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Default Nightfall Plan

Ok Basically stuck on what i want to get done/ be doing when Nightfall comes out. here are a few of my options. Please help me choose the best one. Thanks

1) Use my Main Character (Warrior) to complete as much as possible of Prophecies and factions ( Protecter titles ect) then complete Nightfall with that character.

2) Use My Rit to complete 100% of Cantha, My Warrior to complete 100% of Prophecies and a new Nightfall Character to complete 100% of Nightfall. Then use my Warrior to complete other Titles

So basically Im unsure wheter to have 1 MAIN all singing all Dancing Character who has done/ seen everything or whether to have 3 Main characters that are Campaign Specifice ie, Rit has 100% Cantha, Dervish has 100% Elona, Warrior 100% Prophecies (Plus Extras).

Please Help
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You already have this thread. Closed.
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