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Default Livingston's Guide to becoming a Grandmaster Canthan Cartographer! (No Map Checks)

This is a thread for those who want to become a Grandmaster Canthan Cartographer by uncovering 100% of Cantha themselves. This means without having to ask for someone else to point out the spots that you have missed. This may seem like a hassle, but tell me, doesn't a title like Grandmaster Cartographer feel a lot better if you are the one who has found all the spots on your map?

I thought so.

In this thread I will show you exactly how to do this by providing you with information gathered from the top experts in this field.

As such please Do NOT post your maps in this thread!

Note: After some of the recent updates and the announcement of GW2 I've decided to move to Lord of the Rings Online as I tried it in beta and it's pretty cool. If you do see me on it will just be me popping in, but don't be shy, say hello. ^_^


In Cantha there will be areas that have fog on them that seem like you should be able to uncover, but you won't be able to. That's ok. You only need to uncover the areas that you can uncover; you won't be able to unfog the entire map. Thus the first step in becoming a Grandmaster Cartographer is of course to clear the fog from as much of the map as you can without having to hunt around for specific spots. There are a few keys to achieving this:

1) Hug the walls!!! Every single area you go to, including outposts. Hug the Walls! This means that you need to travel around the edge of each and every area you come to. So you are basically tracing an outline of the border of each area. This will not only uncover most of the fog within the area, it will also uncover bits of fog that are outside of the explorable area. Most areas that people miss are found by extreme wall hugging. So no matter what area you are in, grab a wall and show it some love.

2) Make sure that you enter every mission area to explore within it's borders. This includes places like Fort Aspen, The Jade Quarry, The Aurios Mines, Amatz Basin, Zos Shivros Channel, and Altrumm Ruins. The only one you don't have to worry about is the Dragon's Throat, but you still need to explore the outpost and surrounding areas.

3) Hug The Walls!!!

4) Most "Enter Mission" areas have an explorable area that you can only access once you have completed the Enter Mission. Make sure that you explore these as well, as they will often have areas that were inaccessible during the mission, such as with the Tahnakai Temple, or areas that are completely outside of the mission area, such as with Nahpui Quarter. Also do not be content to simply do the mission and leave the exploring for the explorable area, as some missions do not have explorable areas, like Vizunah Square, or have areas that are not accessible within the explorable areas. To be sure you must Explore Everywhere!

5) Hug The Walls!!!

6) When hugging the walls, Walk Slowly! If you run it, you can easily skip over little corners and juts that you would have hit had you walked, and these are usually the places that people miss. You can also accidentally skip over these areas if you are not facing the wall that you are exploring. Facing the wall allows you to get the precise angle you need to ensure you have hit every nook you can. Otherwise you can pass them up even when going slowly. You should also do this by using the keyboard, as mouse walking is extremely inaccurate when hugging walls.

7) You should probably try hugging the walls...


If you do all of these things, all of the time, you should actually come out with 100% explored once you have completed the game and have accessed all the areas.

However, no one is perfect and it is very easy to miss many of the more difficult spots. In fact most people end up missing the same exact spots. It's rather rare for someone to be close to completing the title and have missed an area that most people get. So if you even loosely followed my seven steps above you should have at least 98+% with your initial exploration of the game, through to the end.

It may not seem like much, but you will find that the last 2% you are missing will be split into so many different tiny spots, that you will often find a bit of fog you hadn't uncovered only to discover that you don't even get .1% for your effort. I've uncovered 4-5 areas like this before I got .1% out of it. Though you are more than likely to need a lot less, that's potentially 100 little spots you could be missing, spread through out the entire map.

So how do you go about finding all of these little spots that will make up your 2%? I'm glad you asked.

Leighwyn is by far the player that has helped the most people on this board reach their 100% title. The following are the methods that he has used to find the last few percentages that he and many others have needed to get their title. This is also the method that requires the least amount of external program assistance.

All we need is a 100% map to compare to (broken down in sections):


Full Map

Note: The broken down maps are mine and the full one is Leighwyn's, so it's likely that one may have more or less spots uncovered than the other, though they are both at least 103% cleared (Meaning we have cleared more than enough area to get the title).

Open guild wars and enter the game with a character that has completed Factions (Game completion is required for this title). You should then put the game into windowed mode by clicking the middle icon in the top right corner, to the left of the "x." Now press the "U" key in order to open the mini map display. Next, drag the mini-map to the top left corner of your screen, then click on the bottom right corner of the min-map and drag it down and out to expand it, fully covering your entire window with the mini-map. It should look something like this:

Windowed Mode.jpg

Now open the 100% map that you saved from above in "Window's Picture and Fax Viewer" (or whatever program you have that will allow you to zoom in on the photo). If you have Windows XP then it should do this automatically when you simply open the file.

Next, zoom in on the map until the image is roughly (or exactly if possible) the same size as your mini-map. Once they are the same size, you can begin the comparison process. Simply line up your mini-map with the same area on the 100% map, so that they are in the exact same position. They should overlap perfectly. Now when you switch back and forth between them, you should see the exact same area in the exact same place, like this:

100% Map

Tab back and forth between the two while staring at the borders of the area. If you are missing a spot in that area, your eye should notice the slight difference between your mini-map and the 100% map and go straight to it. Take note of the exact area you are missing and then go get it. If you do this with your entire map, you should have no problems finding the last 2% or so that you need to get your title.

Make sure to use the U mini-map and not the full map that you get when you press "M." The full map contains clouds that will obscure your vision and mess with your eyes when trying to pick out color and shape variances. It will also show the outpost emblems which can obscure areas that you need.

Another thing to note is that it is much easier to set up your 100% map to the area you want to examine, and then move your mini-map to line up with it, as you can easily drag the map surface back and forth on the mini-map in order to line things up. Also in case you weren't aware, and many people aren't, you can use your mouse's wheel button to zoom in on your mini-map to have a closer look at specific spots.

This method is far superior to having both maps side by side and simply looking back and forth, as your eyes will not hold the images as readily and you will lose a lot of information in the back and forth movements. If you use Leighwyn's method and rapidly switch out the images, any spots you are missing should jump right out at you.

Here are some additional tips for this method suggested by Leighwyn:

1) Sometimes when comparing maps, the only thing that appears different is the shadowing. A big example of this is the region between the SW and SE corners of Nahpui explorable and mission area, respectively. That little region of empty space has the slightest change in shadowy hue when you fully reveal it. Another example of this rare phenomenon is the western edge of the Jade Brotherhood, docks, headquarters, island, thingamabob, which is clearly seen on a zoomed out map (the wonderful line glitch) but on a zoomed in map, only changes the water ever so slightly.

2) The fast-swapping technique works well on zoomed-out Canthan maps, but only in areas that have external edges and that aren’t in Kurzick territories. This is probably the quickest way to find where there are missing spots on the Island and Jade Sea areas.


A variation of this method, which I believe is the one that Leighwyn is currently using, is to save pictures of your own map and compare it to the 100% map with an image program. If you have an image program and know how to use it, simply open the 100% map in your program and then open an area of your map as another layer that lines up with the 100% map. Then switch back and forth between the layers. Sometimes putting Guildwars into windowed mode will warp the color a bit, so this method may allow you to pick up things you hadn't noticed in windowed mode. If you don't know how to do this, then stick to the first method.

The image program that Leighwyn suggests is IrfanView, it's free to download here:

Make sure to unclick the google software when installing, unless you want it.


Dougal Kronik uses another method, which was introduced to the boards by LuXa, to find spots people are missing on the map. This method is very popular with Tyrian cartographers, but less so with Canthan, as the nature of the Canthan map makes this method less effective than it is with Tyria.

In order to use this method you must have an image program with the proper functions and know how to use them. This is a method only for those who understand what I am talking about when reading this. If you don't understand it, then you should use the first and most effective method.

You need one of the following 100% zoomed out maps. Choose the resolution that works best for you:

1024 x 768
1280 x 1024
1600 x 1200

It may take awhile to download, as these are bitmap files, which are needed in order to make the most out of this particular method.

Note: These are my maps using a Tyrian character. The Monastary Overlook/Boardwalk area is not normally available to Non-Canthan characters, however, you do not need this area to get 100%. Though there are events in game that will open this area for foreign characters, one of these being The Dragon Festival.

Since I can't explain the process any better than LuXa has, I will simply link to her explanation of the method. Just use my Canthan Maps above instead of the Tyrian maps that she links to. Here it is:

LuXa's Method


If you have used this guide and found success with it, please make a post here and let me know about it. Also feel free to post a small screenshot (Don't warp the thread) here of your character with the Grandmaster title, if you used this thread to achieve it. ^_^

If you use what's in this thread to the fullest and still come up short, or if you really can't go through the hassle of earning the title yourself, then please read the next post below this one. Also the third post down is a Q&A post that I will be updating regularly with common questions concerning the Grandmaster Cartographer Title, so check it out if you get stuck.

If you couldn't get the title using the information on this thread, please let me know what else you needed so I can add it here. And of course any other suggestions for changes or additions are more than welcomed.

I would like to dedicate this thread to the people that made it possible and from whom I gathered much information contained within: Leighwyn and Shyft the Pyro, (Most of all), RoadKill97, TCfish, Laibeus Lord, Theos, Dougal Kronik, Zephro, LuXa, and Asrial.

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Default Help

If you have followed all the directions from the post above and have checked all the Q&A below and you still can't uncover that last little bit, do not abandon all hope, there is still help for you.

The following thread is a place that you can post your maps to have them checked by other people.

The following are maps that I have made charting the most common spots that people seem to miss:

Shing Jea
Mount Qinkai
Unwaking Waters



Since creating the above maps, I have found a few spots that I did not have fully cleared, even though I already had 100% without the Monastery Overlook. The following maps represent the further cleared areas. I will combine them with the above maps when time is available:

Shing Jea

To use these, simply observe each numbered area. Then use the first method described in the first post to check that area. If you check every numbered area with your maps, I believe it highly unlikely that you will not end up with 100%, assuming you started with 98+%.


When using my maps above, do not compare directly using those maps, or if you do, make sure to go back and recheck those areas using either my seperated maps or the whole map.

Here are the reasons why this is very important:

1) Different people will be missing different spots around the areas that are circled, so not all of them are exactly where you need to look.

2) Some of the circles indicate where you should be clearing the spot on the map, rather than the actual fog that you need to clear. Thus the circle itself may obscure the indicators you need in order to see that you are missing that spot. You won't be able to see the fog because the circle will be covering it up.

3) The circles will corrupt your eyes ability to see differences outside of the circles. The reason this method works so well is because if you are looking at two things that are near identical and switch them back and forth rapidly, the eye is very good at noticing the differences. If you are only using the circled maps to compare, then the green circles will overload your eyes and you won't be able to notice any where near as many differences as you could without them.

Thus it is very important that use another fully cleared map in order to check the circled spots, you will NOT be able to see them all otherwise.

Note: My maps that are posted in the OP also have more area explored than the ones containing the circles. The screenshots for the blank maps were taken on Jan 29, 2007, where as the circled ones were taken some time before the release of Nighfall.


If you have used this thread alone (or even mostly) to achieve the title, please feel free to post an image of you with your new title. In both cases please remember to make the image small enough that it does not warp the thread. You can do this by taking a normal screenshot of your character and then use an image program to crop the photo so it only shows your character and the title.


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Default Q & A

The Following are some common questions that are asked when trying to uncover the final spots on the maps:

General Questions:

1) Does the Undercity and Skyway count as two separate areas?

No. Any area that has multiple levels only counts as one area, they do not stack. However, if a portion of one area sticks out from the area below or above it, you will need to get that area. For instance the SE corner of the Undercity juts out and thus cannot be uncovered from the Skyway area of the map.

Note: In a not so recent update these areas have now become separated. Though they are still theoretically located in the same area, the undercity now shows up in the U map as a black area that is uncovered as you explore. Any area that you encounter like this (this goes for all chapters) will not count towards the cartography title. Thus where you could get an extra .1% from the undercity that you could not clear in Skyway before, you now gain no points from exploring the undercity.

2) I’m a Tyrian and can’t access the Monastery Overlook/Boardwalk area or the Shing Jea Arena; can I still get 100%?

Yes. As I said in the post above, you do not need these areas to get 100%. In fact there are quite a few spots you can miss and still get 100%. However, even as a Tyrian you can visit the Shing Jea Arena outpost and uncover most of the island.

3) I can't seem to get into the Jade Quarry or Fort Aspenwood as it always says, "No opposing party joined," how do I get in?

Though you will get about .5% from Jade Quarry, you do NOT need it to achieve the title as long as you get everything else.

You need a total of eight people trying to enter from the Kurzick side as well as eight people trying to enter from the Luxon side. You can usually get into Fort Aspenwood if you make sure to log on in the evening time of whatever server you are on. Jade Quarry isn't as popular, so it will be harder to get in. Try to get in during the weekend, as more people will be on. Also try switching to the international servers at different times. It's usually dead in there, but a couple times I have been surprised and found it busy.

You can also try gathering a group to get in. You will need one group of eight for your side as well as another group of eight to play against. The best way to do this is to find someone else who can form the second team for you. It doesn't matter who is Kurzick or Luxon as either side can enter either side, so just chose a side and have the other person take the other side. You will also want to switch sides after the first match in order to make sure you uncover everything. Next, go to Kaineng Center, House Zu Heltzer, and Cavalon and advertise that you are gathering a group for the Jade Quarry or Fort Aspenwood. Have the other guy do the same. If you are on at a busy time, it may take a bit of work, but you should be able to pull it off.

Or you can go here:

Shiro Specific Questions

1) How do I get the NW and NE corners of the area where you fight Shiro?

In order to get these areas you must be banished by Shiro. This is what happens when members of your party disappear and are replaced by Shiroken Constructs.

2) Does Shiro banish you to different areas?

No. He will only banish you to the NW area. To uncover the NE corner, once you have been banished you need to face the NE direction and walk very slowly, hugging the wall. If you do this correctly you will discover a small corner that will take you closer to the NE and it will uncover that area.

3) How do I get Shiro to banish me?

a) Shiro will not banish you if you are alone.

b) Shiro will not banish you if you only have henchmen

c) You should go in with only you and one other person to increase your chance of banishment. Try and get a Warrior or a Ranger to go with you as these professions have less of a tendency to get banished. If you are a warrior make sure you are with another warrior. If you take henchies, Murphy says they will be the only ones that Shiro banishes.

4) I've done all of the above, but Shiro only banishes the other person I bring with me, how come?

Shiro seems to be rather chaotic with his choice of who he will banish and why. I have yet to see anyone pin point with 100% accuracy exactly who Shiro will banish and why. There have been many popular theories, most of which have been proven to only work in certain cases.

The only solution that I have personally never seen fail is the following:

a) Buy a cheap suit of armor (25g per piece) from Shing Jea Island. Then buy five Superior Runes for 100 gold each, they can even be the same rune. This will only cost you 625g. You could probably even get away with leaving out the helm and only buying four runes for a total of 500g. (Hint: You can easily get this gold by simply joining 1-2 Alliance Battles, and selling the Amber or Jade you get from it. PM me if you are unsure of the process.)

Put all of the runes into the armor and go in with it equipped. You should be banished as soon as you hit Shiro's aggro circle, though I believe it works best if you are the second to hit it.

Don't know why this works, but it does.

Important: If you use this method, make sure to re-equip your normal armor once you are banished. Otherwise the spirits in the banishment area will make short work of you. Also make sure to bring skills that will allow you to destroy the spirits here, as the area is best explored very slowly and without having to worry about being attack.

If you are a monk character, you may want to try going in with 5 major runes instead, as the Superior are very expensive. Make sure to bring only a Warrior (player) with you and try to get one that has +HP items, to help offset the balance. I haven't tested a monk with major runes yet, so this specific way may not work, but the superior runes will. If you try it with major runes, let me know how it goes. Make sure to record you and your partner's health, profession, and any items effecting AC or Health.

b) It seemed to be the most popular theory was that Shiro consistently banished the character with the least amount of hit points. However, my own tests proved this wrong.

Shiro does seem to have a thing for banishing the weakest characters physically though. As such, it is best to first try removing all +Health items that you have on your character including armor (with runes of vigor). If you do have armor with superior runes in them that will lower your health, go ahead and equip them as well. Next get your Warrior/Ranger friend to equip himself with any +Health items that he may have and remove any items/armor that lowers his health. The point is to get him/her to have the most health possible and get you to have the least.

c) Since Shiro does have a tendency to banish the weakest characters physically, this means that he "usually" banish spell casters before heartier professions like Warriors and Rangers. This is not a rule set in stone though, you will encounter instances where he will consistently banish a spell caster over a Warrior or Ranger.

d) Some have reported that even though Shiro initially would not banish them, after fighting for a while, Shiro did eventually banish them, once the other person had been banished numerous times in the same fight. So if you prefer to spend time over money, you may continue to fight Shiro until he decides to banish you. Though there is no telling how long it will take, or if it will work at all.

  • First get a Warrior or Ranger to accompany you, without the aid of Henchmen.
  • Lower your health and raise the Warrior/Ranger's health as much as possible through item manipulation.
  • Enter the mission and see if Shiro will banish you
  • Keep fighting him in the same battle until he decides to
  • Spend 500-625g for the armor and runes and be banished immediately.

5) Every time I get banished it ends before I can explore the area, how can I clear the banishment area before I am returned to Shiro's sanctum?

Once again you must go in with only you and one other person . The only way that Shiro's banishment ends is if you enter the portal at the top of the hill, or if the Shiroken construct that took your place is destroyed. As such, simply get the person you come along with to run away from Shiro and the construct until they break aggro. Then they find a corner to stay away from them, and you will have as much time as you need to clear it.

If you have tried to find others to go with you and it isn't working, send me a PM and I will go in with you.

Location Specific Questions

1) Ok, I now see that I'm missing heaps of spots that have been circled on the maps. So how do I get to them?

The following is a wonderful guide curtosy of Shyft the Pyro which can also be found on page 2 of this thread:

Shing Jea

1. North wall of Minister Cho's Estate explorable. Check the beach on both sides of the rock outcropping.
2. NW corner of Minister Cho's Estate explorable.
3-6. West wall of Kinya Province. Make sure to go as far west as you can on all islands and beaches.
7. SW corner of Panjiang Peninsula. Check from east (dock) and north (beach).
8. Middle of Panjiang Peninsula. Walk the edges of the bay.
9-10. The "mountain spot" west of Tsumei Village. This spot cannot be cleared completely, but 9 can be reached from SE corner of Kinya Province and 10 from NE corner of Panjiang Peninsula. Go as far NW as you can when exiting Tsumei Village to clear 10.
11. East wall of Panjiang Peninsula.
12. Shing Jea Arena. The battle area of this arena is open to characters level 10 and under. The staging area of this arena is open to all characters. Talk to the arena guard in Shing Jea Monastery to enter.
13. SW corner of Shing Jea Monastery outpost, behind the Xunlai Agents.
14. For Tyrian characters who never entered Monastery Overlook, parts of that zone can be cleared from Saoshang Trail and the docks of Seitung Harbor.
15. The docks of Seitung Harbor. Make sure to go as far south as you can.
16. SW corner of Zen Daijun explorable. Gates leading to this area are closed in the mission.
17. The south wall of Zen Daijun explorable. This area may be open for exploration in the mission but the north path is much easier for mission completion.
18. SE corner of Zen Daijun explorable. Gates leading to this area are closed in the mission.
19. SE corner of Haiju Lagoon. Make sure to check behind the resurrection shrine.
20. East wall of Haiju Lagoon. Clear from the "Sentimental Treasures" quest island north of the spot. Beware of the Ritualist boss.
21. Hanzing Pier, endpoint for "Captured Son" quest. Go as far east as possible.
22-23. North wall of Haiju Lagoon. Go as far into the water as possible.
24. North wall of Jaya Bluffs. Instead of just exploring it from Zuuyun Point (where the road below goes into the mountain), walk the cliffs to the east and west.

Livingston Edit: You will often need to go along the north wall to the East of the spot and then clear it by hugging the wall on the way back towards it. In other words by traveling from right to left. I recently uncovered this with another character and fully hugged the wall going West to East, but it didn't clear until I hit the same spot on the way back going East to West. I believe this is why so few people fully uncover this spot on the first go.

25. Sizhou Hall, endpoint for "Looking for Trouble" primary quest.


1. West wall of Wajjun Bazaar. Head NW from Nahpui Quarter. Easiest if "Seek Out Brother Tosai" quest from Kaineng Center is active, as it turns all regular Am Fah spawns in Wajjun Bazaar into NPCs rather than enemies.
2-3. Make sure to hug the edges of the island as closely as possible - you can uncover some spots in the water that show as a "vertical line" glitch on the world map the way west edge of Dunes of Despair mission in Tyria does. The "U" map and zoomed-in overview map don't show this line.
4. West wall of Kaineng Center outpost. Go SW past the armor crafters or NW past the Canthan Ambassador to reach the docks.
5-6. NW and NE corners of Bejunkan Pier. Check the edges of both levels (up the stairs and down at the docks).
7-9. North wall of Raisu Palace explorable. To clear 8, walk the piers.

Livingston Edit: The NE corner of 7 is also uncovered from the closest peer. You may have to sit in the corner for a few seconds.

10. NE corner of Imperial Sanctum mission, accessible only from Shiro's banishment path. Hug the cliff as closely as possible. If this spot does not clear immediately, walk back along the edge from the first spirit to the east side of the banishment area. For tips on getting banished, see this thread.
11. SW corner of Imperial Sanctum mission, accessible only from the battle area. Shiro always banishes players to the same path. To uncover the rest of the area, walk the edges of the battle area without engaging Shiro.
12. Tahnnakai Temple explorable. This area cannot be reached during the mission due to locked gates. In the explorable, make sure to walk both the east and the west side, as they form separate paths and do not link up.
13. South wall of Dragon's Throat outpost. Dragon's Throat is bugged in that you cannot clear any fog from inside the outpost and the PC marker does not show up on the overview map (the same way it does not show up inside Dragon's Throat mission). To clear this, walk out into Shadow's Passage and get as close to the portal without zoning back in as possible.
14-15. East and south walls of Vizunah Square mission.
16. North wall of Shenzun Tunnels. Start from Tahnnakai Temple and go west; you'll only need to fight/run past one mob of Am Fah.
17. SE corner of Undercity. This is one of the spots where Xaquang Skyway does not coincide with Undercity, so this spot must be cleared from below.

Shyft The Pyro edit: I have just personally confirmed that it is no longer possible (since a recent update) to uncover the SE corner of Undercity. The map marker (green circle with a pointer) remains in the center of the Skyway on the overview map regardless of where your character travels in the Undercity, so Undercity is now as "glitched" as Dragon's Throat outpost in that you cannot uncover the overview map from it.

18. Center of Shenzun Tunnels. Many people miss this spot when following the "To Tahnnakai Temple" quest.
19. NW corner of Sunjiang District explorable. Parts of this spot may be cleared from east wall of Shenzun Tunnels.
20. This spot can be cleared from inside Zin Ku Corridor outpost. Hug the corner directly NE of the spot.
21. SE corner of Tahnnakai Temple explorable. A lot of people miss it when rushing to Vizu during the mission. A related spot further south is the east wall of Zin Ku Corridor, behind the weaponsmith.
22. East wall of Sunjiang District explorable.

Mount Qinkai

1. SE corner of Nahpui Quarter mission and SW corner of Nahpui Quarter explorable. You cannot clear this spot completely but can hug the edges closely, especially since a lot of people don't clear all they can in the burned-out home of Am Fah (south wall of Nahpui Quarter explorable).
2. South wall of Shenzun Tunnels. Most easily reached by starting in Senji's Corner and going through Nahpui Quarter explorable.
3. NW corner of Pongmei Valley.
4. The "farmland spot" east of Maatu Keep. The best way to clear this spot is to hit SW corner of Sunjiang District explorable, but you may need to hug the walls in all surrounding areas - SE corner of Shenzun Tunnels, east wall of Maatu Keep and north wall in Pongmei Valley - as well. Sunjiang District mission won't let you reach the SW corner of the zone as the area is closed off by a gate.
5. East wall of Pongmei Valley and north wall of Boreas Seabed outpost. To get the north wall of Boreas Seabed outpost, use the bridge behind the Xunlai Agent.
6. North wall of Boreas Seabed explorable.
7. North wall of Mount Qinkai.
8-9. South wall of Pongmei Valley.
10. West wall of Mount Qinkai.
11. NW corner of Arborstone explorable.
12. West wall of Arborstone explorable.
13. SE corner of Arborstone explorable or NW corner of Ferndale, depending on which side of this spot you're missing.
14. North wall of Ferndale.
15. West wall of Kurzick Aspenwood Gate outpost.
16. This spot is cleared by asking the Luxon Commander in Luxon Fort Aspenwood outpost to Replay the mission cinematic.
17. NW corner of Jade Quarry battle area. To clear this spot, check behind the guardpost NE of the yellow quarry. Make sure to hug the walls inside the yellow quarry as well.
18. East wall of Jade Quarry battle area. Check the east wall of the Luxon starting area, behind the guardpost north of the green quarry, and inside the green quarry.
19. SW corner of Jade Quarry battle area. Check the west wall of the Kurzick starting area and behind the guardpost SW of the yellow quarry.
20. East wall of Ferndale.

Unwaking Waters

1. East wall of Melandru's Hope.
2. NW corner of Melandru's Hope.

Livingston Edit: The dark spot in the SW area of #2 is cleared by hitting a northern point in Ferndale, just SW of the area in question.

3. SW corner of Saint Anjeka's Shrine outpost, behind the henchmen.
4. SW corner of Drazach Thicket.
5. NW corner of Eternal Grove explorable.
6. SW corner of Mourning Veil Falls.
7. SW corner of Amatz Basin mission.
8. South wall of Mourning Veil Falls.
9-10. North wall of Morostav Trail.
11-12. NW corner of Unwaking Waters explorable.
13. NW corner of Luxon Unwaking Waters outpost or NE corner of Unwaking Waters explorable.
14. East wall of Silent Surf and south wall of Seafarer's Rest outpost.
15. South wall of Silent Surf, on the island.
16. East wall of Unwaking Waters explorable.
17. South wall of Unwaking Waters mission. Head south after coming out of the gate, but remember to help the other team finish the mission if they're not all henchmen to avoid giving cartographers a bad name
18-19. East wall of Morostav Trail.


1. NW corner of Eredon Terrace outpost.
2. North wall of Maishang Hills.
3. South wall of Maishang Hills, SW corner of Maishang Hills (hug the wall facing east), and NE corner of Archipelagos.
4. SW corner of Maishang Hills (hug the wall facing west).
5. Zos Shivros Channel mission.
6. SE corner of Archipelagos.
7-9. West wall of Gyala Hatchery explorable. Sometimes the island above 7 also isn't completely cleared; check the west wall of the gated quarry next to it.
10. There is supposed to be a tiny island north of the Leviathan at this spot. To clear it, head west out of Leviathan Pits, kill the boss mob and the oni spawn on the big island, and squeeze into the southern corner of the big island as tightly as you can. Move around and change the direction you're facing to make sure you clear the spot.
11. NE corner of Silent Surf and west wall of Rhea's Crater.
12. SW corner of Aurios Mines mission.
13. NE corner of Aurios Mines mission.
14-15. North wall of Rhea's Crater. 14 is rather easy to clear, but 15 pops up only when heading east in the north hallway, up against a block of jade that juts out of the wall. Clearing the boss spawn west of 15 might help as well.
16. NE corner of Gyala Hatchery explorable.


I will be updating this as more questions are asked.

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Great job

/ sticky
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Electric Sky
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hug the walls <3
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Originally Posted by thomasnl88
Great job

/ sticky
Nothing becomes a sticky that quickly ^^

The other map thread stayed unstickyed for ages. I'll tell you what, I'll monitor this thread and see how it goes. Don't want another people posting maps and stuff here. So I've edited the title to make it a bit more clear.

To the OP, I'll let you know when I plan to sticky this.

Nice work by the way

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Old Aug 24, 2006, 12:51 AM // 00:51   #7
Lion's Arch Merchant
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Great guide, will use it!
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Originally Posted by RTSFirebat
Nothing becomes a sticky that quickly ^^

The other map thread stayed unstickyed for ages. I'll tell you what, I'll monitor this thread and see how it goes. Don't want another people posting maps and stuff here. So I've edited the title to make it a bit more clear.

To the OP, I'll let you know when I plan to sticky this.

Nice work by the way

Thank you.

I added in a bit about not posting maps in this thread.

BTW: Could you possibly change the names of the other two posts as well? I would like the second post to be titled "Help!" and the third to be changed from "Q&a" to "Q&A." It was really late when I finally got the posts up so I forgot to add the second title and didn't notice the typo on the third. Thanks again.



Made a couple of updates:

Added a couple of suggestions by Leighwyn to the second method on post one, as well as adding a link to the image program he uses.

Added a huge section to the second post detailing how best to use the 100% "Canthan Map Discussion and Help" thread. This was actually the original point of the second post. It took me nearly a week to sift through that thread and pull out the relevant material, as well as finding links to various things I knew about, but couldn't remember where they came from. It took me another four days to create the maps with the common miss spots, as I had to redo them a few times when I found more spots or better angles. It then took me a full two days to compile all the information and actually write up the posts. When I finally posted the material it was around 4:30 in the morning, so I completely forgot to even write that section, even though I had it in my head that it would be the focus of post two. But it's up now.

I'm also going to start working on directions to get to certain spots that people can't seem to get to. I'll add that that to the Q&A section as I go.

Just let me know if anything else can be added and I'll work on including it.


Edit: Broke the Q&A in to two sections for formatting purposes, and added directions for getting into the Jade Quarry and Fort Aspenwood.

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Wow, i'm glad i'm already a grandmaster cartographer so I don't have to read all of that. Nicely done Livingston.
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Originally Posted by Mournblade
Wow, i'm glad i'm already a grandmaster cartographer so I don't have to read all of that. Nicely done Livingston.
LOL Thanks.

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How long do u think it takes to get the title?
From like 60% to 100%.
Im thinking about trying to get the title.
Sounds like fun but dont wanna spend 100 hours.
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Originally Posted by Great King Thor
How long do u think it takes to get the title?
From like 60% to 100%.
Im thinking about trying to get the title.
Sounds like fun but dont wanna spend 100 hours.
If you don't want to spend 100 hours, then this probably isn't the title for you, as it will more than likely take you 2-3 times that amount if not more.

This is actually one of the harder titles to get (after faction friend and survivor titles). The reason being is because it actually takes a bit of skill. You can't simply buy your way through it with the money from another character or a guildie, and you can't just PUG your way through it or team up with elite guildies or friends and power through it. You could conceivably do it fairly quickly with a group of friends that were all going for the title and knew what they were doing, if you could get a group dedicated and patient enough to do so.

But it would be impossible to say how long it takes to get this title for any given person as too many factors are involved to just give a time. It's like asking someone how long it takes to beat the game. It really depends on how you go about it. It could easily take you anywhere from a couple days to a couple months.

Considering that you have to beat Factions first in order to get this title, you have to count the time it takes to beat the game, then add in the time that it takes to wall hug every area, then probably add in another 5-10 hours to hit all the spots that you missed on your way through.

It does take a bit of patience, especially if you are doing it yourself.

60-100% might as well be 0-100% when considering time for this title, especially if you haven't wall hugged extensively through that first 60%, as you will have to go back to most of the areas and do it again.

If you only have 60% then you obviously haven't beat the game yet (if you made at least the minimal effort to uncover the map on the way). This should be your first goal, as you need to do this to have access to all of the areas. I would suggest doing this first and then coming back and letting me and the other guys know what % you have then. If you think you will be going for the title, then you should wall walk as much as possible as you go through the rest of the areas. If you have the monastery overlook cleared, either from the Dragon Festival or from having a Canthan character, then it will be considerably easier to get the title as you will have a lot more lead way, and there are a heap of spots that you won't have to worry about.


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Impressive guide
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Very nice guide, I loved the "commonly missed spots!"

I will be consulting this more and more as I approach 100%, even though currently I am at about 76%
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When I first decided to get this title for my R, I was at 90%~.
I went quickly up to 96% in about 5 hours and then finding all the tiny spots was indeed more time consuming. It took me about 10-15 hours of non-intensive play to uncover all that I was missing. Fortunately there are a lot of skilled players out there that'll help you to grab your title, making your life much easier, not to mention that knowing where to look by comparing maps thanks to Leighwyn, Shyft, Livingston and all the others will make your efforts to become a Grandmaster cartographer kinda fun
(currently at 99.9% xD)
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Kudos Livingston! Awesome guide.

I would like to definativly say that Shiro banishes the party member with the LOWEST MAXIMUM HEALTH, not the lowest current health.

Superior Runes as well as Skills like Defy Pain, Demonic Flesh, and Aura of the Lich, DO affect Shiro's banishing pattern, and can be used to select the party member chosen for banishment.

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Originally Posted by Carinae Dragonblood
I would like to definativly say that Shiro banishes the party member with the LOWEST MAXIMUM HEALTH, not the lowest current health.
Correct. Easy way to accomplish this is to ask a friend to take off his Superior Rune if any and wear +Health items if any while you take off your Vigor Rune and your +Health items if any. When you get banished, put your stuff back on yourself and hug the walls.
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Many thanks...the commonly missed spots did it for me...had wallcrawled the entire place and had 99.6% I had not been banished yet, so decided to check out the maps...lo and behold...a huge spot I missed...easily rolled 100% with room to spare.

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are we there yet?
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Default depends on how well you follow the advice given....And how well you can find the spots you missed. I havent gotten the title yet but I havent finished the kurzick side either (and hope the area past vasburg is worth 10%).
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Originally Posted by Zegorzalek
Many thanks...the commonly missed spots did it for me...had wallcrawled the entire place and had 99.6% I had not been banished yet, so decided to check out the maps...lo and behold...a huge spot I missed...easily rolled 100% with room to spare.
Awesome, congratulations!

And thank you for all the compliments guys. It's nice to see them on this thread as it seems that most of the people who use this thread go over to the discussion thread afterwards to get the last few % so they give thanks over there and say how much this thread has helped, but it leaves this thread with few responses.

So thank you for leaving comments. Once again any suggestions will be added, just let me know what it needs. I will also be adding some updates very soon.

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