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Arrow Links to the Most Popular Screenshot Threads + Archive of Older Threads


Here is the complete list of all our great screenshot threads. Just so that when search is down or when you just don't feel like looking, you can always find the most popular and most helpful threads right here in this sticky. Hopefully this will also help keep some of these on the first page too, where they belong!

Please don't make Screenshots Requests in any of the below threads. Post them in our Screenshot Request sub-forum here:

Tip:If you looking for something, then use CTRL + F and search for a thread to post in.

Character Professions Threads
Post your Assassin! ~_~

Post your Deadly Dervish!

Post your Elementalist! <3 - Part II

Post Your Mesmerising Mesmer! - Part II

Post your Monk - Part III

Post your Necromancer - Part II

Post your Killer Paragon

Post Your Ranger - Part II

Post your Sexy Ritualist!

Post your Warrior - Part III

The Armour Combination Thread - Part II

Post Pictures of armour dyed "UNIQUELY" - Also post your Dye Combo!

Show off your Fissure Armour

Armour Malfunctions (Texture Bugs)

Post your Awesome Weapons! (All Weapons) - Part III

Storage and Inventory
Post your Picture of the New Materials Tab

Sights and Wonders
Post your Spectacular Sights throughout Guild Wars

Post your Hall of Monuments!

Post your Battle Action Pictures!

Post Pictures of your Mini-Pets!

Post your Ranger Pets!

Show off your Guild Gathering!

Titles and Milestones
Balthazar Faction Milestones

Experience Milestones

Show off your Titles In Progress - Part III

Post your Hard Mode Mission Pictures!

Post your Stacks (or stacks in progress) of Trophies

Post your Fastest and Slowest Times

Post your IN-GAME CHAT funniness! - Part II - Close till further notice. Due to excessive spamming / flaming

Post your Funniest Moments - Subject to closure at any time (See above)

Post Pictures of Ugly Armour Combinations!

PvP Threads
PvP Achievement Thread

Boss Ass Kicking
The Official Glint Defeated Thread

The Official Shiro Defeated Thread

The Official Great Destroyer Defeated Thread

Guides / How-To
Customizing your Interface

Bethanys Gallery and Image Workshop

Xen's Quick and Dirty Screenshot Cutout Guide

Show off your Photoshop Skills

Post Your Desktop Wallpaper - Part II

Post Your Computer!

Post your Modded Armour/Weapons/Whatever!

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Thread Archive List - Past threads which are now closed, but not forgotten:

Character Professions Threads
Post your Elementalist!!! <3 - Part I

Post your Sexy Mesmer - Part I

Post your Monk!! - Part 1

Post your Monk - Part II

Post your Necro! - Part I

Post your Ranger xD - Part I

Post your Warrior - Part I

Post your Warrior xD - Part II


The Armour Combo Thread (Mixtures)


Eye of the North Specials
Post your GW:EN Weapons! (New Skins Only)

Post your new GW:EN Armour!


Awesome Weapons, post yours! - Part I

Post your Awesome Weapons! (All Weapons) - Part II


Titles and Milestones
Show off your Titles In Progress - Part I
Show off your Titles In Progress - Part II


Post your IN-GAME CHAT funniness! - Part I


Post your Desktop - Part I


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