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Arrow Itz Mcie' Trade Modding & Outposts Running Service

Thank you!

We are now;

#1 in Outposts Running on GwG
#1 across all current Services in the "Services Offered" Section on GwG!

*You can also PM me if you wish, I usually do you runs almost immediately. Post here!

Hi! My name is Robert, I haven't really kept up with this thread in a while and it has been disbanded for quite sometime. I apologize for the inconvenience it has caused to loyal customers who have received runs me when this thread was active. I wanted to reopen and re-establish my dedication to keeping guildwars alive and the convenience I can offer to people who still desire to play, or are having a hard time completing the game.

I decided to create a mod-trading service, aswell as reopen this thread to help finish my zaishen title. Runs are for tips, and trade service modding is to be discussed in game or in PM.

This thread has a ginormous customer and view count, with over hundreds of people trusting my service.

I am active on weekdays and active on weekends. Weekdays are from 4pm to 10m GMT -6. If you catch me online, send me a pm!

- Itz Mcie

Any outposts runs are for tips, no matter how big or small.
Trade modding is a service for modding a trade that is too big (longer than 7 slots) between two parties, I monitor the trade by receiving both what needs to be traded, and distribute them so no scams can occur.

* Vamp is Not required.
* Some areas are very dangerous for the Survivor Title. Itz Mcie is not responsible for any incidents during your run. It is your responsibility to care of your character title(s). Survivor Title is ALWAYS re-due able, since 2011 update. I can provide healing heroes at your wish. You also may leave the game in-duration of a run if you feel enemy spawns will kill you, I will gladly re-due it for you.

Character Name(s)[That need the service]:
When you are available:
Run(s) Needed:
Current Location:
Survivor, any special request from the run?:
How Fast Run Was Complete/?Deaths?/Customer Recommendation/Notes:

• Ferries are not available through this service any longer.
• I've done running for longer than 5 years
• *Player: "Itz Mcie", should be the only ONE to contact you during the services order process[/B], either to start the run, notify you of an update, or to redirect you to another runner, No others for NO REASON should not notify you to begin, reinstate player; "Itz Mcie", or attempt to do your run, unless YOU, asked them.*

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