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Default HoM Achievements for GW2 Queries

Was unsure where to post this, hope its in the right section / people can help out.

Was reading through this - and was looking at the "getting started" one for 8points.

I've completed all campaigns across a few characters, yet only have 5 points (accounts linked [3] + any statue [2]).

I have not completed all the bonus missions though (no idea what masters rewards are btw?) and have not completed all campaigns with one character.

My questions -

Do you need to complete the bonus missions on all the campaign missions to get the HoM achievement for that campaign?

Do you need to complete all campaigns / bonus' with one character, or can it be across a few (e.g. complete Proph on a warrior, Factions with Ranger, NF with Rit and EotN on a monk)?

What are "masters rewards" ?

Thanks in advance chaps!
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the HoM rewards work on the amount of statues. So you get one statue for every finished campaign (done the last mission) (3 in total). every statue only counts once/account for your HoM-rewards in GW2. (So if you finished prophecy's on character one and two, you can add the statue on both accounts but it only counts one time for the rewards.

You get a second statue for finnishing all! missions with bonus or master in a campaign. (in prophecy's it's called bonus, and the icon on the map need 2 swords) in Factions and Nightfall it's called master reward and the mission icon has 2 swords and a spear.

those are another 3 statues (one for each campaign) keep in mind that it need to be all missions. so also the starter missions and in factions both the kurzick AND the luxon missions. The only exception to this is vizunah square local and foreign and unwakening waters kurzick and luxon (both are considered one mission with two possible starter outposts.

edit: btw, yes you can get one statue on one character and another statue on another character. They need to be on the same account though. There are statues though that are rewarded for doing things in all campaigns (like e.g. if you finish all missions with bonus/master reward in both normal mode and hard mode in all campaigns on the same character you get an extra statue as a reward (so for doing that on the same toon you get not 9 statues but 10)

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