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Default Pre-Searing Weapon Mods

Does anyone know if Pre-Searing has all of the normal mods for weapons? In particular "while above 50% health" and "Of Enchanting"?

Just curious, I have not played Pre-Searing in some time. Thanks for any info.
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I can't say for sure if it has all the mods, but it does have the 2 you asked about as well as many others.
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yes they do, just not max.
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They do, thought 95% of the time they are crap.
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afaik vamp mods dont drop in pre searing anymore which is why people sell them for such a high price. might need some confirmation on that though but im pretty sure im right
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Rare, or "gold" weapons do not drop in Pre-sear. Any mods that are only found on rares, like Zealous and Vampiric, cannot drop. None of the mods will be maxed, either. The two mods you mentioned do indeed drop, but I believe 13^50% and 18% Enchanting is the best you can find.
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enchanting wraps drop for staves. had one show up today. around 14% if I recall. I merched it. the over 50% shows up very rarely. more likely to see the below 50% bonus.
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there are no golds in pre, so some mods simply can't drop (+5 energy, vamp weapon, zealous) all the others aren't max. (tho +5 defense of a purple stave should be possible)

the vamp weapon could be attained in the past, since non-max vamps dropped from blue and purple weapons. Now only vamps drop on golds, so they only excist max (or 4/-1 on bows)
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