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Default monk 55

So been forever since I 55'd.
Just wondering what builds are working right now... so many changes have gone on and new eotn skill....
Any build help would be great..
Seeing a lot of monk/mes builds running around but not sure what they are using?

so if you wouldn't mind posting some help that would be cool..thanks
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basially the same 55 you used years ago and the mo/me's probably carry arcane echo or mantra of resolve. I never fitted an EoTN Pve skill into a 55 build so i cant tell you about that.
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2. Tell us which campaigns you own

It is difficult for us to help you if you do not tell us which campaigns you own. To avoid confusion, please let us know, otherwise other users are likely to assume you have access to all skills.

3. Asking for Builds

Please refrain from posting simply asking for other users to post builds for you. We cannot keep posting builds until we find one to your liking. Please post your own build so that we have an idea of what you're trying to achieve and help you improve it. Moreover, many specimen builds can be found in the stickied profession guides at the top of each profession sub-forum, if you really need that much help in starting a build. Many builds can also be found via searching.
Campfire guidelines

Monk guide

PvX Wiki

Search is also your friend
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