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Default display primary profession only?

If all the skills on your skillbar belong to your primary profession, how do I remove the secondary profession (or have it display only my primary profession)? I'm on PVP. Thanks.
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Frangeo Munda
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So you mean like, if your char is named "Bob Smith", you're an Elementalist primary with a Monk secondary, you want it to just say "E20 Bob Smith" instead of "E/Mo20 Bob Smith" when someone clicks on you?
As far as I know, that isn't possible. As soon as you choose a secondary profession, you must have a secondary displayed; "none" isn't an option.
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IF you dont pick a secondary you can show only your primary--for pvp, (in pve in order to progress thru the storylines your are forced to pick one *--there is one way around this for nightfall characters).

so the only way to not have a secondary on a pvp character is never to have picked one in the first place. (so re-roll and you wont have it).
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