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Default New Troll/Vermin/Undergrowth etc. Farming Build With Gladiators Defense!

Gladiators Defense (elite)
deadly riposte
teinais wind or whirlwind
On Your Knees (6 adrenaline, if there is a foe knocked down all ur stances are recharged)
bonettis defense
Dolyak Signet
Healing Signet

strength 12+2
Tactics 12+1+2
Air Magic 3

I use a zealous long sword of defense and a stance shield

So for trolls, vermins, undergrowths or anyone else u can think of
just get everyone around and use dolyak followed by gladiators defense
keep attacking as to build ur adrenaline, by the time gladiators is about to run out u should have at least 6 adrenaline, use teinais wind or whirlwind to knock all attacking foes down and then On Your Knees to recharge ur stances. Then use Gladiators defense again and heal when needed. If there are a few guys remaining and u run out of energy, use bonettis and repeat or riposte and deadly riposte to finish off the remaining guys.
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