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Default Guild Wars cannot connect to ArenaNet!

I've been playing GW for some 2 years now, not once have I had a serious problem. For the past couple weeks, however, I can't get Guildwars to startup. It will get that little square loading thing like it always does, and even occassionally download patches when they're available (unless my xfire does it for me first.) However, when it tries to load GW on the 2nd window after the patch update, the loading bar stays at 0%, saying "Connecting to ArenaNet," and makes no progress no matter how long I wait. (I've left it overnight acting hopeful, to no avail.) I'm thinking one of two things: A, I got a bad patch somehow, which ended up corrupting the software needed to connect GW to ANet, or B, a recent virus search around the same time with Malwarebytes (Which is known to identify false positives, I know, but I was taking on a killer virus and running out of options) identified the software to connect to ANet as a virus/malware.

At any rate, I'm assuming the best course of action would be to download a new copy of said program and place it back where it belongs. Only issue is, I don't know where to get the program or in what folder I should put it. If someone could please help me get that information, or tell me another way to try and fix GW, that'd be great.
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Ok, I'm assuming you are talking about downloading GW again. If so you can get the client off the main site.

Assuming your .dat file isn't corrupted, you can keep that a simply substitute it in once you have finished the initial install.

However from your post I would suggest that maybe it is you anti-virus or firewall that is stopping GW. Either make it (GW) an exception or get rid of it entirely for another program.
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It sounds like a similar problem I had not that long ago. Your gw.dat file is probably corrupted. The best way to fix that is to replace it. add - image to the command line on your guild wars shortcut and let that run. It will take 6 hours or so on DSL. When it's done you will have a brand new gw.dat file. You don't have to place it anywhere, it will automatically go to the correct folder.
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