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Default Earth Spell Line Seems Underrated

People say the Ele has been nerfed and i agree to an extent but i think earth magic really goes by without anyone knowticing

I am not a pro when making builds but maybe you can add your suggestions but something around the line of this

any of the ward spells, unsteady ground which would sync with with the knockdown spirit and binding chain to hold them down, stoneflesh aura for tanks, silver armour is another one magnetic auras, kinetic armour, glowstone, earthen shackles for unsteady ground, aftershock, and armour of earth along with earth attument. built correctly could seem to do some good damage with very good party support various other pve only skills would work well to

any other suggestions


Okay i got a build start
12+1+3 EM 9+1 ES 10 COM

Binding Chains, Unsteady Ground, Aftershock, Earthbind, Earth Attunment

there is a start maybe

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