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Originally Posted by Anaraky View Post
If we factor in teammates we can just throw in MoP and 100b is superior again.

And no, I never stated 100b is better in every situation.
Originally Posted by Anaraky View Post
How are Warriors inferior again?
When you say this along with the fact that warriors are superior above 4 adjacent mobs and that you're constantly in a situation where you're adjacent to 4+ mobs, I'm guessing that you are by no means implying that warriors are superior damage dealers to sins.

Originally Posted by Anaraky View Post
Your quote. I showed you that Warriors are equal/superior at four targets.
You showed me that it's equal at 4 targets after adding SoH, which wasn't even considered until you decided to compare an SoH war with a full combo vs a non-SoH sin with only death blossom.
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