestions and feedback coming
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Ira Blinks
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I tryed to complete bonus for sanctum cay a few times, but ghost doesnt seem to move after you hand in scepter...
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You have to wait a min Ira and then he will talk a bit and then get an exclamation. First bunch of times I did it I was frustrated because he wouldn't ever activate, but I didn't wait long enough. The groups always wanted to rush off to fight.
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I have also found that for sanctum cay bonus that if party members move too far ahead the ghost will glitch out. twice we have had to have the whole party come back in order for the ghost to move forward.
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Awesome guide! Thanks for putting it together!
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um...for the dunes of despair bonus, you'll need to kill off the general and their guards to complete the bonus. not sure if they update it since i last did it 6-7months ago. but killing the bosses alone didn't give me bonus back then, i had to redo it and kill all the guards around them too. And after the 5min mark or after the boss comes to the center to fight you there will be no more enemy comming to get the ghost.
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I have been doing some testing in Sanctum Cay. It seems as though if you dont split your group up when returning the Spirit then the white mantle swarm the dock. It is almost impossible to save the Vizier once he spawns in the middle of them all.

Let me know if you guys know something I don't

@Hockster - Thanks for the info, I just verified that and will add it to the guide shortly.

@Domonx - If I remember correctly it is only the generals you have to kill, but once you are there you will probably want to kill the smaller enemies such as Scarabs and Forgotten since they are the ones dealing the most damage. I have been trying to get into a decent PuG to complete the bonus and test this, but have had little success thus far.
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