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Raven Wing
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Default Minipet & Everlasting Tonic Price Guide Updated 15/06/12

  • Each minipet can be dedicated once at a Hall of Monuments, once this is done, a copy of that minipet will be placed in that HoM. A dedicated minipet is exactly the same as any other undedicated minipet, except that one cannot make a copy of it in their HoM. A minipet will always mention if it is dedicated in its description, with the text: "dedicated at Hall of Monuments". As a general guideline, undedicated minipets are worth more than a duplicate, dedicated minipet.
  • Prices are given only for the undedicated version of the minipet.
  • Please post your most recent sales/observations so we can keep this up-to-date.
  • Do not ask for price checks in this thread. This thread is for posting what you bought or sold for - nothing more. If you have questions start a price check thread.
  • Disclaimer: These prices are only to be used as a guideline, and should not be treated as anything else. We urge you to do your own research before you buy/sell any minipet/everlasting, and not to go on these prices alone.
  • Date format is dd/mm/yyyy

Raven Wing is back with a fresh update based on the last 3 months of posts in this thread, and a bit on Argos Soft.
The year tonics market has crashed, massive price drops there. The cheaper green and gold tonics have risen due to HoM demand.
Ecto prices jump up and down. Right now (June 2012) it is around 8k ea, and so it should makes sense that in turn high end mini prices and tonics will be affected in ecto - which should also be obvious. Ectos are far from a "stable" currency though which is why originally prices were preferred in "cash" form (converting value of current ecto to platinum)

The thread clearly says this is not a "price check" thread - it is a guideline based on what is posted on here and mixed observations from ingame and Argos Soft.

If you sell an item or purchase an item - please post that info here to help others as to the current prices.

If you have questions, start a price check thread.

We don't want discussions, accusations, rumors, "how much is this"?, etc on here as some like to look through posts to find current sales and having to sort through "how much is this" is frustrating- until we have a way to update the thread that will have to do or once again you can post a price check thread.


================= Minipets =================

Year One

  • Devourer 1-5k
  • Fungal Wallow 1-5k
  • Hydra 1-5k
  • Jade Armor 1-5k
  • Necrid Horseman 1-5k
  • Siege Turtle 1-5k
  • Temple Guardian 1-5k
  • Jungle Troll 1-5k

  • Burning titan 8-12k
  • Charr shaman 8-12k
  • Kirin 8-12k

  • Rurik 40-50k (14/06-12)
  • Shiro 40-50k (14/06-12)

  • Bone dragon 15-20e (14/06-12)


Year Two

  • Bladed Aatxe 3-6k
  • Fire Imp 3-6k
  • Harpy Ranger 3-6k
  • Heket 3-6k
  • Juggernaut 3-6k
  • Mandragor Imp 3-6k
  • Thorn Wolf 3-6k
  • Wind Rider 3-6k

  • Christmas Elf 15-20k (03/03/11)
  • Koss 15-20k (03/03/11)
  • Palawa Joko 15-20k (03/03/11)

  • Lich Lord 40-50K (14/06-12)
  • Water Djinn 40-50k (14/06-12)

  • Gwen 15-20e (14/06-12)


Year Three

  • Roaring Ether 8-10k
  • Raptor 8-10k
  • Mursaat 8-10k
  • Irukandji 8-10k
  • Forest Minotaur 8-10k
  • Simian 8-10k
  • Cave Spider 8-10k
  • Abyssal 8-10k

  • Freezie 20-30k
  • Nornbear 20-30k
  • Ooze 20-30k

  • White Rabbit 40-50k (14/06-12)
  • Black Beast 40-50k (14/06-12)

  • Mad King 15-20ek (14/06-12)


Year Four

  • Abomination 10-20k
  • Kveldulf 10-20k
  • Terrorweb Dryder 10-20k
  • Dredge Brute 10-20k
  • Word of Madness 10-20k
  • Krait Neoss 10-20k
  • Dessert Griffon 10-20k
  • Quetzal Sly 10-20k

  • Flowstone Elemental 25-50k (14/06-12)
  • Jora 25-50k (14/06-12)
  • Nian 25 -50k (15/08/11)

  • Flame Djinn 40-70k (14/06-12)
  • Dagnar Stonepate 40-70k (14/06-12)

  • Eye of Janthir 15-20e (14/06-12)


Year Five

  • Summit Giant Herder 15-25k
  • Siege Devourer 15-25k
  • Shard Wolf 15-25k
  • Seer 15-25k
  • Scourge Manta 15-25k
  • Ophil Nahualli 15-25k
  • Fire Drake 15-25k
  • Cobalt Scabara 15-25k

  • Ventari 25-40k (14/06-12)
  • Oola 25-40k (14/06-12)
  • Candysmith Marley 40-80k (14/06-12) Very popular mini, hence the higher price

  • Zhu Hanuku 70-100k (22/02/12)
  • King Adelbern 40-70k (14/06-12)

  • M.O.X 20-30e (14/06-12)

Year Six Tonics

  • Acolyte Jin 5-10k (14/06-12)
  • Acolyte Sousake 5-10k (14/06-12)
  • Dunkoro 5-10k (14/06-12)
  • Goren 5-10k (14/06-12)
  • Hayda 10-20k (14/06-12)
  • Kahmu 5-10k (14/06-12)
  • Livia 25-40k (14/06-12)
  • Margrid the Sly 5-10k (14/06-12)
  • Melonni 5-10k (14/06-12)
  • Morgahn 5-10k (14/06-12)
  • Norgu 5-10k (14/06-12)
  • Olias 5-10k (14/06-12)
  • Tahlkora 5-10k (14/06-12)
  • Vekk 50-100k (14/06/12) This stands out, many observations in this range.
  • Xandra 15-25k (22/02/12)
  • Zenmai 15-25k (22/02/12)

  • Anton 10-20k (14/06-12)
  • Jora 10-15e (10/06/12)
  • Koss 10-20k (14/06-12)
  • M.O.X. 10-20e (14/06/12)
  • Master of Whispers 10-20k (14/06-12)
  • Ogden Stonehealer 10-20k (14/06-12)
  • Pyre Fierceshot 10-20k (14/06-12)
  • Queen Salma 50-100k (22/02/12)
  • Razah 10-20k (14/06-12)
  • Zhed Shadowhoof 50-100k (14/06/12)

  • Gwen 15-30e (14/06/12)
  • Keiran Thackeray 50-100k (14/06/12)
  • Miku 15-30e (22/02/12)
  • Prince Rurik 50-100k (14/06/12)
  • Shiro 15-30e (22/02/12)

  • Destroyer 60-80e (14/06/12)
  • Kuunavang 100-125e (14/06/12)
  • Margonite 60-80e (14/06/12)
  • Slightly Mad King 40-50e (14/06/12)

Other Minipets

Collectors Edition
  • Kuunavang 75-125e (14/06/12)
  • Varesh Ossa 60-80k (03/03/11)

Magazine & Events
  • Asura 50-100k (15/08/11)
  • Ceratadon 15-20e (15/08/11)
  • Destroyer 25-35e (03/03/11)
  • Grawl Shaman 150-250e (03/03/11)
  • Gray Giant 70-100k (22/02/12)

Ingame Reward
  • Black Moa Chick 15-20e (14/06/12)
  • Ghostly Hero 1500e+arms (03/01/10) ???
  • Greased Lightning 300-350e (23/02/12) ???
  • Mallyx 15-20e (22/02/12)
  • Pig 25-40k (15/08/11)
  • Polar Bear 1300-1350e (03/01/10) ???
  • Celestial Pig 150-200e (03/03/11)
  • Celestial Rat 15-20e (14/06/12)
  • Celestial Ox 40-80k (14/06/12)
  • Celestial Tiger 40-80k (22/02/12)
  • Celestial Rabbit 40-80k (22/02/12)
  • Celestial Dragon 70-100k (22/02/12)
  • Professor Yakkington 25-35e (15/08/11)
  • Brown Rabbit 50-100k (03/03/11)
  • Gwen Doll 50-70e (14/06/12)
  • Smite Crawler 10-15e (22/02/12)
  • Miniature Dhuum 100-150e (22/02/12)
  • Salma 50-80k (14/06/12)
  • Evennia 35-60k (22/02/12)
  • Livia 50-90k (22/02/12)
  • Peacekeeper Enforcer 200-300e (15/08/11)
  • Confessor Dorian 150e? (22/02/12)
  • Confessor Isaiah 150e? (22/02/12)
  • Mad King's Guard ???
  • Minister Reiko 50-100e? (14/06/12)
  • Ecclesiate Xun Rao 50-100e? (14/06/12)
  • Ghostly Priest 40-60e (14/06/12)
  • Guild Lord 50-150e? (14/06/12)
  • Rift Warden 800-1000e? (14/06/12)
  • High Priest Zhang 150-250e? (14/06/12)

Official Contests

Edit as of May 13: With rare minis in gifts and rumors of duping prices are VERY unstable and seemingly dropping. In general expect prices to be lower than these listed below.
  • Longhair Yeti 600-750e (15/06/12) ?
  • Naga Raincaller 600-800e (15/06/12) ?
  • Oni 1300-1500e (22/02/12) ???
  • Shiro'ken Assassin 4500-4700e (06/08/10) ???
  • Zhed 4900-5000e (16/01/10) ???
  • Vizu 300-450 armbraces (22/02/12) ???
  • Island Guardian 500 armbraces+ (seller names their price) ???
  • Panda 500 armbraces+ (seller names their price) ???
  • Kanaxai 1500 armbraces+ (seller names their price) ???


================= Everlasting Tonics =================

Monthly Tonics
  • Phantasmal 15-20e (14/06/12)
  • Automatonic 10-15e (22/02/12)
  • Boreal 30-60k (14/06/12)
  • Trapdoor 10-15e (22/02/12)
  • Macabre 30-60k (14/06/12)
  • Skeletonic 30-60k (14/06/12)
  • Gelatinous 15-25e (22/02/12)
  • Abominable 10-15e (22/02/12)
  • Cerebral 10-15e (22/02/12)
  • Searing 10-15e (22/02/12)
  • Abyssal 10-15e (22/02/12)
  • Unseen 10-15e (22/02/12)

Other Tonics
  • Cottontail 10-15e (22/02/12)
  • Beetle 180-250e (22/02/12)
  • Transmogrifier 300-400e (15/06/12)
  • Yuletide 300-400e (15/08/11)
  • Frosty 200-250e (03/03/11)
  • Mischievous 50-100e (15/06/12)
  • Sinister Automatonic 150-300e (03/03/11)
  • Flame Sentinel 175e? (22/02/12)
  • Knight 25e? (22/02/12)
  • Ghostly Hero 800-1000e? (22/02/12)
  • Avatar of Balthazar 20-40e (22/02/12)
  • Balthazar's Champion 300-500e (22/02/12)

Henchmen Tonics

Prices on these will vary due to more popular skins etc

Everlasting Fireworks Crate 50-100k (22/02/12)


A special thanks to all those who are willing to keep this guide going. We appreciate all the assistance that you provide.
A special thanks to Guildwiki as well. You rock!


Major update as of 14th June 2012

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Furnace Stoker
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good post, could be very useful.

Here are some of my inputs

Grawls are 200e+ now, which is 900k+ based on your conversion
Naga are most definete 1M+. They are 900-1000e or even more.
Celestial Pig are 100e+, which is 450k+ based on your conversion
Kuunavang 400-500k
Ceratadon 65-100k+
Asura 25-50k+
Greased Lighting 650-700e
Ghostly - 1750e+

Also for high end minis, you should use Ectos instead of gold as alot of them are well over 10M in value.
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you're missing

Year Three - Green - Mad King
roughly 100k +20-30 ectos
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Jungle Guide
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Profession: W/

white minis from all 3 yrs can be found for rough 0-15k
purple ones from year 1 and 2 are at 0-15k also, tho 3rd year purple's are arround 30k
golden ones from 1st year are 10-20k, year 2 arround 40-50k and year 3 golden minis price is dropping now so rabit is arround 100k+5-10e/black beast 100+5-10e
green minis wary alot, so bone dragon 50k or so, gwen 80-100k,mad king 100k+15-20e but its dropping

kuunavang is @ LOL 100-110e now (will keep rising), varesh 50k or so

asura is arround 30-40k, ceratadon is 60-100k ,destroyer is arround 35-45e now, grawl is at 220e up to 260e with patience (i.e 5 hours of selling in kamadan or 2 weeks open high end thread), gray giant is @ 70-90k possibly
(these magazine minis will keep raising high, since they are no longer possible to obtain)

mini moa is 20k or so, ghostly is 1750e+ up to 1850-1900e now (its price is raising due to high rank ha players are stacking theirs couse they are afraid ghostlies price will drop as soon as those are released to market, expect ghostlies price @ 2k e soon),greased lightning is steady on 650-670e,mallyx is safe @ 100k+20e, pig 5-10k, polar bear's price is going up as expected @ 1500-1750e since it drops once a year (there are aprox 80-90 polar's ingame), cele pig is arround 120-150e now and will go up as asian minis (imo they are quite more rare than grawls), cele rat is @ steady 75k, cele ox @ 10-20k

island guardian is arround 10000-12000e (and will raise), kanaxai's price is roughly @ 50000e-150000e (depends on the seller if he wants that kind of cash or he wants to keep), yeti is at 750-820e,naga 850-900e ,oni is @ steady 1050e+/- , panda is @ 15000-20000e and will keep raise same as island guardian, shiroken is @ 2500-2800e now (as it can be seen by offers on high end thread's) will keep rising, vizu 4500-5000e with patience and will keep rising, zhed mini is @ 2800-3400e and will keep rising....

For those official contest minis, if you peeps are wondering why they are so expencive (including oni/naga/yeti/kuunavang/grawl/celestial pig), it is becouse they are running low on ACTIVE accounts which means alot of those are either kept on unactive accounts or perma banned accounts, many of those minis are being resold while i make this post, so their price is being artificially rised couse of buy low/sell high power traders, and players only notice the resellers wanting price that is usually arround 10-15% higher then what they paid which makes the no power trading players to buy those and keep them hoping that their price will go up , which will happen, but eventually as it happens in real life, prices will bubble burst at one point, you can all compare it to nowadays world economy crisis....

All these pc's i made are not quite exact since those minis are a constant mark of reseller's (the ones that arent obtainable anymore), so it is possible to get them cheaper then those pc's i made (example is a friend of mine who bought an unded oni for 250e 1.5 months ago and sold it for 830e, prolly bought from a player that didnt check onis price thinking it is the same as 4-5 months ago, so it is possible to get them cheap if you have luck on ur side....)

I hope this helps you

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Ascalonian Squire
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Even though Ceratadon isn't suppose to be so pricy, it is. Sold unded 100k+30E, I see people trying to buy all the time for 70-90k but it's been weeks and they still dont have one.
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Raven Wing
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Updated with newest info.
TY Pariah, I had data on mad king, just forgot to write him in.
I see Rice and kretencina agreeing on greased and ghostly.

I will edit the high ends soon, hoping for more input. I know high prices are measured by ectos or stacks of them, but I still like using gc or millions of them as a unit. For all we know ectos could drop to 3500 or rise to 6k ea, it would alter the ecto value of minis too.
And Im well aware of the fact that there are ppl who have been powertrading for 4 years etc, they can have insane riches and drive up the prices of the rares. Who know how many kanaxai's or pandas there are left? They could have been by players who got banned for duping or stopped playing and thus lost.
Ofc high end pricing needs to be covered carefully but 95% of people who would want a PC got pets worth less than 100k.

Hoping for more input

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Unded Celestial Rat is hard to price... I sold one yesterday for 60k though. Got offers at 30k all day long.

This is a good post, to the top.
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No One Likes Snooki
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Sold like 3 black beasts for 100k 15-18e pretty fast.

Oh and pigs are easy 15-20k, sold quite a few around that.

Any day now A-Net will have another contest and there will be more of the super rare minis. I will laugh when it happens.

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Sera Lifebringer
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Bought Celestial Rats at 35k/each, and resold at 50k/each.
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dark horni worm
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can someone explain this raise in minipets pricing?
anyway, i've taken advantage of it
sold my ceratadon i had sitting in storage for 100k+10e.
will prices come down?
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Holy Arantor
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Originally Posted by dark horni worm View Post
can someone explain this raise in minipets pricing?
anyway, i've taken advantage of it
sold my ceratadon i had sitting in storage for 100k+10e.
will prices come down?
Some minipets were only once-in-a-life-time available. There will be less and less on the market because people dedicate them, therefor raising the price of the ones still undedicated. o:

Anyways, I recently paid 145k for my Black Beast of Aaaarrggghhh, and that seemed higher than average on the GWGuru Auction page. Think 200k for a Black Beast is a little too much.

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Confirming a couple prices...

Gray Giant - 75-90k
Ceratadon - 100k+4e - 100K+14e

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Lord Aro
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Last few months I've been filling my hall. These prices are based off seen, sold, or attempted sales. Ommited seems ok. Most prices hover around the average.

First Year
Good luck getting over 2k, hard to sell for 1k. 0-500 more like it.
Diffucult to sell for the upper end.

Year Two
5-15k for many

Year Three
Roaring Ether 10-25k, oddly it's gotten a bit more popular
Raptor 15-30k
Mursaat 15-20k, unsure
Irukandji 5-10k
Forest Minotaur 15k
Simian 10-15k
Cave Spider 15-20k
Abyssal 10-15k
White Rabbit 100k+15-30, very very popular (hit with the ladies)
100k+a few ecto
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Old Mar 31, 2009, 05:48 AM // 05:48   #14
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Bone Dragon is more like 35-45k now and i dont think unded white year 1 mini pets will go under 1k
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Old Mar 31, 2009, 08:27 AM // 08:27   #15
Raven Wing
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Updated thread and added high end prices, mainly based on Kretencina´s info.
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Old Mar 31, 2009, 09:15 AM // 09:15   #16
Krytan Explorer
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Guild: [DVDF]
Profession: E/

unded Mad King - 100k+27e
unded Cave Spider - 20k
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Old Mar 31, 2009, 09:56 AM // 09:56   #17
No One Likes Snooki
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Grawls are selling consistently over 200e, most for 250e.
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Old Mar 31, 2009, 10:31 AM // 10:31   #18
Frost Gate Guardian
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Kuunavang market seems steady at the moment of 95e-100e for buyers.

Got a buyer for Unded Destroyer at 39e, seen quite a few people trying to sell between 40-42e.
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Old Apr 04, 2009, 04:05 AM // 04:05   #19
No One Likes Snooki
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Profession: W/

Bought Mad King for 30e (about 129k), sold for 35k +armbrace

Sold Armbrace for 44e + 35k = about 224.2k

Still selling Unded Black Beasts for 100k 15e range even though everyone keeps saying they are a lot less. Works for me, I get them cheap and make money
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Old Apr 07, 2009, 06:02 AM // 06:02   #20
No One Likes Snooki
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Got a beetle for 20e, traded +8e for a mad king.

Sold mad king 98k 29e.
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