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Default A/P caller..

hi guys, can i have your input on my A/P caller build for discordway..

i keep critical eye and way of the master on all the time,

I start combat by using ebon vanguard sniper (causes bleeding)
then i ping assasins promise for the heroes to target,
then i use the two spear skills to add extra conditions and use AP until all enemies are down.. i've been farming charr in dalada uplands in NM with it quite successfully.

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Old Apr 21, 2012, 02:32 PM // 14:32   #2
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I used:
Assasins Promise / YMLAD / FH / Sin Support / Mantra of Resolve / Leech Sig / Cry of Frustration / Res Sig 15 Deadly / 12 insp / 3 dom
15-16 deadly=way more energy return=more junk you can cast

Crit eye/wotm are useless imo. All you need is a nice energy staff adn just wand junk after you cast your chain.

YMLAD>sniper because of the criple and KD. That KD is spectacular against an Ele/monk or boss's first spell(which is usually pretty hard hitting)

Mantra=great to not get interrupted on AP, actually very useful in some areas.

Lead by using Sin Support=>AP+YMLAD using leech sig/cry on monks/eles, nice in HM.

With my team build I don't think I ever actually used my res sig so that replaceable....I would replace it with maybe power drain.

My team to get gwamm+50/50 on my sin:
Esurge Mes
Inetp Mes
Inept Mes
Sos spammer
Rit MM
Woh Monk

I used discord-way on my old account to get gwamm+50/50 and betwen the two messie way is the better of the two due to that most of the mesmers skills used inflict AOE damage while discord is single-target and very conditional, there's tons of condition removal in pve. Your extra spear skills and sniper are not needed as discord/messie-way should be killing every few seconds, not enough time for you to do much more then hit AP+ymlad+fh and maybe Sin Support.

If you're really wanting to go with ass/para then you need to be using Save Yourselves. +100 armor in HM makes it even more ridiculously easy lol Crit eye/wotm are not needed with discord or messie way as the heroes will be killing things far more efficiently than you will be.

Update: just for giggles I took my monk with AP/YMLAD/FH/Sin Support adn the rest of the team build and VQ'ed Majesties Rest. Rotscale and his group only managed to kill 2 heroes, and that was without any crafty pulling/bowing.

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Old Apr 30, 2012, 11:05 AM // 11:05   #3
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Just thought I'd throw this out there as I found it amusing... Save Yourselves isn't a paragon skill. I know it's easy to forget sometimes as it's pretty much the basis for the entire class, but it's totally a warrior skill. So going A/P wouldn't quite lend itself to SY! spam. Heh.
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Old Apr 30, 2012, 11:13 AM // 11:13   #4
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It's incomparable to playing as a dagger spammer or a normal EVAS - AP - FH caller.

A/Me with Aspicious Incantation (use on arcane echo) - Arcane Echo (use on EVAS for double) - EVAS - AP - FH - Pain Inverter for instance or A/Mo with signets or A/N with signets or A/E with nukes.
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Old Sep 25, 2012, 10:28 PM // 22:28   #5
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I use: Assassin's Promise | YMlaD | Falling Lotus Strike | Trampling Ox | Falling Spider Strike | Blades of Steel | "Finish him!" | Asuran Scan. Crit Strikes: 10, Dagger Mastery: 10, Deadly Arts: 11
Works perfect for me. :3
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