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Old Sep 04, 2005, 12:46 AM // 00:46   #1
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Default Earth E/mo build


i hate farming, so i pvp a lot. since i dont want to join a guild i play random pvp.
i also often change my build, just to test something different.
(i played with the different smiting skills for quite some time, until smiting became fotm).

right now i use this build, and would like to hear some opinions about it.
you should remember though that is is for random arena, and intentionally not very specialized.

the attribute points are:
earth: 10; +3 superior rune, +1 headgear
energy storage: 8; +1 minor rune
healing prayers: 9
protection prayers: 9

skills are:
obsidian flame-> [106 damage] my only attack skill, it has to be used carefully as you quite easily end spamming it...

earth armour-> [+58 armour, -14% speed] against elemantal spikes, and for general protection from warriors and rangers.

ward against melee-> [19 seconds] for general melee protection. *duh*
good for your team in fights versus the VERY common Wa/Mos, if your mates dont run out of it all the time... :P
with a 20 sec cooldown i can keep it up nearly permanently if necessary.

life bond-> [halfed weapon damage on target, -19 damage on the other half before it is transfered to me] cast and maintained on the monk or mesmer, if there are any, for the whole battle (cancelled of course if the enemy team has no "weapon users").
otherwise only situational, if i see someone being attacked a lot (if there is no Mo and no Me often i am a primary target).

mend ailment->[+44 health for every remaining condition] for general condition handling, and the very common (in random) ranger poisoning.
short cooldown makes it a spammable.

remove hex-> to remove hexes... *duh again*
it has a quite long cooldown though AND a long casting time, so its only usable as a surgical device...

healing breeze-> [+7 regen] general healing spell, and degen counter (if possible in combination with remove hex). short cooldown makes it usable on several targets in a small timeframe (although that is costly).

rez signet

it is more of a defensive/supporter build.
except earth armour and obsidian flame every spell can be cast to help your teammates.
obsidian flame is an exellent finisher, and a good attack spell versus "hard" targets (only a few monk protection spells reduce the damage).

all spells are relatively cheap and casted only situational, so i can afford the 3 pips energy regen through life bond for quite some time.

the strategy is to generally prevent damage to my teammates and/or myself, with the occasionally obsidian flame or two to deal some 100 or 200 damage in a short ammount of time.

-there is little i can do to prevent elemental spikes on my teammates besides healing breeze.

-there is nothing i can do about hex stacking (esp degen hexes) besides healing breeze (+one or perhaps two "remove hex") either.

-most spells are casted fast, and are difficult to interrupt.

-(the VERY common) damage-warriors are no danger to me at all, and have a greatly reduced fighting power vs my teammates.

-knockdown warriors are a lot less dangerous to me too (the knockdown is still a pain in the ass, but with earth armour even "knockdown-damage"+afterschock is not that much of a problem. and as i said most of the spells are difficult to interrupt).

-damage and poison rangers are reduced in efficiency too, by earth armour (on me) or life bond (on teammates) and mend ailment.

-if i am primary target i can withstand weapon and/or elemental damage pretty good, AND can afford to do some damage (obsidian flame for 5 energy) or help my teammates at the same time.

-since all spells are cheap, i can use anyone of them after only a few seconds waiting, even if at 0 energy.

now, what do you think?
/flame shild up

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Old Sep 04, 2005, 03:03 AM // 03:03   #2
Iraqalypse Now
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since you have no elite, I would recommend taking restore conditions over mend ailment.... restore conditions after the pvpx balance changes is the same casting cost, time, and recharge as mend ailment, and it does more... basically, an extra 44 life on the heal and ALL conditions removed....
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Old Sep 04, 2005, 03:56 AM // 03:56   #3
Frost Gate Guardian
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If you're going to be maintaining enchants (like life bond) on people you won't have much of a regen rate. I don't see any energy-regaining stuff on there.

Balthazar's Spirit is just begging to be (ab)used in there with life bond.
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Old Sep 04, 2005, 11:45 AM // 11:45   #4
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with the updated 5 energy, "restore conditions" looks indeed much better...
however it can only be cast on other allies and not on myself...
and since i am often number 3 on the target list (afzer monks and mesmers) i need a poison handler for myself (as im pretty good at handling weapon damage already, dots are the thing i fear most).
the healing on mend ailment is only bonus. i mostly have it with me because of the many poison rangers in random pvp.

for an elite slot i could imagine to use "life barrier" instead of life bond...

as i said i have rarely energy problems, even with life bond activated.
i dont need energy management, as all spells are cheap and i am not forced to use much mana at any time after the first 30 seconds.
even with an energy denial mesmer on my heels, im able to drop off one of the 5 energy spells more often then not.

balthasars spirit would force me to drop healing (for attributepoints).
and i dont like to follow the fotm anyway... :P

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Old Sep 04, 2005, 11:52 AM // 11:52   #5
Krytan Explorer
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since when did balthazar's spirit become fotm?

i've been using that thing with life bond since betas
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Old Sep 04, 2005, 12:13 PM // 12:13   #6
Syno Nym
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Honestly... This build isn't really good imo (but I may be wrong eh). Even in random arena, you're not supposed to be an "all-in-one" machine who can heal, protect, deal damage, tank, etc... Don't forget there are three other persons with you.

I would suggest to get rid of the monk spells, and to try the overpowered Ether renewal with Stone Dagger, Armor of earth, Kinetic armor, Aura of restoration. Put some other form of damage maybe (Enervating charge + Stoning ?), and your done. You have something to heal yourself, to deal damage, to protect yourself, to regain energy and you can even put in a ward if you want to protect your mates. And your only using 2 attributes.

If you want to play a bonder... Make a primary monk with Divine favor, Blessed signet, Life barrier and Balthazar's spirit, you'll be much more efficient.

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Old Sep 04, 2005, 12:45 PM // 12:45   #7
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Originally Posted by Everous
since when did balthazar's spirit become fotm?

i've been using that thing with life bond since betas
i thought smiting is fotm right now...
and there are indeed much more people in random using smiting skills...
(although most are bad at it )

the point is though, i cannot choose the other 3 persons.

the build is not supposed to be all in one.
it is mainly (5 skills) focused on damage prevention, with obsidian flame and healing breeze as only attack/healing spells.

earth armour is not to makle me able to tank, but to make be able to survive... . as otherwise 4 enemies focussing can bring me down really fast.

stone daggers are not a good spell IMO (armour counts "twice").
and kinetic armour isnt good either.
earth armour+kinetic (on 14 earth) only reduces the damage from ~35%(earth armour only) to~20%, while i have to constantly cast spells to keep it up... (and thus introduces the need of energy managment).

in random most non-monk builds are laid out to do damage.
a general damage prevention build is IMO the fitting counter to that.

about the primary bonder:
such a char would need energy managment again (blessed signet only offsets the upkeep. one balthasars spirit and a big part of the energy is gone...) and would be a more priorized target.
also i find balthasars spirit to be overrarted.
any caster, even energy heavy eles are severely drained by the 25 energy. and a clever enemy will be able to avoid at least 1/3 if not more of the damage by running away for a few seconds.

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Old Sep 04, 2005, 01:09 PM // 13:09   #8
Krytan Explorer
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You're confusing Balthazar's Spirit with Balthazar's Aura.

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Old Sep 04, 2005, 08:12 PM // 20:12   #9
Tevash Szat
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I was thinking of it is possible to keep some1 in knockdown lock with arcane echo/stoning/enervating charge? I would have both earth and elemental attunement up so stoning would only cost 3energy. It would be like 16earth:12,head,sup rune, 14energy storage:11,sup rune, 5air(+1minor). You bascically have elemental and earth attunement running and then cast arcane echo, then stoning. After the first stoning cast charge then start spamming stoning as much as you can. This will keep them knocked down most of the time, but you might want to add in lightning javelin just for that interrupt when your waiting for stoning to recharge. The problem is that enervating charge has a short duration with only 5air so you are gonna have to cast it imedietely once it has recharged.
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Old Sep 04, 2005, 09:52 PM // 21:52   #10
Ascalonian Squire
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OMFG this is amazing!!! I was 100% sure hex removal had not even been conceived yet in random arena. You also have mend which like one in twenty random monks have. I like those and the res, but I agree in that I think you are trying to do too much. If you switch to more of a monk you should drop remove hex for smite. The cast time on remove is too long for a monk.
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Old Sep 04, 2005, 11:35 PM // 23:35   #11
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oh yes, i mixed up the balthasar spells...

i replaced life bond with life barrier, and i think i will keep that a while.
at 9 protection it reduces all damage by 38%, as long as im above 50% health...
really usefull to protect other monk or mesmer in the group. .
i just had 10 flawless victories in a row with it.
but the first match in team arena was against a guild group, and they had that ranger spirit that doubles upkeep costs.
we lost 2:1 on the crag.

but the cooldown on smite hex is twice that of remove hex...
(15 secs compared to 7).

hmm, sounds interesting, but wouldnt you be quite vulnerable towards attacks by the other three enemies?
you would need to have a constant stream of stoning and that lightning-weakness spell...
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