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sun strike
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Default HM Dungeon Running Services.

I will be using a sin solo for most of the dungeons.
Prices will be this high to make my time worthwhile, this is mainly for people who want to get it done but don't care about there pixels anymore.

AFKer's equip a vamp weapon.

Oola 10e/zkey
Ooze 10e/zkey
Bloodstone 15e/zkey
Catacombs of kathandrax 20e/zkey
Darkrime 25e/zkey
Rragar's 30e/zkey
Arachni's 30e/zkey
Sepulchre 40e/zkey
Vloxen 40e/zkey
Slaver's(4boss nm+ duncan HM) 50e/zkey
Frostmaw 60e/zkey
Bogroot 60e/zkey
Raven's point 75e/zkey
Shards of orr 75e/zkey

Post here with your ign, date/time you are going to log in.
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Old Dec 01, 2012, 10:40 AM // 10:40   #2
Talonius Silver
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I just downloaded gw1 complete collection today and would like to obtain 3 HoM points anyway possible... I probably can't offer you anything in GW1... But i could offer you a few gold in gw2 if you play that.?

EDITED by Cosyfiep for the following Guidelines Violation: NON BID
  • Post a bid or do not post
  • Advice, questions and comments should be done via private message, ingame whispers, or email
  • Any post that does not contain a legitimate bid is considered to be a non-bid post.
  • In short: post your bid, your IGN and contact information and nothing else or you risk a ban

Please read our Ventari's Corner Guidelines to avoid any further violations.

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