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Default Post your Warrior - Part III

Here is the next thread for the posting of warriors. Enjoy.

Here are your screenshot area rules.

Screenshot Exposition Forum Rules - PLEASE READ before POSTING ANYTHING!

User notes will be added against you if you don't follow these rules! No exceptions!

Repeat offenders will be banned without warning!

The 3 Strikes System:

If any of the rules detailed below are broken, you will receive a user note and a strike against your forum account. The system works like this:
  1. 1st Strike - A warning will be given via a public thread warning and / or a PM will be sent. If necessary a mod will also close or soft-delete the offending post or thread.
  2. 2nd Strike - An additional warning will be sent via PM, this is a final warning. If necessary a mod will also close or soft-delete the offending post or thread.
  3. 3rd Strike - 1-3 Day Ban will be given without warning
  4. All Further Strikes - Will simply result in additional bans without warning with increasingly longer banning lenghts.
All incidents are documented! So don't think your not being watched and can get away with rule breaking.


General Guidelines - Covers all Images and Posts:
  • No character names can be displayed in any posted images, unless permission is given, or it's your own character(s).
  • Swearing in images are not allowed, so please make sure to censor them before posting. The whole word must be censored, not just part of it. So filtering out one or two characters is not enough!
  • All posts are subject to the rules of the Guild Wars Guru forum guidelines.


Image Posting:
Second most violated rule, so read carefully!
  • All posted images must be no larger then 800 x 600 in size and no larger then 600KB in file size. This size still allows plenty of quality to be shown. If your image is larger then this, then please do the following before posting:
  • Please convert all images to .jpeg whenever possible.
  • Images larger then 800 x 600 will be deleted or converted to URLs.
  • Images that are over 600KB in size will be converted to URL links or deleted.
  • Thumbnails, such as the ones provided by ImageShack are recommended for all images as they keep loading times down.
  • Finally do not repost old images! This includes:
  • Reposting images from older closed threads.
  • Reposting images that were posted in the existing thread, but some time ago.

  • Images posted in the "Show off your Titles in Progress" threads are allow to exceed the height limit of 600, but not the width.
  • Images posted in the "Show off your Ranger, Monk, etc..." threads are sometimes allow to exceed the height limit of 600, but not always.


Chatting and +1 post counts within Threads - IS NOT ALLOWED!:
  • This is a forum, not a chat room! So don't threat it as such. This concerns spamming in particular! (See below)
  • Please don't use threads as a kind of chat-room. If you wish to discuss random stuff that has nothing to do with the thread in question, then please use forum PMs, e-mail or chat in-game if you must. Not within the thread.
  • Random pointless chatting, 1+ post count crap and other spam will be deleted.

Replying to Posts:
Currently the most violated rule - So read carefully!
  • Please keep all replies tasteful. Swearing, flaming, crude comments and pointless comments will not be tolerated! Insulting people's builds is a good example, don't do it!
  • +1 post count spam is not encouraged! Mods daily find themselves deleting this kind of spam and crap from a number of the Screenshot threads. The "Post your Character" threads in particular. The following clearly explains the differences between a worthwhile reply and spam/+1 posts:
  • Posts that are impolite, crude, offensive, or otherwise failing to reflect on the thread or forum in a positive manner will be deleted as spam.
  • Furthermore posts that fail to contribute to a thread discussion or topic in a meaningful way or are intended to draw attention away from the original subject will also be deleted as spam!
  • Do not post just for the sake of adding +1 to your post count. Post counts aren't important on this forum. Mods can and will delete or posts making your efforts pointless.
  • KEEP ON TOPIC! If the thread is about weapons, then don't discuss armour. If it's an armour thread don't discuss farming, titles, chest running or weapons!
  • We don't encourage people to pointlessly go about posting meaningless psychobabble for sake of just increasing their post count. Your spam will be deleted and noted, so don't do it!
We reserve the right to edit posts for format, content, or clarity, without notice. However, we will not intentionally change the substance of what anyone says, and will inform you if we make any substantial changes. Posting meaningless deranged psychobabble with no substantial merit or posts that do not contribute to the thread discussion will more than likely be deleted without notice.

Any post which violates civilized standards of decency or good conduct will be deleted immediately and without any further notice. Repeat offenders will be temporarily or permanently banned.



The GWG forum rules on spamming are very clear:

No Spamming
Post count - no matter how impressive a high number might look - is irrelevant here. Therefore, please do not spam these forums, or such posts will be deleted. To determine whether or not your post can be considered as spam, ask yourself, "does this add to or advance the thread in a constructive way?" If you answer, "yes," then chances are, you're good to go. Examples of spam posts include: “Yeah me too," "lol”, “that’s what I wanted to say…,” “what the guy above said…”, etc.


Screenshot Requests within Threads:
  • Please don't request screenshots within threads on this forum. We however have a request sub-forum for that here:

  • Please discuss the thread topic by all means, but requests for screenshots should be made in the forum above.


Reporting Spam and other Rule Breaking:

If you see a rule-breaker, don't hesitate to use the report feature located at the bottom left of each post.

A mod will deal with the problem as soon as possible.


Closing Large Threads:

Similar to the Off-topic forum, mods will close any large screenshot threads such as the "Post Your ____ threads" and recreate them from scratch after 1000 posts have been reached.

Older threads are then added to the archive list stickied at the top of the forum. The new threads are also added to the popular threads list to replace their older counterparts.

The list can be found here:

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