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Joining this conversation VERY late.

What I like about the N/A MoP AP build is the redoability. If you cast MoP on a bad target, you can redo by killing another foe via AP, adding "Finish Him!" to secure the kill. SS doesn't have this - in fact, SS is counterproductive if you have certain Mesmers in your party, such as those carrying PI or Panic. But SS is another topic.

SF damage relies on burning. The best way to spread burning is SF itself. Hence, SF becomes more effective when there are multiple SF users in the party, or if Mark of Rodgort is available on another Fire Ele. Keep in mind that MoP @14 is dealing only 38 damage per pulse, while SF @14 is likely dealing 47 damage per pulse (on a 100 AL target). You all are too used to seeing the high numbers on Ele spells that you forget that is not what you are supposed to expect in HM. In NM, SS @14 is gonna do 33 damage regardless, while SF @14 may do its full 94 damage to a 60 AL target. In HM, SS still does 33, but SF may do less, but likely not less than 33 on squishy foes.

My favorite single-Ele build uses AP, but coupled with the armor-ignoring damage of EBSoH.
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** - since BUH was nerfed, this can be replaced with PvE-skill of choice. I go with Pain Inverter usually, but YMLaD and EVAS are nice too
optional - Liquid Flame for more AoE, Enduring Toxin for a cover hex, etc
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The only targets over 100 are Warriors, Paragons, Rangers, and (now) Dervishes. Assassin's have 100. Monks, Eles, Necromancers, Mesmers, Ritualists all have 90 AL.

Ele Applicable Armor Levels
Warrior: 90 + 20 + 16
Paragon: 90 + 20 + 16
Ranger: 90 + 30
Dervish: 90 + 10 + Mysticism Rank
Assassin: 90 + 10
Monk: 90
Ele: 90
Nec: 90
Mes: 90
Rit: 90

Means that 104.2 is the Average Armor Level, assuming I remembered those numbers properly. If someone does remember the right ones (assuming a I made a mistake), please let me know.

This also means that the 100 base level I used to calculate was pretty close to what you would actually be running against. If you really want the DPS from 104 AL targets, I guess I could run some numbers again, but I'm seriously growing weary of this at this point.

Oh, then there's the occasional + Fire AL target, then again there's the occasional - Fire AL target as well.

Thus, my calculations are fine. I've messed around with my heroes in controlled environments long enough to know that SF is still a decent option on Heroes with sub-par AI. I've fought against it, I've fought with it, I've watched it being fought with, all on several occasions each. I have seen the numbers and I have crunched them. I have enough experience to tell you these things without needing to actually run an Ele.

Do you not understand what the range on SF is, not to mention burning is a good chuck of the damage? It's a lot easier to scatter out of adjacent than it is nearby. No, they don't scatter together, but watch them next time they do scatter. Intelligent target selection is a crucial part of GW gameplay mechanics.

"Wake me up when LifeInfusion posts something other than calculations. I thought I proved via my 700-DPS build that calculations are stupid. One SH Elementalist does three times the DPS of an SF Elementalist? Even I know that's impossible. "But the math proves they do!". Yeah. Right."

The difference between your calculations and mine and LifeInfusions calculations, is that ours are correct (took a moment, but we got there). That makes a huge difference when trying to estimate results.

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