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Default Help! and Merry Christmas Ya'll!

Supp Ya'll! I'm officially greeting you first here! Uhm, I just started GW, and I only could afford Factions. I heard Assassins need the other campaigns to reach its maximum potential. So I was wondering if any of you could give me a strong build which can be used within Factions only. Thank you and God Bless you.

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Actually, you can make a pretty strong build with just Factions skills. The only strong skills that you're missing is Critical Agility (which is a PvE skill) and maybe Way of the Assassin (which is a Critical Strikes elite). You also can't maintain Shadow Form because you won't have Deadly Paradox (which makes your Assassin skills recharge 33% faster).

But for now, try this:
Jagged Strike, Fox Fangs, Death Blossom, Critical Eye, Flashing Blades (elite).
The other 3 skills can really be anything, just mess around with it.
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Thanks Dude, It's hard to come by people like you these days... I'm a GW1 Loyalist so I hope you help me more often :]
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