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Old Dec 19, 2011, 03:22 PM // 15:22   #1
set asside
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Default Is my sin that bad?


I know freigned nutrality is shity, but if i dash then use freigned nutrality it's like +200 hp.

This for RA btw :P
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Old Dec 19, 2011, 03:45 PM // 15:45   #2
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For RA it seems pretty adequete. I agree that Feigned Neutrality has its uses when you need a self-heal, such as in RA, and you don't want to invest in Shadow Arts.

But the two things I would personally change are:

1 - The lead attack. Okay, so your off-hand can't be blocked, and the opponent's ability to block if they are doing it through a stance gets ended , and your dual-attack also can't be blocked. However your lead attack can be blocked, and if it is, then you won't be able to chain in order to hit with your unblockable off-hand and dual-attack anyway. Swap out the lead attack for something that is also unblockable, and make sure your build can provide the requirements for that attack to be unblockable.

2 - The elite skill. Zealous Vow. What are you using it for? Energy management? You've got more suitable skills for that in your own profession. As an example, replacing it with Way of the Assassin (which increases your attack rate, therefore giving you more opportunities to critical, and increases your chance to critical too, and criticial hits obviously mean more energy) with a pair of zealous daggers would make more sense. And also increase your damage output through the simple virtue of attacking faster. This would also free up some attribute points that you are currently using on Wind Prayers, which you could then redirect into Shadow Arts to bring a decent Shadow Refuge for self-healing instead of Feigned Neutrality, or to simply put into increasing your dagger mastery or critical strikes further to improve your damage output.

You might also want to try fitting a deep wound skill in there somewhere, seems it really helps with scoring kills.

Other than that, while I won't say it's the greatest build or anything, it certainly would look solid enough for RA.

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Old Dec 19, 2011, 07:01 PM // 19:01   #3
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personally i think your build looks a little squishy, i would recomend switching heart of shadow for feigned neutralty, which decreases your recharge time by about 10 seconds. its less net healing, but since FN rarely lasts its full duration anyway, it might be better for RA

also i would switch that dervish elite for Flashing Blades, which gives 75% to block damages attackers, and is tied to your dagger mastery attribute, which is probably going to be high
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Old Dec 20, 2011, 07:26 AM // 07:26   #4
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Bringing feigned neutrality or shadow refuge into RA is useless imo.
Your part in the team is to deal the damage.
Just hope u get a monk in your team and if you dont just leroy.

In case of ur build ; like someone above posted : change elite to way of the assassin.
Get a deep wound in ; use twisting fangs.
A conjure could increase ur damage a lot.
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