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Default GW2 Suggestions Thread

The GW2 Suggestions and Discussion thread. Please make yourself familiar with the Forum Rules and the Sardelac Forum Rules before posting.

This is a continuation and updated version of this thread by Winterclaw. It will be for suggestions and discussion of those suggestions relating only to Guild Wars 2, not the expansion Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

First, please see this thread for the PC Gamer summation of GW2 and the GW:EotN expansion. GW2 is still two years away and beta, one year. Some information has been verified but still more has been left up to speculation. Even more information will likely change as the game draws closer. Please keep that in mind while posting here.

Many people have posted ideas for GW2 already. The first posts and links of those threads are posted below. Any new GW2 threads will be closed and referred back to this Sticky. If I have forgotten or overlooked a GW2 idea already posted, please post it here or PM me.

GW2 Appearance request/Idea - Aeon_Xin
Originally Posted by Aeon_Xin
3 parts. Edit* 4 parts.

1. Don't Tie Class to character model. Let me pick warrior and then choose the mesmer or necro body type. There is plenty of varity in GW as it is, but it too much tied to class. Armor could still be tied to class, but scaled to fit other body types.

2. Add sliders for skin/hair color. Red Yellow Blue Black and White for hair, and skin tones could be Peach(have minimum value slightly above 0) + White + Black. Maybe a blue tone with a very low cap, for you who like the white with a slight blue tint for the corpse effect.

3. Enable all areas on armor to be dyable, Add a tint/gamma(whatever it is) to what's currently undyable, so that you have 2 dyable sections per armor.

4. Don't limit new expansion looks to new chapter. IE. You can only create an Asian look by starting in Factions. I should be able to start an asian character in Prophecies if I own Factions...
GW2 and guilds, by definition - Aeon_Xin
Originally Posted by Aeon_Xin
Alot of warned.

Etymology: Middle English gilde, from Old Norse gildi payment, guild; akin to Old English gield tribute, guild -- more at GELD
1 : an association of people with similar interests or pursuits; especially : a medieval association of merchants or craftsmen
2 : a group of organisms that use the same ecological resource in a similar way <a feeding guild>

It's never sat right with me that Guild Wars really doesn't have much in the way of guilds(by definition).
Mercenary Wars is more fitting to what actually happens, as every thing is rewarded with skills, gold, items, and XP.
And with the low numbers that we get to party with, "Wars" is not really fitting either.

I would like to see the structure of GW2 oriented more towards Guild as the top structure, comprised of clans(substituted fitting title). Factions hit closer to the nail, bent it a little but didn't drive it through the board.

I've very little idea about how to do this, but I was thinking something along these lines.

Have 16(3? 7? would have to do some tinkering) guilds built into the game, similar to Kurzick and Luxon.(most, but not all represented in every city)
After each "Clan" earns enough faction they do quests to join specific guilds.
You can only have faction in 2(or another lower number) other guilds, as sometimes guilds work together to influence or fight other guilds.
(You put fluxuating caps on Guilds, so everyone can't join the popular ones. If a guild is at cap, you have to wait for the others to catch up, or join the others.)

Work done for a guild outside of those 3 guilds decreases faction from all 3 faction bars.

Beyond that you'd need some sort of reward system for faction, not like what we have today at all. (I'd like to see world PvP(at least in places),but that's sort of a new thread all in it's own)

Gods don't have faction, they have faith or loyalty, or something along those lines. Unless you get to choose between gods...which is a whole 'nother system.

Well, It's an idea, with alot of kinks and flaws, and lacks organization, any help in developing the idea is welcome(not really a signed/unsigned sort of thread..or is it?). Maybe it's a bit pedantic too, but oh well.
GW2 Advanced Planning: Character Creation - Quid Pro Quo
Originally Posted by Quid Pro Quo
Hey, all with the news about GW2 just being announced I figured now would probably be the best time to get ideas in for it while they are still working on it.

I'm going to start on character creation because in guild wars character developement has always been one of the most important features in my opinion.

Now the character creation system in GW2 shouldn't be completely different from guild wars. It should still have most of the options we have now such as face, hair and color but those areas should be expanded farther to increase customization.

So for hair you would be able to choose it in 3 parts. The first would be top where you would choose what your hair would look like on the top, second would be back where you would choose how your hair would look on the back of your head, third would be sides and last would be bangs. This way people have have very different hair but without removing the chance of hair being able to move in the wind and such. Once you go through shape you would choose color much like you do now I would just recommend having color seperate from darkness and expanding color choices but complete freedom may wind up with many pink haired people running around.

Now for other races these options could easily be replaced with say horns and ears, ect.

Alright, so the next part of creation (after choosing class and hair of course) is face. Face could easily be much like it is now where you choose from about 10 faces but this time leave added details off. Added details would be in a new catagory for face and these would include scars, facial hair, eye color, nose type, eye brows and lips (color too). These are lots of small details that can be added together to create a very different look for every character but can still look the style of guildwars. Of course skin color is also an option but I didn't think I needed to mention that as well.

Last would be a new category which would be body type. So no matter what a warrior should look like a warrior but not all warriors should look the same. If you can't add sliders for the body then let us choose from 3-4 types such as fat, lean, muscular and average. Also we should be able to choose from 2-3 class exclusive normal stand and run animations. That way there is the ability to stand in a group of warriors or any class without looking exactly the same like clones. Height slider would be there as well.

The last was kind of a crazy idea I had but it would be voice. 2-3 voices for males of each race to pick and 2-3 for females. Probably the best would be young, adult, elder.

How many of these ideas will make it in? Probably not many but if you support them tell me and if you can add to them please do! I'm sure there are some I forgot. Also if you disagree with any of these ideas or if any don't make sense or could create problems let me know.
GW2 Advanced Planning: World Exploration - Quid Pro Quo
Originally Posted by Quid Pro Quo
Well right now it sounds like the team has their own ideas for world exploration but I'm sure its still very open for change.

So, here is my idea for how the world could be explorable in this new game.

Right now the game is spread out into hundreds of small zones that all appear to be attached. Well my idea is that only TOWNS should be in their own zone.

Towns are where people meet up to talk, team up and trade. I think that should stay how it is.. but outside should be one gigantic zone.

How would this work you might be wondering? Well far away distances would be super LOD and beyond that not even loaded so that really your only loading small zones at a time but if you wanted and could find a way around everything you could explore the entire world excluding towns in one run. Each time you step outside you create your own instance and from that instance you should be able to invite new people to it. Now they wouldn't load right to you instead they would load close to their nearest town. Since the outside world would be all connected they could be across the globe when you invite them.

Why make the outside instanced still? Well for one thats one of the major features that attracts people to Guild Wars. You don't have to deal with people camping mobs, immersion being damaged by enemies just popping up randomly, areas being cleared that are suppose to be "dangerous", quests can still spawn new groups of enemies without getting in other people's way, ect. What are the downsides? Well you can't run into new people playing whack a mole on mobs in one area as they pop up... I guess there could be more but I'm a bit biased on this topic. Feel free to make a list for that.

Now if for some reason this idea could not work and there are many reasons why that could be then instances could atleast be split into areas. For an example lets say that Guild Wars used this system. The entire ascalon area would be one explorable unit, shiverpeaks, ect.

Before I wrap this up lets get a bit more techincal with this. So when you first stepped outside you would load a certain area around your character then a bit beyond that would be higly LOD then past that would be so blurred that you couldn't really see much because it wouldn't be loaded. Enemies would only spawn around each player as they went near as well as other NPCs. So basically its a lot like zones but you can seamlessly travel between them.

So thats it. If you hate this idea PLEASE post and tell me why. If you have a better or different idea I also beg you to post it. GW2 is being created! We stil have time to get some ideas in here.

Like I've said in my other topic I have no idea if any of these ideas will make it in at all but it can't hurt to give some ideas! Who knows what could inspire the devs.
GW2 What I'd like to see - Enchanted Warrior
Originally Posted by Enchanted Warrior
Okay, we all have questions, and wants, hopes and dreams and some fears about gw2. To that end, let's say for the sake of discussion, you were in charge and could decide what the game would be like. What would you want?

My ideas/wishes are as follows:

1) Weapons and/or armor are achieved by levelling and then by finishing quests, or collecting items. They cannot be sold or traded. Now before you yell at me, I'm tired of all the spam 24/7/365 selling items. Unless GW can implement a viable way to stop it, this would be the alternative as far as I can see. I'd like the focus to be on playing the game and sharing time with others, not lets make a deal.

2) Skills are only assessible by completing quests etc. (Like Prophecies used to be).

3) Chests require no keys and spawn randomly, the loot is high quality and only sellable to npc merchants. (Again I want the focus to be on the game not how much gold you have).

4) Larger groups, for tougher missions. Elite areas would be like this, the more the merrier.

5) No effect, condition, enchantment, spell or skill could last longer than 10 seconds. And ALL skills would be subject to a random failure. (nothing works perfectly all the time. This would effect all attacks, etc..)

6) FOTM builds are fogotten and all have the same chance to finish missions, with or without other players.

7) NO GOLD STANDARD, NO ECONOMY. Too much focus is placed on wealth. No outrageous prices for anything, no constant selling. Play the game or go away LOL (this would remove all the bots, ebayers etc.And not cause the devs to ruin the loot etc because someone sold something for real money on ebay).

8) PVP DOES NOT EFFECT PVE. Nerf whatever ya want in pvp leave pve alone. And vice versa. Simple concept.

Okay lets hear your ideas?

Note: These are ideas , they have no more chance of being used than I do of sprouting wings. You are entitled to your opinion, as I am mine. If you have alternate ideas, please share them. Please do not make this a flame war and attack people for their ideas. Thanks in advance
GW2, multiple servers - Winterclaw
Originally Posted by Winterclaw
Here's a thought: would it be possible in GW to have 2 different types of servers in the game instead of just one? I'm thinking a lot of people won't like some of the forumla changes to the game that the next game is adding so perhaps it'd be possible to keep some of those out of an alternate server. In terms of balancing, it should be easyish to balance two levels (20 and 100) if you balance them by the percentage of damage they do instead of raw numbers.

From what I've seen about the new game, I just can't shake this WoW-clone feeling I'm getting and there are reasons I'm not playing WoW but I do play GW.

And if that turns out to be impossible, maybe Anet could do one final chapter for GW, that being one that brings in the basic setting and story of GW2, but put it in GW1.
Ancestral Characters: Character Transfer from the Rift - ctran
Originally Posted by ctran
The PC Gamer article has stated "You won't have the option to migrate characters from Guild Wars 1 to Guild Wars 2..." This is probably THE most desired feature among those who look at the transition from GW1 and GW2 with trepidation. I thought such a feature would be a no-brainer until I considered why Anet might not want us to transfer our GW 1 characters:

1) GW2 is suppose to take place hundreds of years in the future. All our beloved GW 1 characters would rightfully be dead.
2) GW2 is an entirely new and different game. Every GW player needs to re-learn the game mechanics and leveling new characters from scratch would teach us how the new system works.
3) Anet does not want GW2 to initially be flooded with high level characters. That would create a barrier for entry for those starting out in GW 2 who hadn't played the first game.

My proposal is for Ancestral Characters, a way to have our cake and eat it too

Addressing Problem #1: Temporal Anomaly
Hundreds of years into the future, Koss is dead, Devona is dead, and [insert favorite character's name] is--you guessed it, dead! But what is death to the heroes who closed the Door of Komalie, defeated Shiro the Betrayer, and slew a god? There is a place that exists for such legends, and it is called the Hall of Heroes, where the souls of those who have saved the world rest. In Tyria's bleakest hour, wouldn't the gods see fit to release these heroes of old so that they could bring salvation? A story of how the gods called upon ancient champions to assist mortals could be used to explain how GW 1 characters show up in Tyria hundreds of years after the events in Eye of the North.

Addressing Problem #2: Brave New World
Ok, so you have a level 20 character because you transfered your toon from GW 1, but you haven't the foggiest idea how to jump, slide, or hit a mob with your Ugly Stick. But wait... what if in order to transfer characters to GW 2 you must first commune with the gods and petition them for help! Anet could make sure GW 1 players go through all the proper tutorials and get their GW 2 training by requiring a native GW 2 character to reach a certain skill level before GW 1 characters can be transfered to that account.

Addressing Problem #3: No Pain, No Gain!
New Player: "Hey, how come you have a level 20 character just because you played GW 1, while I had to start my guy at level 1?"
Old Player: "Listen kid, before I could petition Balthazar for the aid of my ancestors, I had to prove I was worthy. I paid my dues, believe you me!"

The nearest great temple of Balthazar is at the edge of a volcano, guarded by scores of level 24 fire drakes, a level 35 Charr shaman boss, and the demon prince Menzies himself! Anet could require Herculean trials before allowing characters to be transfered from GW 1. If a native GW 2 character has to climb Mt. Doom to free his GW 1 ancestors, he himself would have to be high level, and by that time having access to level 20 characters would not be a big deal.

I am only guessing at the reasons why Anet does not plan to support character transfers from GW 1 to GW 2. However, whatever their reasons, I am sure they could be overcome. Please do not dismiss this request out of hand, this is at the top of the list of what your fans want!

a.k.a Arcadian Mandragon
GW characters in GW2 - Solveig Ikram
Originally Posted by Solveig Ikram
Seeing as there is some interest in carrying over existing characters to Guild Wars 2 i just thought about an idea.
Seeing as it is going to happen 100 years in the future all existing characters should be dead or at least unable to hack it against lvl 3 Devourers. So how about this one?:
@Have all your characters achievements logged and have it mentioned in the new game at some point.
Eg: "After the valiant efforts of "insert old chars' name" we have gained peace in our troubled land at long last" or some such for a protector title.

This would be really cool as it would link the two games and give a sense of history to GW2.

Feel free to add ideas for how Characters' history could be linked in this manner.

Thanks for your time.
a need for guild wars 2 naming process - Tide to Go
Originally Posted by Tide to Go
since alot of us will base our characters on our guild wars 1 characters, if you wanted the same name, make extra spaces for III, fo example, ok my name

Mad Bird: i wouln't want my gw2 char to be named mad bird, i want it to be

Mad Bird the II

Mad Bird the III

what do you think

Because Level Cap is a subject that has been debated for a long time and has also recently been acknowledged with new information, and because there is already a discussion already in progress that does not specifically mention GW2, that thread will remain open for discussion here.
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I would like GW2 to take some more influences from the good things in WoW

an auction house would be nice, it would stop people spamming chat and means people are less likely to use ebay

I would also like to see more item slots, so you can equip rings, amulets etc to increase your power rather than runes,

I also think that team farming should be encouraged more: rather than nerfing the crap out of drops and builds, they should make skills over many profs that can work together nicely

i also want to be able to change the appearence of GW2. My brother has changed the appearence of his WoW display significantly, he has health an mana bars in a circle arround the charecter, i think this would be really good on guildwars because it means you can keep an eye on the action and check ur health and energy levels.

i think upping the ammount of equipted skills would be good so that you can have about 10-12, and that you get some longer lasting enchanments that last say, 5 mins...

my final request it that we get more types of equipable drops, like armor etc, and that very powerful high end uniques are assigned 1 person and effectivly customised, but they have a higher drop rates - if this is done, maybe they should be a different colour, such as red??
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Here's how I envision Guild Wars 2:

1) Less movement restriction - can jump over objects, small objects don't affect pathing (think tiny rocks), still leave in "body blocking" and being blocked by large objects (other characters, mobs, buildings of course, etc.). This was one of my main gripes with the gameplay in GW.

2) Instances rolled back - much as everyone hates the analogy, I see closer to a WoW type of instancing. Dungeons (a.k.a. missions, boss spawns, etc.) are instanced. I really hope towns aren't instanced, because World PvP was one of my favorite aspects of WoW. (see 6)

3) Random encounter PvP - It's a really fun aspect of gameplay that Guild Wars has always been missing. I don't know how to implement it without causing ganking/griefing (PvP servers, maybe every server has "safe zones" for each faction), but it's definitely a must for me (see 7)

4) More that can be accomplished alone (no henchies or anything else) - I really don't enjoy having to wait hours for a decent group or having to rely on henchies which don't always get the job done... I don't want too much soloable, but enough so you can jump on for a few minutes and accomplish something without having to organize a party

5) I'm definitely looking forward to the extra races. To be honest, I don't care if each race counts as a "class/profession/etc." or if each race has several classes. The thing I'm looking forward to is the variety that accompanies having the different races

6) I'd imagine PvE structure something like this : You're running through a persistent world, doing the normal PvE thing. You get a quest that leads into an instance, get a group, and run the instance. Once done, you move back to the persistent world. occasionally, you stop in Town for some Rest, to refuel, or to defend it from an NPC or player Raid. On each server, there would be occasional PvE events (such as a race overrunning a server, a Faire, etc.).

7) PvP - Keep GvG, HoH, and Arenas. Retain the concept of PvP characters. PvP characters have no level, but have power equivalent to some chosen pvE level. They can only do GvG, HoH, and Arenas. There would, ideally, also be World PvP. World PvP would include random-encounter "hey, there's a race I hate so I'm gonna kill it" PvP and "let's get together and kill X's establishment" town raid PvP. If you raid small towns, your faction would gain control (or maybe something as small as benefits when buying items from controlling that town) . Large towns would either be un-capturable (like a sanctuary), or they would just have guard respawns so fast that nobody could "hold" them.

8) Institute some form of Reputation. Like, race X may never get along with race Y, but you start off neutral (as race X) with race Z. Through doing quests, they will either learn to hate you or love you.

9) Map travel - keep it, but make it so you have to be in a town to use it

10) change weapon skills, from requiring you use attribute points, to making you "train" with a weapon. Restrict certain classes from using certain weapons (like a Mesmer with a gigantic Hammer just doesn't look too right, imo).

11) Create a adrenaline bar for Warriors - like WoW Rage bar, yes I know *dodges trash thrown at him*

12) Make more skills equippable at once, or make some skills not count towards the skill number limit (like make it so you can have 8 "primary" skills and 12 "secondary" skills equipped at once)

13) Entirely optional money or time sinks - grinding professions that cost $ to level and do things with no practical value (like make armor glow, etc.)

That's all for sorry if anyone read all of that

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Here are some ideas I think will be worth implementing:

1. Heroes only - I say get rid of henchmen but only make 1-3 of the heroes directly controllable by the player so it works like it does now.

2. Classes - I'd like to see all 10 classes available from the beginning of GW2, but with perhaps a slightly different set of skills (both core and what not). Maybe the best 75 from each class plus 25 new ones (per class) will make it into that game.

3. Character creation - since there will be races, I'd like to see variety and looks as a race thing (with sliders) instead of a class thing. That means your monk can be a scrawny guy with spikey blue hair if he wants to.

4. Armor - I think that inscriptions will be the way to go, but I'm not sure I like the present system. Nor do I like all the space you have taken up when you have multiple sets of armor.

4b. Maybe this is just me, but I'd be happier if you could change inscriptions for free based on what you've unlocked or purchased.

4c. Changing the dyeing system would be nice as well. Maybe instead of having drops, you take your dyes to an Item Dyer NPC and he'll color them as you want for a flat fee of 100 gp or something like that. It'd also be nice if you could dye secondary areas of your weapons and armors as well.

5. Hairstylists - if these aren't in GW2, not only will that game be a failure but I will also question the intelligence of Anet seeing as that's one of the most demanded features there has been.

6. Shields that have your guild emblem and colors would be nice.

7. For elementalists it'd be nicer if there were a little more balance between the skill lines. As it stands, a hydromancer can't really nuke and fire/air mages are pretty much limited to nuking.

8. Monks and maybe assassins could use unarmed Kung-Fu skills/skill lines as well.

9. Warriors should have more than 3 different types of weapons. And it'd be nice if swords, axes, and hammers came in 1 hand, 2 hand, and duel wield varities.

10. If they bring back the whole chapters thing, it'd be nice if the first game has some unique classes for it alone.

11. About monuments, if you can pass down weapons how about all the weapons you have customized for that PC your decendant can remake as customized items with an /inheriteditems command.

12. It'd be really nice if your GW2 PC can have multiple ancestors that are GW1 PCs and GW2 PCs can share ancestors.

13. Gwen, Devona, Eve, Cynn, Mhenlo, and Aiden should all time-warp to the future to be heroes in GW2.

I think that does it for now because it's late here.
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I think (for all the hardcore, loylplayers who have clocked in over 2,000 in so many months and above) You should be able to warp you guys in time (stick with me) as if nothing EVER happend. Nothing of the past happend, your level is back to (what ever GW2 starts at), you keep you armor but it would be based on level (seeing as not much detail on armor is out this could be a major problem). I just want my guys to go over to GW2 because i have spent 1,800+ hours on them, and i think my loylty to the fact that i have done that this request should serously be looked at and thought about.
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I, (and many players as well), felt a big lump in my throat once I read that my account and accomplishments will be somewhat rendered useless when GW2 comes out. I put a lot of time and effort into my characters and their gear, and got tried to think of ways how to somehow fix it.

After a while of thinking, I might have come up with an idea however. . This idea only works though, in the sense that GW2 will still be primarily skill>time spent based, and my ideas are all surrounded around that theory. (even if this majority is 51% to 49% of the game.

Obviously, I know that cash cannot be transfered, because that unlike weapon and armor looks does affect actual gameplay. For instance, someone with 100k cash or whatever the GW2 currency is can get faster access to the best gear than a person who has 10g. But, why not do something else, simply preserve weapon and armor skin templates and recreate them on gw2 items.

Now, I know probably some people will complain and say: "NO, NOTHING SHOULD BE TRANSFERED OVER OMG DONT BE ELITIST ITS A CLEAN START OMG OMG OMG." Well, this is an expected reaction, but the people who say this must ask themselves: How indeed is bringing over item and armor skins affecting anyones gameplay? Simply put, it keeps the looks and preserves the history better, and players who worked hard to get the skins they really like can still keep them without making anything unbalanced.

Still, this idea in itself is still not perfect. What about gold/purple and req, what difference will it make if a guy has a gold req.8 15^50 crystalline template saved and a purple req.13 12vs.hexed saved? Well, this is also tricky, but it can be distinguished.

First, the lettering distinction will be implemented, obviously to tell the difference between rarity. I don't know if GW2 will also use white/purple/gold for its rarity distinctions, but for the sake of the idea lets assume that. Next, simply for the dmg mod and req, this is what can be done. If you for instance have a req.9 longsword compared to a guy who has a req.12 longsword, the barometer of req. will be in a type of measurement such as stars. Req.8 gives 1 star. 9 has 2. and 12 has 5. These stars can be kept in a horizontal section of the item display window. And dmg mod similarily. 15^50 1 star. 15%-10 2 stars. 15%-5 3 stars. And so forth. By applying this type of division, players can still tell the rarity of an item by star or some type of marking value.

Also, as dmg range, this is the easiest part. For instance. You save your longsword template on your computer. The skin, its req., and dmg mod are there in stars and in appearence. Then, lets say in gw2 you find a low dmg weapon. A starter weapon, lets say in gw2 the swords range for max is 30-50. But your starter weapon is 6-13. If you apply your gold longsword template on it, then you will have a gold lettered, "x" amount of star (stars obviously do not affect gameplay or weapon effectiveness) 6-13 longsword. Again, not giving you an advantage over anyone else.

The idea being you can reuse these templates, although I am not sure if a limit should be applied.

Also mods, sorry for not posting in gw2 huge thread, it would get lost in the mess that thread is in, also please move this if necessary.

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated, but please please keep this flame free and think carefully before posting.
My idea for item transfer
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Originally Posted by Kishu
I would like GW2 to take some more influences from the good things in WoW

an auction house would be nice, it would stop people spamming chat and means people are less likely to use ebay

I would also like to see more item slots, so you can equip rings, amulets etc to increase your power rather than runes,

I also think that team farming should be encouraged more: rather than nerfing the crap out of drops and builds, they should make skills over many profs that can work together nicely

i also want to be able to change the appearence of GW2. My brother has changed the appearence of his WoW display significantly, he has health an mana bars in a circle arround the charecter, i think this would be really good on guildwars because it means you can keep an eye on the action and check ur health and energy levels.

i think upping the ammount of equipted skills would be good so that you can have about 10-12, and that you get some longer lasting enchanments that last say, 5 mins...

my final request it that we get more types of equipable drops, like armor etc, and that very powerful high end uniques are assigned 1 person and effectivly customised, but they have a higher drop rates - if this is done, maybe they should be a different colour, such as red??

then what would the game differant from WoW. if you really want all that you should just play WoW. that is all stuff that seperates GW from WoW.
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GW2 Appearance request/Idea - Aeon_Xin-/signed

I like this idea as all my characters are references in some way or another. It would also dramatically reduce clones to the point where its a non-existing problem. Have thing the idea that a character is your own creative extension makes a greater feeling for immersion and people LOVE to customize.

GW2 and guilds, by definition - Aeon_Xin-/signed
This always stuck out to me as well. My first time through GW I was wondeirng when an actual GUILD WAR would make its way into the story or have an effect on the things I do. But its just a name. I understand the PvP roots and everything but it seems rather odd that PvE has absolutely nothing to do with it. So I would also like to see NPC or player influenced Guilds having a true effect in game play.

GW2 Advanced Planning: Character Creation - Quid Pro Quo-/signed
This system would make customization very deep. Again, I'm sure EVERYONE would just LOVE to customize their character and truly call it their own. However, I would like it to be plausible. Like Warriors looking like real heavy duty, mean, rough, tough (300 is an excellent example) Warriors. It would be really awkward to be fighting next to a pail 100lb scrawny pretty boy emo kid who couldent even lift his own armor.

GW2 Advanced Planning: World Exploration - Quid Pro Quo-/signed
I like the idea of the outside being one large world. WoW actually does that, the area that your next to loads up so you just walk in without ever seeing a load screen. Towns and Out Posts would HAVE TO remain the same if you wanna keep the connectivity between players.

GW2 What I'd like to see - Enchanted Warrior-(see below)
1)/signed. I have yet to play a day when I couldent even communicate with other players because my text would instantly drowned out by WTS. However, making everything "achievable" would make having gold totally meaningless.
2)/signed. Oh god yes. This would make the general population better players as they have to work with what they have and can spend there money on other things like keys, ID and Salvage kits and armor rather than a skill that SOUNDS good but wont actually do anything with their build.
3)/undecided. You could just make keys cheaper and chest spawns less likely but I do like the idea of the loot sell able only to merchants as this would have a positive effect on casual players and a negative effect on farmers. Or you can have them traded off for other similar items (like weapons for weapons or collectibles for collectibles) only and then have them unsellable after word.
4)/Notsigned. The missions are tough for a reason.
5)/Notsigned. Having no skill lat longer than 10 seconds would make some of them either broken or useless without a major redo. I dont like the random fail idea either. The game is about how you stack, fold and play your skills not realism.
6) what?
7)/Notsigned. Without money or an economy of the sorts things would loose their value and keep players from trying or feeling special.
8)/Notsigend. I, for one, like the idea of have a team to root for. And I can do my part and help them.

GW2, multiple servers - Winterclaw-/Notsigned
An interesting idea but not only would it be a pain for the development team to make but everyone would go to the "Everything drops Ectos" server anyway. And the percentage idea doesnt work either. A lvl1 vs lvl1 would do 1% dmg per hit and it would take forever to do anything. A lvl1 vs lvl100 (50% more dmg) would be near meaningless as well.

Ancestral Characters: Character Transfer from the Rift - ctran-/undecided
I like the idea of bringing back your ancestors as I have spent a lot of time on my own characters but it seems... trivial. I would like this idea to be expended and explored more though. Like a long process to get them. Possibly almost to the point where your virtually twice as strong as they are by the time you can get them.

GW characters in GW2 - Solveig Ikram-/signed
I like this idea. It brings a sort of charm and nostalgia to the game. Imagine being out on a quest when you encounter a ghost (or something) that notices your related to your ancestor who was previously there. Or going into an ally that shows signs of extreme bursts heat at some point in history. You think back and remember thats where you fought a boss with your ele and you valiantly delivered the final incinerating blow.

a need for guild wars 2 naming process - Tide to Go-/eh
Its too simple a request to NOT do. Id say just go with it.

As for my own ideas I would like to talk about how the races may work:

Throughout my MMO gaming history I have always noticed that everyone plays a certain race on a certain profession. NOT because its looks good. And most certainly NOT a theme. Its because that very race is ridiculously good at being that class. If you play that class with a different race, your retarded. I dont want to see this happen in GW2. But I dont want each class for aesthetic purposes only. I would like races to have class specific advantages but not to the point where its ONLY a good idea to play THAT race ONLY for that THAT class.

WoW did a fair job at this. Each race had its own class specific skills and abilities that had a good and meaning full effect on all classes and could normally be used in such a way that only effects play experience and often had very little to do with combat.

Take Humans for example. A human trait is "The Human Spirit" which gave a +20% spirit. Which basically translated to "your hp and mp recharge 20% faster outside of battle" (hp and mp could not recharge in battle). Or the Undead which has a "Cannibalism" skill that lets them eat dead things to gain a large amount of hp and mp and it only works outside of battle. Night Elfs also had a "Shadow Meld" (i think thats what its called) skill that so long as there not in battle and not moving they may stay invisible and immune to aggro as well as being targeted by spells and skills from friend and foe alike.

On of the reasons why I love GW is because of the non existent downtime. I dont have to sit and wait 15 minutes of doing nothing waiting for my health and energy to return. I can just get up and go and keep the fast paced action moving REGARDLESS of CLASS or RACE.
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Combine GW1 and GW2 as long as possible. Though I'm quite disappointed with the press releases I've been reading so far, particularly the monument feature, because I think only having a monument of my GW1 character that will serve as a port of everything I've invested in IS NOT ENOUGH. (And the monument thing seems very much The BURIAL of GW1, IMO X_x)

Basically I'm also saying that I -still- wish there's a way my existing character in GW1 would also play in GW2 (put him in the Human race, more likely) --- and yes I know that is unlikely says ANet because GW2 is set hundred years after, etc. So maybe... timetravel the GW1 character, or raise him from the dead so he could play in GW2 (again, the monument thing just seems too much like a -gravestone- for my GW1 character and GW1 in a whole), or something?

Because it WOULD BE TOO TIRING TO LEVEL A WHOLE NEW CHARACTER in GW2 while only having inherited the characteristics of the 'ancestor' GW1 character. And considering too that they will raise the level cap >_<. Would this mean the start of level-grinding now? (because, we have to admit, some players -do- levelgrind to achieve a certain level for a title *hint hint: the Survivor title*)

It's like saying all of us now who are playing GW1 are wasting our time being in level 20 and only getting skill points after that, when those skill points by now are supposed to be our 70th level or something (probably a rising rant, but it is still a valid rant by us players). How I wish those skill points in GW1 could be converted to equivalent character level in GW2 then!

And all things invested in our GW1 character is also technically now wasted (we can't port the GW1 character's Obsidian armor to the new GW2 character? their plats? their other items?)

(( And yes, I agree with Lacasner's ideas on item transfer and ctran's ideas on GW1 character transfer ))

Because it seems whether ANet's saying it or not they're already telling us they've already buried GW1 (alive!), and they're shoving us to the direction of GW2 with not enough consideration of the time and effort players exerted in GW1 (yes, I can appreciate the monument feature, but -still not enough- particularly for the old players, and those who made many characters in their account in GW1... we already love our characters in GW1!).

The whole thing is making GW1 fans both wary and excited at the same time, and I don't know if that's good. Two years waiting is too long a wait to know if our playtime and efforts in GW1 is really not wasted. I just hope ANet is reading and considering all our posts and suggestions =/.

Add: Without sufficient combination of GW1 and GW2 this is what I envision to happen: mostly all players with GW1 would stop playing GW1 altogether because -of course- they would want to play GW2, and they would rather play for new achievements in GW2 (and levelgrind) than playing any further in GW1 because GW1 now is technically a waste of effort; few GW1 players would also play GW2 and still play GW1, but there's always the factor at the back of their minds that technically the GW1 character they're still playing now is -already dead- *cringe* (so eventually they may also stop playing GW1 altogether); GW1 players who couldn't afford/couldn't be bothered to play or transfer to GW2 would stop playing GW altogether, because GW1 would never be given updates anymore and technically already a dead or stagnant game. So more like a losing situation for ANet if there wouldn't be sufficient combination of GW1 and GW2 --- losing more of their players than they expect because they couldn't keep both their GW1 and GW2 bases, instead of attracting more players to -also- buy and play GW2 (hell, I think even buy the upcoming GW:EN).

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This request is related to the Hall of Monuments and the special bonuses for GW2 from it.

It would be great if achievements from GW1 chapters could be added to the Hall of Monuments at anytime (and not being a one-shot deal in GW2).

This would encourage people to continue buying GW1 chapters just to add special bonuses to their GW2 account.
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Academy Page
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One thing I started thinking about as I mulled over the more open concept of terrain and movement being discussed in the articles:

It sounds like they're going to give the ability to swim, which means opening up rivers/seas/lakes/oceans and such as potentially explorable areas. This means that we can have large rivers splitting areas (a real Elon river for example, or changing around the shores in Kryta), or even reachable islands. It also means that we could have shipboard environments. I'm not talking about changing this around into a naval combat simulator, any more than having castles changes it into a medieval siege warfare game. I'm talking about being able to take the occasional cutscene from Prophecies and Nightfall that took place on ship (as we were moving from one region to another) and putting them into full gameplay.

You could have ships that ferry in gametime from mainland to an island. Maybe during the ferry, a sea creature attacks. Characters could attack back, get knocked into the water, have to swim back and climb into the ship or try to attack in the water. Or you could have a quest to retrieve something from a wreck, and you could charter a boat out to the wreck, and dive for it, using a spell to hold your breath. Just some thoughts on what could be doable.
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Quid Pro Quo
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Originally Posted by OhCrapLions
(300 is an excellent example) Warriors. It would be really awkward to be fighting next to a pail 100lb scrawny pretty boy emo kid who couldent even lift his own armor.
Right, thats why I said you would still be able to tell a warrior from a necro. Warrior "lean" option (as thin as they could go) would still be muscular. Think Olympic runner.
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Originally Posted by ManadartheHealer
Here's how I envision Guild Wars 2:

11) Create a Rage bar for Warriors - like WoW, yes I know *dodges trash thrown at him*

erm, u ever heard of adrenaline???
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Originally Posted by thetechx
then what would the game differant from WoW. if you really want all that you should just play WoW. that is all stuff that seperates GW from WoW.
wow has some really stupid stuff in it. you can have really silly items, a stupidly high lvl cap, a stupid res system, stupid skill balancing, except for a few special areas its just all one big world, so you have to wait ages to do one quest, any prof can use any weapon, you have to pay for a game which is very slow and rather boring to play untill you get to the higher levels.....

im sure i can think of some more fundimental errors with wow....

all i said was that a simple auction house would be good, as i (and many people in GW) really hate selling items, and get annoyed by other people flooding thw chat, i also think that GW display is rather ugly and difficult to set out to a simple logical manner (i spent 1 1/2 hours setting it out one day, and i still am not happy with it. also, wouldn't it be noce knowing that a weapon dropped and only you can use it??
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Hmmm, maybe they could add a title to owners of the Prophecies CE and when the title transfers- divine aura transfers with it. But I'm sure that would annoy a lot of people...
Maybe the GW2 CE could include divine aura if they don't want to transfer the original one.
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Default Dynamic instancing

Since GW2 will have instanced areas again similar to GW1, one thing that should be considered is a dynamic type of instancing so that when you visit the same map area for the umpteenth time, you don't see the same old mob wandering in the same old place.

If you have a dynamic instancing setup, you can visit the same area and fight in different spots and against different enemies. Perhaps there can be a pool of different enemy types that can spawn in a given location for when you load into that instance. If it fits into the scenario, maybe migrating enemies that move to different areas every few weeks would be cool too.

For quests and certain areas, there should be specific spawns of enemies but for the most part, it would add a lot more replayability to the game.
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Would ANet consider allowing multiple characters, from multiple accounts to embue a GW2 Character with traits and hall of monument contributions.

For example, if someone had two accounts, could they link both accounts to one GW2 account and obtain all the Hall of Monuments achievements from those two accounts on one GW2 character?

This would be a really nice way to tip hats toward hardcore (over zealous) players who bought two accounts before character slots existed...
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Tuoba Hturt Eht
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I would like to propose a true "Smart Armor System" for the upcoming Guild Wars 2. For more info click here.

Basically, the concept is as follows:
- character never needs to discard armor
- existing armor is upgraded by various armorers as character progresses
- armor is capable of altering its appearance and stats after various upgrades
- various materials and cost (gold?) is required for the armor upgrades
- possibly special items required for special armors (unique skins)

Click here if you wish to show your support for this proposal to be implemented into Guild Wars 2.
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Hm... water areas you an swim in:

I can see it...:
- Monks walking over the water surface...
- Elementalists freezing the surface so allies can walk over it...
- Rangers using Beastly skills to swim at awesome speeds... along with thier pets...
- Necromancers raising fish bones that battle underwater...
- Warriors having to use skills to hold breath and battle underwater or being able to swim with their armors...
- Mesmers hypnotizing enemies so they thing they are drowning...

I'd like to focus on the concept of the account as a 'family'.
Characters of the same account are somehow related, and thus they share some achievements...
Easing some parts of the game based in that concept would be a good idea.
We atill have skill unlocks, and shared titles, and we'll have inherited achievenments for the 'descendants' of the family...
But much more could be done...
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Actually, I was discussing that post I had with some guildies, and it was mentioned that there could be a quest for an item that would give you the ability to hold your breath, so that you could do the underwater part of it. I really like those ideas, though.

In that vein, it was mentioned as part of the emergent complexity bit in the GW2 article, that you could try using skills in different contexts to see different effects: jump while using a skill gives a different result than just using it. So, a necromancer could have his/her minions take on the look of the creature from which it's raised (I know that had been touched on as suggestion before). Kill an octopus, get some kind of half-rotted octopus undead (that could even replace the umpteen different minion skills: the raised minion gets some kind of special ability based on the creature).
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