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Daithi the wolf
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Default HaR Assassin

This is an assassin build which aims at dealing the huge damage an assassin can deal while also keeping the pressure off ur monks healing(as we all know assassins need to much healing if they are targeted).
HaR stands for hit and run and consists of the following:

Profession: A/anything


dagger mastery +16
shadow arts +11
critical strikes +7
deadly arts +4

skill set:

1. unsuspecting strike(Lead)

2. fox fangs(offhand)

3.death blossoms(dual)

4.deaths charge(shadow step)

5. shadows refuge(health regen)

6.flashing blades(stance)

7.return(shadow step)( or ress sig/rebirth etc)

8.recall(shadow step)


At the beginnnig of the mission or pvp, you cast recall on one of the monks(or other spellcaster). This is probably the key skill of this build as it allows you to step away from battle when it gets rough. Simply end the recall enchantment to step back to the monk(the distance u can go before the enchantment breaks is quite far).

use flashing blades if u need more time taking out your target and dont want to step out of the battle. Return also is a useful shadowstep which cripples all enemys in the area. Shadows refuge is to be used when u need healing badly. Deaths charge to step up to your enemy(and maybe get the healing from the skill).

the ultimate idea of the build is this:

as long as the recall target lives you should live

I have played this build through tyria and a good deal of cantha and I find it very effective.
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Old Jun 01, 2006, 01:18 AM // 01:18   #2
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personally i don't think this build works all that great in pvp through experience. too many people have enchants/stances, and without an expunge enchants or expose defences, you won't be able to land any combo.
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Old Jun 01, 2006, 02:06 AM // 02:06   #3
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its nice for PvE because of the nice AoE spike damage, and because you can heal yourself and run from battle.

But for pvp, 3 attacks dont do much damage and a reversal of fortune would shut down this build :/

But definitly works for pve, takeing pressure off healers is a great thing!
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