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Question For those who have the Nightfall Collector's Edition box

I notice on the wiki that one of the items from the Nightfall CE box was a DVD called "The Making of Nightfall". I'm curious about it's content, does anyone have a summary with a bit more detail? Like, do the writers talk about the cultural influences for the game? Was there something like a cultural consultant hired for Nightfall? How long is the interview?

Also does anyone know if there is any (legal) way to purchase/watch this DVD or the artbook without buying the CE? I have the campaign and I don't care much about the other stuff (now that I have a mini Varesh anyways!), nor do I have the money for that large an expense atm.

Any responses much appreciated!
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I've owned the CE but never actually watched the Making Of.

Chapters on the DVD include:

Land of the Golden Sun.
Concept to Completion
By Gamers for Gamers
Community Leads The Way
Global Competition
Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Running time 53mins.

They say that Daniel Dociu will research and design before the rest of the art team to get some stuff done. He mentions that they decided to focus on North African styles and looked at art and cultures living in those areas.

He mentions that some of it has an Arabian influence (Vabbi).

edit: Heh, there is even a short clip of Guru.

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