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The Humanoid Typhoon
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Default Post Your Mesmerising Mesmer! - Part II

Brand new Post your Mesmer Thread!

Basically we are restarting the larger "Post Your X" threads. Reasons for this are:
  • The Older threads are too large
  • Large threads are difficult for moderators to manage
  • Gives a chance for everyone to repost newer images of the characters.
From here on out, once a thread hits 1000 replies, it will be closed and a new one created.

You are more then welcome to repost older pics, but newer ones are much nicer, so please take the time to post new ones.

Oh and of course all threads in Screenshot Expo are subject to the new revised rules posted in the next post.

On that note, rule breaking is not acceptable as it was in the older thread, so please make sure you read them before posting.


Post your Mesmerising Mesmer! <3

Guru Event Guide Editor
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The Humanoid Typhoon
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Screenshot Expo Forums Rules - PLEASE READ before POSTING!

User notes will be added against you if you don't follow these rules! No exceptions!

The 3 Strikes System:

When any of the below rules are broken, you will receive a strike against your username. The system works like this:
  1. 1st Strike - People will be warned via a PM + thread warning + (if necessary, close or soft-delete of their post or thread)
  2. 2nd Strike - Addition warning via PM + (if thread close + soft-delete)
  3. 3rd Strike - 1-3 Day Ban without warning
All incidents are documented!

General Guidelines:
  • No character names can be displayed in images, unless premission is given, or its your own character
  • All posts are subject to the rules of the Guild Wars Guru forum guidlines.
  • Swearing in images are not allowed, make sure to censor them. The whole word must be censored, not just part of it.

Image Posting:
  • Images must be no larger then 800 x 600. If they are then please do the following:
  • Please convert images to .jpeg if possible. Images that are over 600KB in size will be converted to URL links or deleted.
  • Thumbnails, such as the ones provided by ImageShack are recommended for all images.

General Chatting within Threads - NOT ALLOWED!:
  • This thread is not a chat room! Don't use it as such. This also falls under spamming! (See below)
  • Please don't use the thread as a kind of chat-room. If you wish to discuss random stuff then please use forum PMs, e-mail or chat in-game if you like. Not in the thread.
  • Chat room talk / spam will be deleted.

Replying to Posts + Spamming:

The GWG forum rules on spamming are very clear:

5. No Spamming
Post count - no matter how impressive a high number might look - is irrelevant here. Therefore, please do not spam these forums, or such posts will be deleted. To determine whether or not your post can be considered as spam, ask, "does this add to or advance the thread in a constructive way." If you answer, "yes," then chances are, you're good to go. Examples of spam posts include: “Yeah me too," "lol”, “that’s what I wanted to say…,” “what the guy above said…”, etc.
  • Please keep all replies tasteful. Swearing, flaming, crude comments, pointless comments will not be tolerated!
  • +1 post count spam is not encouraged! Mods actively found themselves deleting this kind of spam from a number of the Screenshot threads. The "Post your Character" threads in particular. The following clearly explains the differences between a comment/chat and a spam/+1 post:
Posts that are impolite, crude, offensive, or otherwise failing to reflect on the thread or forum in a positive manner will be deleted as spam.

Furthermore posts that fail to contribute to discussion in a meaningful way or are intended to draw attention away from the original subject will also be deleted as spam!
  • Don't post just for the sake of adding +1 to your post count. Post counts aren't important on this forum.
  • KEEP ON TOPIC! If its a weapon thread, don't discuss armour. If it's a armor thread don't discuss farming, titles, chest running or weapons!
  • We don't encourage people to pointless go about posting meaningless psychobabble for sake of just increasing their post count. Your spam will be deleted and noted, so don't do it!
We reserve the right to edit posts for format, content, or clarity, without notice. However, we will not intentionally change the substance of what anyone says, and will inform you if we make any substantial changes. Posting meaningless deranged psychobabble with no substantial merit or posts that do not contribute to the thread discussion will more than likely be deleted without notice.

Any post which violates civilized standards of decency or good conduct will be deleted immediately and without any further notice. Repeat offenders will be temporarily or permanently banned.

Screenshot Requests within Threads:
  • Please don't request screenshots. We have a whole sub-forum for that here:

  • Please discuss the thread topic, but requests for screenshot should be made in the forum above.

Reporting Spam and other Rule Breaking:

If you see a rule-breaker, don't hesitate to use the report feature located at the bottom left of each post.

Guru Event Guide Editor
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Unlucky Slayer
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Of coruse... My mesmer, Katherine Salmatori in all of her armors.


Spectre Overlord
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Mmm glowy.

And the old closer up shot.

Last edited by ZenRgy; Mar 02, 2007 at 10:58 AM // 10:58..
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isamu kurosawa
Desert Nomad
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I Will have to work on some poses or look through my older screenshots, but until then. I have a few interesting Screenshots taken during canthan new year.

The plants of the Maguuma Jungle have a yet to be discovered property it seems

Shion as a rollerbeetle & Shion amazed at the discovery of shion

And, Introducing Kurosawa Chan, my perma pre and working for LDOA
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Old Mar 02, 2007, 12:21 PM // 12:21   #6
Academy Page
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My mesmer

sry if the sceenshot isn't too great.
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Krytan Explorer
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Iv decided its about time I posted my chars =]

heres my mesmer, who admittedly has been neglected recently =]

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Old Mar 02, 2007, 02:26 PM // 14:26   #8
Swampgirl Inez
"I love reading trash!"
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Here's the newest incarnation of Eliza Do Little. I don't play her much, but I had to post when I saw that Slayer kidnapped her evil twin.

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Furnace Stoker
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Love the thread title RTSFirebat, gj.

Here is the same post from the first Mesmer thread on the first page
Most of these armrors have been redyed, will post updated pics later on.

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Midnight Harmony
Jungle Guide
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Midnight loves small black outfits :

I don't think my Virtuoso armour normally clips like that, it must be a funny angle.

Last edited by Midnight Harmony; Mar 02, 2007 at 06:55 PM // 18:55..
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Desert Nomad
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The Last Anthem
Krytan Explorer
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Profession: Mo/

here's my mesmer in her armors..
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Old Mar 02, 2007, 09:55 PM // 21:55   #13
mojave mango juice
Jungle Guide
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My Dimmer

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Old Mar 03, 2007, 12:13 AM // 00:13   #14
Academy Page
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Let's get some guys in this thread, huh?

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Old Mar 03, 2007, 05:32 AM // 05:32   #15
Sai of Winter
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My two favorite attires for my Mesmer

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Old Mar 03, 2007, 11:06 AM // 11:06   #16
Wilds Pathfinder
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All pics are 450×600

My favorite set, Looks like royalty.

Also nice set, looks like a British upper snob from Victorian era.

This looks like some Goth thing to me, liked my Creamy while look but after dye update its no longer possible

Ah, me sleeping dress.

Have it in another color, this is my poor mans FoW, until I get the real one

Oh noes, call the fashion police. I kinda regret that I bought it instead of Rogues. But still nice for adventuring.
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Lion's Arch Merchant
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With the Fame from TNTM, Katina decides to enhance her image. xD
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Old Mar 03, 2007, 09:54 PM // 21:54   #18
Join Date: May 2006

Originally Posted by Katina

With the Fame from TNTM, Katina decides to enhance her image. xD
Big boobs ftw! did you phtoshop that or are they real XD
My Mente Principe (mind prince in spanish )
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Old Mar 03, 2007, 10:17 PM // 22:17   #19
Hugs and Kisses
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Guild: Scars Meadows

Spirit, unfortunately for you that's not how you would say mind prince. It would have to be Principe de Mente since the adjective always follows the noun in spanish.

Here's my mesmer.

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Old Mar 04, 2007, 12:12 AM // 00:12   #20
are we there yet?
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Profession: Rt/

argh....she was feeling left out again----so she went armor shopping (no clothing stores so its the best she could do).....still waiting on getting my kurzick 15k til my rit gets his luxon 15k (he has to do the quests for the points) it will have to wait a little while....


while we wait here she is, again, in another new armor.

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