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Default Fanfic of your Guild Wars 2 character/ancestral heritage

Feel free to post a fanfic or a history bio of your GW1/2 characters, as well as the thing that is going to link them. (The characters you link through Hall of Monuments.)

This is a short history of why the Morgan family name is famous, as well as where my character will be come Guild Wars 2. Enjoy and post your own heritage stories as well; all is encouraged!

Sorry if it was a little too Mary-Sueish, but it was too much fun to not make it that way; it's fun being a great hero.

Morgan Family Battle Standard/Crest

(It's the emblem from the Draconic Shield )

The Morgan family had a modest presence within Sunspear society. Therefore, when Ephraim and Kal (Kaldir) Morgan reached the age of adulthood, they had their aptitudes tested by the Sunspear, as was customary of honorable families in Istan.

Ephraim, the braver of the two brothers, trained in the ways of the Paragon, and was sent to Ascalon to help those of the land, practicing and honing his abilities as a Paragon and as a leader.

Kal, who was recognized as a spiritual savant, was sent to Cantha, where he trained under a famed hero of the Tengu war and brother to Emperor Kisu, Master Togo.

(This is where my Guild Wars 2 character, Ragnar Morgan, comes into play; his bloodline has been recently rediscovered by the remainder of the Sunspear order, and so they will observe from the distance and guide him where he needs it, along with the Order of the Whispers.

He will end up with the Fellblade after they give him the relics of his great forefather Ephraim. Later on, he may or may not search for Myrzad.

Also, he will become a devote follower of Kormir.)

More later guys, thanks for reading!


Feel free to comment also on any other backstory between your GW2 character and your GW1 character Have fun guys.
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