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Kind Of A Big Feel
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Guild: Fighting Crime With Sailor [Moon]
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Default Fighting Crime With Sailor [Moon]. Recruiting.

Fighting Crime With Sailor [Moon]

Fighting Crime With Sailor [Moon], is a guild dedicated to having fun and progressing into Guild Wars 2. With that in mind our main focus is helping members achieve their goal while Guild Wars is still the main game. Whether that be full completion of your Hall of Monuments, making as much money as possible, or just relaxing and doing nothing. [Moon] is a home for anyone who enjoys a family style guild and likes to have fun.

Daily Events: Our daily events include almost every aspect of the game. From Speed Clears, to PvP, and even in the realms of random games and lottery events.

What we do weekly: DoA Frostway Clears and Practice Runs, Fissure of Woe Clears and Practice runs, UW Clears and Practice runs, and Lotteries.

Guild Rules / Morals:
Rule 1: Respect others: We ask that you be respectful to all members, alliance members, officers alike no matter race, religion, political views, or opinions. With this in mind, please refrain from profanities and other harsh language or rude jokes as it can offend others.

Rule 2: No trolling: Any trolling or variation of the sort will not be tolerated, that goes for: All Chat trolling, Guild Chat trolling, Alliance Chat trolling, and Vent trolling. We want to have a good reputation and name for [Moon], and that starts at our core, our members. You represent us. So please do so in a mature, respectful fashion.

Rule 3: Have fun!: Whether you're doing speed clears, normal mode missions, or just sitting in Kamadan, always remember it's a game, just try to have fun. Start runs, engage in conversation, and join us on Ventrilo.

If these rules and ideals appeal to you, please contact one of the officers or leader of [Moon] in game. A small interview process will then begin with the officer or leader you messaged to determine your intentions with [Moon]. It's a small questionnaire that will only take a few minutes. Sign ups on our site are mandatory by the first month of joining. We conduct all of our planned runs and events on there. Thank you!

Im Sailor Moon (Leader).
Atheos Muerte (Officer).
Kind Of A Big Feel (Officer).
I Heal For Ectos (Officer).
Saint Mendrheal (Officer).

[We're also looking for Kurzick guild's to form an alliance with. If interested, please contact Im Sailor Moon.]

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